dichotomic pays

dichotomic pays

dichotomic pays.

He On the 27th I was one of the winners of one of the daily checks of 5 euros that this application raffles every day.

I had been wanting a prize for a long time, watching the people go by, waiting every morning for it to win me, I have finally been one of the lucky ones.

you cánido install the aplicación in this banner.

I suppose that you will remember Dichotomic.

If you want to read the articulo I wrote about the aplicación, you perro do it at this backlink.

If, on the contrary, you want to continue reading me, thank you very much!

Thank you very much, but there is not much to tell either. Dichotomic belongs to a company called Innovate Hall and it is present in Spain, Latin America and several European countries.

The theme is very fácil: just responding daily to a fácil question, on any topic (sometimes they are very fácil questions) you will entrar the daily draw for an Amazon voucher.

Every day there will be five winners chosen among the participants.

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To participate, we will have to have shares (obviously), these are achieved in two ways:

  • In the sectionget more tiques“, you will have access to two offers, those of Google plus Play and those of AdConyyou will get more tiques watching vídeos on these two platformsthey are promotional vídeos of about 30 seconds, do not cut them or you will not get your plus tiques.
  • inviting friendsevery friend you bring, you will get plus shares.

    You you will receive 10 plus participations and your friend 5.

    Of course, so that you have those 10 plus, must be active in Dichotomic during the following 7 days.

Evidently, your friend will have to put your referral code.

In my case, I would ask you to put mine:


If you are lucky, You will receive a gift voucher afín to this one within 24 to 48 hours by dirección de correo electrónico:

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now only You must clic where it says “Redeem your Gift Voucher” and it will take you directly to your Amazon pagewhere you perro accumulate your check and spend it wherever you want.


This, like everything in life it’s a matter of probability and a little bit of luckit is not the same to have 20 shares as to have 400, therefore, the more participations we have, the more likely we are to win the daily amazon check.

If you want to get one of the checks that Dichotomic raffles every day, just install the aplicación and invite as many friends as possible.

Here I leave you the backlink for android, remember that it is also available for iOs.

A greeting and many successes!

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 dichotomic pays
  dichotomic pays
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