you perro remember dichotomic as an aplicación you could earn amazon vouchers every day.

He gave us a lot of joy a couple of years ago.

Well, now it’s back in a web version of dichotomic.

Now, in addition to amazon voucherswe cánido get many other prizes, such as money for your Paypal account, for example.

dichotomic is the website of Innovate Hall Media Techonologies SL, a company domiciled at Doctor Alberca 7, 2b in Bilbao, the company is registered in the Mercantile Registry of Vizcaya with CIF B95694956.

You cánido see all this data in the privacy policy of the page.

Which gives us the iniciativa that they have nothing to hide and that they really intend to pay users.

The page is purely a page with which you will earn points (so-called dichotokens) that you cánido exchange either for money or for different types of vouchers.

Keep reading that we are going to explain everything with hair and signs.

Sign up for dichotomic

Registration in dichotomic is extremely fácil, you only have to register from this backlink or from the lower banner.

The registry, as in this type of pages for earn money doing tasks en línea it is extremely fácil.

You must put your name, an dirección de correo electrónico and a password, nothing more.

Afterwards, you will have to wait a couple of minutes for them to send you a confirmation dirección de correo electrónico and validate your account.

You should receive an correo electrónico afín to the one you cánido see below.

Once the correo electrónico is confirmed, you cánido start working with dichotomic and start earning money en línea on this great page.

Register quickly in this backlink that I put below.

Registrations are valid for everyone.

How does Dichotomic work?

The operation of the platform is extremely fácil and very afín to other afín platforms such as King of Prizeswe will have to do different tasks, such as taking surveys, registering on sites, etcétera.

In exchange for this, we will receive virtual currency called dichotokens.

When we get the necessary dichotokens we cánido exchange them for whatever we want, from money to our PayPal account. to Decathlon or xBox checks.

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How to make money in Dichotomic

In order to earn dichotoctokens on the platform we will have to perform some actions on the page.

The actions are very fácil and if you are used to making money en línea, you will not have any problem and everything will be much easier for you.

Next I will explain the different ways of earn money en línea with dichotomic through different tasks that cánido be done on the web.

Shall we continue?


They are the typical panel offers that appear in all portals of this type.

If you’ve worked on others before, you won’t be unfamiliar with the names of Penautlabs, Wannadas, etcétera… All of them are portals in which performing different actions will earn you points that will later be exchanged for money.


To receive the largest number of surveys possible, the first thing you have to do is fill out your profile correctly.

Once this is done, they will send you all the surveys that fit your profile.

On many occasions we will not qualify because they are looking for a certain profile, or they will kick us out in the middle of the survey.

Don’t worry, it’s something habitual, try other surveys and see adding said tokens until you get the prize you want.

daily surveys

They are another type of surveys that are offered by three panels.

These three panels are Wannadas, Yuno and CPXResearch, especially the first one is well known in the world of making money en línea.

We will be in the same case as the previous section, we will have to confirm our profile and fill it in completely.

In this way we will get them to send us surveys that best suit our profile and we perro respond without any effort.


A novel point of dichotomic is that we perro make money watching vídeos.

As in the previous points, the vídeos are sponsored by other external portals, in this case they are AdscendMedia and Lootably.

In both cases you will have to access external portals (don’t worry, they are totally safe) from a backlink that says “start earning”.

You will have to register in those portals to be able to see the vídeos.

I repeat, they are totally secure portals, don’t worry, as well as being safe, the points you get will be transferred directly to your dichotomic panel.

referral system

The platform, like all afín ones, has a good referral system.

We perro invite all the friends and family we want.

Our referral backlink, to share both on popular networks and on your blog.

You will find the backlink very easily, it is at the top of the screen, in “referrals“.

There we perro find our backlink and a backlink to share it on the main popular networks.

From each friend who registers with our backlink, we will earn 15% of the dichotokens that your guests get, for life.

If you want to sign up for dichotomic and start inviting your friends, clic the backlink below.

As you have seen, it will not take you more than four minutes to register.

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More ways to earn money in dichotomic

The last way that we will have to earn more dichotoken, and therefore, more money, will be the referral contest.

This is a contest that will be in force every month, the winner will be the usuario who has the most referrals in a month.

A referral is understood as a usuario who has been invited to the website by another usuario.

For a referral to be considered valid, they must earn at least 1 dichotoken in the contest month.

Each month the contest will start again from scratch.

The prizes will be distributed to the 10 users who get the most referrals, you perro get from 8500 to 250 dichotoken.

As you cánido see, the referral contest is a good system to earn money from home, so go ahead and invite all your friends and family.

Prizes in dichotomic

The prizes that perro be obtained in dichotomic they are many and varied.

They range from PayPal cards to catch it vouchers.

We will have a wide range of possibilities to win prizes.

The prizes will range from the minimum amount of 1,260 dichotokens to 12,400, all of this with PayPal cards in mind.

If you want to know what all the prizes you perro access are, you must entrar through the top banner of the main page where it says “store” (the exact route would be “home / store”)

Dichotomic Opinions

As you perro see, dichotomic It has changed a lot.

Although they are still the same company, their concept of making money en línea has changed.

Now they opt more for a web of micro jobs than for applications.

I remember that the application was very interesting and had many users.

I hope the website has at least all the ones it had before.

Even if you were registered in the previous application, you will have to re-register in thisBecause they are completely different things.

if you dare to make money with micro jobs.

And nothing more to add, if you have come this far it means that the subject interests you, so I would ask you to register on the web through this backlink.

A greeting and many successes!

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