Dentavox (dentacoin) A disappointment

Dentavox (dentacoin) A disappointment

Welcome to this new tutorial, this time I want to teach you how to make money doing surveys.

As a rare thing, this page DOES accept people from Venezuela.

So it is not necessary to use VPN or weird tricks… You just have to register, verify the account and start solving the surveys.

The best thing about this platform is that you perro earn more than $5 dollars a day as long as surveys are available.

What is Dentavox?

Dentavox is the platform where we will work to earn Dentacoin.

He Dentacoin (DCN) It is a cryptocurrency that has been around for a long time listed on the coinmarketcap… Which means that it is a reliable project where we perro rest easy knowing that they are going to pay us.

The mission of this project is to become the solution to all the problems that may exist regarding dental health (worldwide).

Basically they want to improve access to quality dental care and make it accessible to everyone. Using Blockchain based tools!

The ultimate goal is for both dental clinics and patients to use the token to pay for the products.


Maybe you are new and you think what the hell do I want Dentacoins for? How am I going to use them?

Well, don’t worry, every time you withdraw Dentacoins you perro immediately convert them to Bitcoins, Ethereums, etcétera.

And then if you want to have that money in the bank, you simply transfer the bitcoins to your local currency (bolívares in my case) through AirTM either LocalBitcoins.

How to earn cryptocurrencies in Dentavox?

Once the registration process is finished, you log in to your account and several alternatives to earn cryptocurrencies.

We are going to focus on “DentaVox» which would be the surveys.

But additionally we have:


You have to download an application and use it for a period of 3 months, personally I found it interesting and I think I will also work with this section.

Trusted Reviews

From what I saw, in this section you earn coins by giving your opinion and assessment of the dentists you know.

DentaVox Profitable surveys!

It is up to you if you want to do the previous sections or not.

But what if we must do yes or yes are these surveys… Completing them is easier than peeling a tangerine, just clic on “take survey«.

There are no wrong answers, in each survey you take give your most sincere opinion.

Of course, pay close attention because sometimes they give you mango shells, for example: repeat the question to see if you answer the same.

In this part you press “I understand”

Finally you solve the captcha «I am not a robot«.

So far all the surveys I have done have been single selection.

Read the question and choose the answer that best suits you.

As soon as you finish answering the questions, the DCN coins will be credited to your cómputo.

It really does not take even 1 hour to make those 3 dollars and a bit, now there are full surveys available.

5 Consejos to take advantage of Dentavox surveys


Take surveys from the aplicación

Doing the surveys by Civic will give you more DCN than doing them from the computer.


Stay focused and very aware of the questions you answer

It is worth doing these surveys with care and dedication since we are being paid very well for them.

If you don’t give it the attention it deserves, you’ll get banned quickly..

When I was testing it I made several mistakes (mainly because the internet was down and then I was in a hurry) but that was the reason I was banned for 24 hours.

So pile on with that, respond at a good pace, neither fast nor slow… And don’t cheat because the suspension cánido be permanent.


The real ones are in the polls

This portal hardly pays for referrals… They only give you a small plus for the first survey your referral completes.

My advice is to focus exclusively on doing all the surveys that come out.

In any case, if you want to invite other people, clic on «Invite Friends» in that tab you will find your affiliate backlink.


Do not open more than one account per IP

They only let you have an account under the same connection, if you want to open other accounts make sure you use another IP.


Take the daily survey

Every day they give a daily survey (but it is limited), check the page daily so you perro do it before it runs out.

How to collect my Dentacoin?

This cryptocurrency cánido be bought/sold on the following exchanges:

  • FatBTC
  • HitBTC
  • coinexchange
  • Mercatox (Recommended Option)
  • DOBI Trade
  • BuyUcoin
  • SimpleSwap
  • AtomicWallet

If you are going to use your earnings here in Venezuela for your expenses… The most advisable thing is that (within Mercatox) you convert your Dentacoin to Ethereum (ETH) and then pass that directly to AirTM.

As soon as you open the account on the exchanger, use the Mercatox search engine and write “DCN» then clic on «Deposit» to generate your Dentacoin address.

All you need to do is copy and paste it into Dentavox to withdraw the cryptocurrencies.

