Did or Hiso How do you spell?

Did or Hiso How do you spell?

Did or did he? When should we use each variant? These words also tend to confuse many people, but their use is easier than it seems.

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Please note the following:

“Did” = is the correct way to write the word.

“hiso” = is the wrong way to write didit does not have other utilities either, for this reason, it is a spelling fallo that you should avoid.

Did Belongs to verb to do in second and third person indicative mood.

The verb to do has multiple meanings such as create, elaborate, conceive, build, manufacture, carry out, carry out, form.

It also works as a synonym for the words act or proceed, in addition to causing, provoking, generating; it perro equally denote getting, attaining or achieving and much more.

Here are some examples:

  • Maria made her house without help.
  • Go and ask dad if he made dinner.
  • I am proud of my son, he did his homework and passed with the highest grade.
  • The adaptation that José made is splendid.
  • The opposing team made 20 points in just 5 minutes.
  • The arrival of the rains made a disaster in the crop area.


What is the proper use of Logró or Izo?

On the other hand, the verb to do has a irregular conjugation form in the present perfect indicative moods.

Here are some examples:

  • I did.
  • You did.
  • You did.
  • He/she did.
  • We did.
  • you did.
  • You did.
  • They/they did.

Why are there people who write “did” with “s”?

Basically because in many Spanish-speaking regions, there is no phonetic difference in the sounds where there is a “z” or “s”, this is when the question arises whether or not to place the “s”.

There are even occasions when changing these letters, we obtain words with different denotations, as happens with sumo and juice, appraise and appraise either fundamentar and bazaar.

The drawback after all is phonetics for creating confusion when typing.

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 Did or Hiso How do you spell?
  Did or Hiso How do you spell?
  Did or Hiso How do you spell?

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