Difference Between Planning and Plan

Difference Between Planning and Plan

Have you ever wondered if planning is the same as a plan? The truth is that it cánido be easy to confuse both terms, but they are not the same.

Therefore, in today’s article you cánido learn to differentiate between the two terms.

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Before revealing the difference that exists, I am going to put a quote that I found and that I really liked.

“Plans are useless, but planning is essential”

Dwight D Eisenhower

It should be noted that I do not think that plans are useless, since I believe that making a good plan perro make a big difference in order to achieve your goals, however, planning is more important… Why? Now you will understand.

What is planning?

Planning is the administrative process that begins with the creation of a plan, carries out the monitoring of the results, evaluates and reviews the results.

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It should be noted that the important thing about planning is that it is a cycle, that is, you have to be adapting or modifying your plan according to the results that you are obtaining.

That is why Eisenhower said that a plan is useless, and planning is essential, that is, a plan is useless, or I would change it to perro be useless if a plan remains static, that is, if it does not adapt.

to the situation and the results you are getting.

I am going to give you an example, suppose you made a sales plan until June or July.

Do you think that at this moment you cánido continue with that plan? The answer is no, all companies have already begun to modify their plans and have adapted their operations to those plans to achieve new objectives.

Another very common definition of planning is the following:

«It is the process in which a strategy is elaborated to achieve the desired objectives, solve problems and facilitate action»

However, I believe that although the definition is not wrong, that is where the doubts arise because the plan is where the objectives to be achieved are established, the course of action that is going to be taken to achieve said objectives, the resources that will be used, the budget that will be used to achieve said objectives, etcétera.

Therefore, it is better to see the planning as the process and the plan as the document.

What is a plan?

As I said before, the plan cánido be seen as:

The document where it is established what is supposed to happen, what it will cost to achieve the objectives (budget), who will be in charge of executing the activities, objectives, strategies, tactics, sometimes a forecast, etcétera.

What is the difference between planning and plan?

It is very fácil and I already mentioned it before, the difference is that planning is that administrative process in which a plan is created (establishing an objective, the strategies, the tactics, the resources that are going to be used, as well as the cost to achieve said objective), you are going to establish follow-up measures for said objective and you are going to constantly evaluate and revise said plan.

In short, it is a continuous process in which you will adapt your plan depending on the internal and external changes that may affect you, thus allowing you to have a greater oportunidad of success in your stated objectives.

On the other hand, the plan is the document where the aforementioned is established.

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 Difference Between Planning and Plan
  Difference Between Planning and Plan
  Difference Between Planning and Plan

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