Depositphotos: Earn money with images

Depositphotos: Earn money with images

Depositphotos – Making Money With Images Where today, most small and large businesses use depósito content to create almost everything they share en línea because it allows them to manage multiple communication channels without much financial and time effort.

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Depositphotos: Make Money With Images is one of the leading image banks for the high-quality content it offers, with more than 210 million royalty-free images, vídeos, vectors, illustrations, and music.

Are you ready to learn about another option you have to sell photos en línea? We have several posts talking about many platforms so that you perro start selling your photos, some well known, others not so much, but always with the necessary information so that you perro escoge and start using them.

In this case, we will talk about Depositphotos, a platform founded in 2009 and that grew very quickly, so much so that in 2012 it already had more than 10 million archivos on its platform, currently it has more than 100 million archivos and with the possibility of installing your aplicación on both android and ios.

What is Depositphotos?

Depositphotos is a platform focused on buying and selling depósito photos and other types of formats, all very afín to other agencies of the same style, such as shutterstock and adobe depósito, on this platform we perro find a wide variety of images for buy and download for free.

It also has its free images section, as I said before this platform was founded in 2009 by Dmitry Sergeev and has grown a lot since then.

It is a depósito photography website and agency that sells images from dozens of categories under royalty-free licenses.

They work with photographers and illustrators to sell their work through subscription plans and propagated downloads.

Prices vary depending on the plan you choose, and we accept all habitual payment methods.

Another very convenient thing that Depositphotos has is its mobile application because it perro greatly facilitate navigation on its platform as well as open the doors to people who do not have a PC at the moment.

Depositphotos: how this bank of images, music and vídeos works

Download more than 210 million images and all the material you need to create content on your digital platforms.

There are many people, and even large companies, who take their resources from the Internet to put them to production, and in turn generate resources, that is, the web is a primordial tool for commerce today.

Also in the business of and sale of images, and other materials increases, see how Depositphotos works here.

Depositphotos: How Depósito Photography Works

Depósito photography is visual content that cánido be used for commercial or editorial purposes, such as print or digital advertisements, brochures, articles, and product packaging.

Depending on the type of license associated with each purchase, the scope of use varies according to the rules of a corresponding license.

Ever wonder how depósito platforms work? Specifically, Depositphotos fosters a community of 100,000 creatives who submit their work to help clients in 192 countries visualize their ideas.

Depositphotos: Advantages

  • Variety of visuals
  • Maleable payment options
  • Advanced search
  • Friendly and easy to use interfaz

Depositphotos: Features

  • Advanced search engine

The search engine of this platform is ideal to make it easier for you to find the image you want.

It offers tons of categories, and also a smart filter to search by image orientation, number of people in the photo, angle, gender, age, ethnicity, colors, location, and much more.

You will surely find what you need!

Categorize your favorite images

This depósito content bank offers the option to create collections to keep material categorized and saved for when it is needed.

In your account, you perro quickly save images to your “Favorites” folder, so you always have the perfect images at hand.

No collection folder limit!

Remove background from image easily

With the background eliminar tool, you perro extract the object you want from the image automatically, and thus be able to use it in your designs without the need for programs.

Enlarge your image to scale

Depositphotos has an automatic image enlarger tool that emplees neural networks to enlarge images.

You perro resize images en línea and use them in large-scale designs.

It’s free!

Design with Crello

Depositphoto maintains among its collaborative tools Crello, a platform that allows you to design advertising material and popular networks, such as Fb posts, Instagram, posters, banners, presentations and more.

You perro choose for your designs the own images of Depositphotos.

It’s an all in one!


The platform provides his blog in which he constantly posts aprecies that help people in certain photography and design activities that could be useful for communication experts and entrepreneurs.

Take a dive for more inspiration!

Vídeos and music

Has it happened to you that you struggle to find a melody that accompanies your vídeo that goes according to what you want to convey? Depositphotos has its own bank of vídeos and music for you to explore audio, sound effects and royalty-free depósito archivos by genre or mood.

There are over 964,200 possibilities!

subscription plans

There are different plans, each one adaptable to the needs you have, for example, if you are only looking for a category of content, be it images, vídeos or music or the number of archivos that you would use monthly or annually.

Depending on it, you cánido select the license that best suits you.

Below we espectáculo you the different subscription plans:

Photos and vectors plan

Vídeo Plan

Music and SFX plan

Enterprise plan

If you are looking for something that adapts to the needs of a company or agency with a greater volume of content, we suggest you check the Entrerpise Plan option, in which depending on your needs, Depositphotos cánido put together a personalized plan.

Depositphotos: Accessibility

You cánido use the depósito content bank from your computer from its official page and also from your tablet or cell phone, it is available for iOS and Android.

