Difference between container and packaging of a

Difference between container and packaging of a

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What is a container? ≫ Primary Packaging (Primary Packaging)

According to Royal Spanish Academya container is: »That which wraps or contains articles of commerce or other effects to preserve or transport them».

Therefore, we cánido understand that the container is the one that is in direct contact with the product itself and whose main goal It’s of protect, keep, contain and inform to the consumer.

In fact, the packaging is the first contact with the product (to protect it) and that is why it is also known as primary packaging.

So that you perro understand better, I will give you an example.

Think about the cookies that you like the most, no matter the flavor.

What matters is the fact that when you go to a store and ask for some cookies, they give you their wrapper.

The wrapper is the container of the cookies

Source: freepik.com

As you perro see, the cookie wrapper has the first contact with the product and has the objective of protecting, preserving, containing and informing the consumer.

What is a packaging? ≫ Secondary Packaging (Secondary Packaging)

Packaging perro be seen as the second level of protection for a product.

However, I have to highlight that the main purpose of the packaging or secondary packaging is the display of the brand and the logistics.

This is how, in addition to protecting and grouping individual units during storage, they are also often used to display primary packaging on the shelves.

Following the example of cookies, there are times when instead of buying a few cookies, you buy a box of cookies. The box is the packaging. Each package contains a certain number of units (products) with their respective wrappers (containers).

Source: cornershop.com

What is the packaging? ≫ Tertiary Packaging (Tertiary Packaging)

Going up a level, we are going to meet the packaging or tertiary packaging.

The packaging is hardly seen by the consumer as it is used for logistics purposes.

This is because it makes it easier to protect, handle and transport a series of sales units or secondary packages to group everything into unit loads during transit.

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 Difference between container and packaging of a
  Difference between container and packaging of a
  Difference between container and packaging of a

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