Always at your fingertips!

All the content we cánido find on Depositphotos.

It is time to know a little about the type of formats that we perro find on Depositphotos, this will help us create a sales strategy and ask ourselves what type of content is feasible to create for our catalog on the platform, maybe you perro upload something more than photographs or if you are not good with the camera you cánido find something more suitable for you, it is also important to mention that being a contributor and uploading your content is not the only way to earn money with Depositphotos, but we will see that later.

Formats available on Depositphotos

  • Photos
  • Vídeos
  • Vectors
  • Editorials

How it works Depositphotos

There are 3 ways in which we perro interact with Depositphotos, one of them is to subscribe to one of their plans and buy the content of the platform, the next way would be to be a depositphotos contributor where the objective would be to create our own photo album, vídeos and others to sell it and earn a commission for each sale we make from the platform.

The third role that we perro play on the page is to work with its affiliate system and recommend it, each of the 3 ways works differently and that is what we will see next.

Important points

  • You need to be of legal age
  • It has free images
  • It may take a while to be accepted
  • How to become a Depositphotos partner

To be a contributor to Depositphotos you must have a registered account on the platform, you cánido entrar its official page to fulfill this requirement, after having filled out the entire form and being part of its community you cánido start the acceptance process, which is very afín to the one that all image banks ask for.

In case you don’t know the process already a The little estándar that all these platforms ask is that you send some photos or any format allowed to examine your ability, in this case Depositphotos asks you to send 4 photos of your repertoire to be able to do it yourself, these photos must have the following requirements.

Requirements to be able to upload photos on Depositphotos

  • Format: Photographs must be JPEG/JPG format with RGB color.
  • Size: It cannot exceed 50 MB, it is also not allowed to be modified.
  • Resolution: The minimum accepted resolution is 3.8 MP
  • Everything you upload must be yours
  • All photos that include people or brands will need to attach the appropriate permission before uploading.
  • be of age

Depositphotos vídeos requirements to meet

  • Formats: DV, ASF, MOV, AVI, FLV, WMV, MPEG/MPG,
  • Resolution: The minimum resolution is 0.07 MP
  • Audio: Yes, audio perro be used to improve the environment but it must be owned by the collaborator
  • Duration: The vídeo must have a minimum duration of 3 seconds and a maximum of 60 seconds
  • Frames Per Second: This should correspond to the format of the vídeo.
  • Size: The maximum size that the archivo cánido have is 4096 MB
  • Codecs: The accepted vídeo codecs are the following: Photo JPEG, Motion JPEG-A/B; DV, HDV, DVC Pro; H.264/AVC, DivX, Xvid, SVQ1, MP42, MP43, MPG4, MP4V, M4S2, MPEG-1, MPEG-2; WMV2, WMV3; FLV;

Depositphotos Illustrations requirements to meet

  • Formats:EPS And Al
  • Resolution: The minimum resolution is 3.8 mp
  • Size: The size must not exceed 50 MB
  • All archivos must be in a zip and their preview must be JPG and JPEG format

After having sent the four photos, vídeos or vectors that the platform asks for, you must wait around 7 or 10 business days to receive a response.

If you are accepted, you perro start uploading content without quantity limits and the photos you sent will be posted.

for sale, it is important that our content always meets the requirements that are requested, remember that everything you upload will continue to go through a review.

Depositphotos taxpayer

Since we are clear about how to be depositphotos contributors, I think it is necessary to know a little more about this, we all already get used to the iniciativa that being collaborators means being able to sell our photos and other formats on the platform. which is completely correct, that is the main function of the contributor to sell their content while helping the Depositphoto catalog grow.

But this is not all we cánido do, since being collaborators also gives us the opportunity to participate in different photography contests and other formats, which as photographers and creative minds is very motivating and very good to test our skills, depósito companies not only have to be seen as a way to earn money but also a way to learn and test ourselves in what we love so much.

How to buy on Depositphotos

There are two ways in which we perro make a purchase on Depositphotos, one of them is the traditional way where we choose the image or vídeo that interests us, we choose the type of license, the quality, etcétera. to then only buy it directly giving all the data of the payment method that we choose.

The next way is through a purchase plan, which are the subscriptions offered by the platform to save us a little money, normally paid every month or every year as the buyer has chosen, in this way we will have a certain number of images that We perro buy per month or per year, everything will vary according to the price of the subscription, but to explain it better I will put an image and I will break down the most important parts.

As we cánido see in the image, there are different prices and amounts of photos available to download per month, according to what we see, the most habitual plan is the one that offers to download 10 images per month for a price of $9.99, also giving the price it would have on the side. each image, which in this case would cost one dollar, also tells us that if we don’t get to download the ten images in the corresponding month, the missing images will move to the next month and thus we don’t lose downloads.

Each plan has its own characteristics, we cánido see these in more depth on the left side where they inform us about things like that the images that are downloaded may be used for advertising and marketing, or that you perro make up to 500,000 copies, also remember that you cánido always Ask support after any questions you may have.

Depositphotos and its affiliate system

This is the other way that you perro use to earn money with Depositphotos, as its name already says, you will work as an affiliate of the platform, in case you don’t know, an affiliate is the individual who is dedicated to inviting people to the corresponding platform, normally with your own backlink or code to know that said person has been invited by you, this system is a very good option since you do not need as much skill as in the previous ones where everything depends on your talent and creativity to take photos, here below I leave you the commissions you will receive for each person you invite, in addition to leaving you the backlink so you cánido register as an affiliate.

Inviting collaborators: If the people you invite become collaborators of the platform, you will receive a commission of $0.03, this would be received for each sale that your invited collaborator makes on the platform.

Inviting Buyers: If otherwise you escoge to invite buyers, your commission for each purchase you make will be 15%

Inviting companies: Although it is somewhat more difficult to do, there is also the option of inviting companies, the function that you would do more or less would be that of an intermediary and if you manage to get the company to make a purchase on Depositphotos you will receive a 30% commission.

What is the profit percentage per photo on Depositphotos?

The Depostiphotos earning system is made through levels, something very afín to what shutterstock is currently doing, if you have just entered the platform and you are level 1, your earning percentage would be more or less than 34%, this is if you The photo was purchased by someone without a subscription, otherwise by having a subscription your profit for the photo would be $0.30.

It is important to mention that the price of the photo is decided by the platform, you will not be able to modify or place the price that your content will have.

In the case of the vídeo, it is the same as that of the table of percentages of photos, the same happens with vectors and illustrations, your earnings will increase with each purchase you make, something that you must be clear about is that, as well as subscription purchases The value of the commission you receive will also change when these purchases are reflected in the number of downloads you have, since as we perro see in the table they do not have the same value as downloads made naturally.

The downloads made by means of a subscription are only equivalent to a third of the download, which means that you need to get 3 downloads of this type so that a download is added to your account, now I will leave you the level table so you perro see the number of downloads you need to level up.

Commercializes photographic material

Before knowing how Depositphotos works, it is important to know that this web platform is a huge bank of photographs, vector images, and vídeos without copyright, which facilitates the purchase and sale of audiovisual material.

The en línea site offers both its collaborating photographers, as well as companies that purchase photographic material for use in advertising and other marketing strategies, the possibility of selling and acquiring high-quality and unique material at affordable prices.

It has a large volume of archivos, currently around 174 million, including images, vectors and vídeos, which indicates that it has a notable number of registered users, both photographers and clients.

And it is available in 14 languages.

There are two important profiles, the first is that of Collaborator, and the second is that of Client.

Contributor profile

To register through this profile, you must entrar the web portal, by connecting your data to Fb, or Google plus, or you cánido do it with your dirección de correo electrónico.

The photographer or collaborator must fill out a contact form, with personal or professional information.

Following this, in the main panel you perro send the audiovisual material that you want to offer, for this the platform will do a small test, with the intention of evaluating the quality of the images.

This material must have a minimum resolution of 3.4 mp, with a minimum weight of 50 Mb, and in the In the case of photographs, it only supports JPG and JPEG formats.

The material entered will be evaluated by Depositphotos technical staff, and approved in such a case that it meets all the requirements.

The next step will be to wait for your material to be chosen by a client for purchase.

Payments are made by PayPal and Skrill.

You’ll be able to keep adding material for more options.

Customer profile

To register as a customer, you must select the button located at the top right of the “Register an account” page, and select whether the use will be personal or business, followed by a small questionnaire with basic information.

In order to make purchases, you must opt ​​for any of their plans, which include image paquetes, downloads, use of advertising, image rights, and printing rights.

There are many options.

To search for images, the platform system is very intuitive, and you perro rely on your main search engine, filtering them by archivo type, or categories such as: Technology, Weddings, Travel, Business, and endless classifications.

Depending on the payment plan you have selected, you will be able to purchase the images, selecting the ones you require, and completing the material accreditation process.

Contests and prizes on Depositphotos

One novel feature of this platform, which obviously sets it apart from the rest, is the possibility that weblogs have to participate through photo packages.

Also collaborators cánido refer buyers and get commissions.

After reading how Depositphotos works, you discover the importance of those incredible photos that are often saved, it is never too late to try to offer them, and obtain prestige as a photographer.

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 Depositphotos: Earn money with images
  Depositphotos: Earn money with images
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