By the way, do not send less than 5000 DCN to Mercatox because that is the minimum amount that the exchanger receives.

Requirements to be able to withdraw at Dentavox

You will necessarily need a móvil, since in order to avoid fraud (multi-accounts) the platform asks you to verify the account with the CIVIC Aplicación in order to charge.

How to download and configure CIVIC on my Android?

Look for Civic in the Play Store and it is the first application that comes out.


Old versions of Android are not coincidente with the application.

When your phone is not coincidente the application does not appear.

Finally, when you have already installed Civic on your mobile, entrar the Dentacoin page with your phone, then act as if you were going to withdraw and synchronize the application with the page.

Follow the instructions that the application gives you and after completing the steps you will be able to withdraw as many times as you want.

Likewise, here below I leave you 4 images with the step by step, so that you do not have any doubts:

How long does it take to verify CIVIC?

Between 24 and 48 hours.

Create wallet in Dentavox

In case you do not plan to convert to Bitcoin or Bolivares yet, I recommend leaving the earnings saved in the same platform (since it is the official wallet).

In the menu, look for the option «Wallet dApp» and copy your DCN address.

Then go to «My Wallet or My wallet» and paste it there to collect.

My Proofs of Payment in Dentavox


I really loved this portal, I’m sure you will like it too.

However “Not everything is rosy«.

Right now there are surveys and you perro easily earn more than 5 dollars a day, but they They usually remove them and then you cánido spend a good time not putting a single one… When that happens we have to be patient until they start to put it back on.

So nothing, we just have to make the most of it as long as we see that there are enough surveys to solve.

dentavox Update December 2019

I leave Dentavox, it is a page that I liked a lot, but in the end I end up disappointing.

Although you earn well (I got more than $30) spending 3 days.

I have decided not to do any more surveys because of their crazy bans… In total, they deleted 3 accounts and I don’t understand the reason.

first ban

In my first account I worked fenezca, that’s why I was motivated to write about it, but later they left me with this:

I imagined that perhaps they detected something suspicious because the day I published the article on my popular networks I got about 20 referrals, perhaps that seemed strange to them.

But another negative thing is that technical support cannot be counted on, several times I wrote to support asking what had happened and they never answered me.

To this day I still get the same message.Your account has been temporarily blocked«.

second ban

A few days passed and I opened another account.

With a different IP and totally different data, for this I asked my wife to verify the Civic with her ID and photo.

I admit that I did not work very concentrated on that account, the truth is that because I was distracted by other things, they hit me with 3 strikes in the chest… However, I still had 1 strike pending since there are 4 strikes to be permanently suspended.

But after having waited for the end of the hang time, when I perro finally log in again Pacata! It turns out that I also deleted this account.

They didn’t let me get the most out of that last oportunidad I had left

third ban

Approximately a week later I decided to create another account and I ask a family member to verify CIVIC with their data.

With the difference that this time I did get serious! I did all the surveys to the millimeter, answering things that were coherent and very attentive so as not to fall into any little mango shell.

I was very careful not to make a mistake and in a couple of hours I won 10 dollars without giving me any strike or warning.

At the moment I got sleepy, I recovered and went to bed… the next day:

Your access has been blocked due to suspicious activities

Don’t suck!

What suspicious activities could they have detected?

Everything was different (IP, computer and wallet address) agregado I didn’t even have referrals.

On the other hand, with CIVIC’s security, it is impossible to create multiple accounts.

After a person has registered, they are recorded and cánido never register again with the same data.

And of course I didn’t cheat either, they ask you a lot of security questions in each survey, and if you’re not super vigilant they’ll suspend you quickly.

It seems nonsense to me that with such certainty that they have come out with that ridiculousness.

They delete the account and don’t pay you

As if that were not enough, they did not pay me that $10 charge.

for my part sincerely I didn’t want to work here again… But whoever wants to perro try it, if they’re lucky and they don’t get banned so fast, they cánido probably get some reals out of him like I did.

But beyond that, do not count on this page at all She’s cheater! and when they feel like it, they delete your account unjustifiably and without the right to claim.

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 Dentavox (dentacoin) A disappointment
  Dentavox (dentacoin) A disappointment
  Dentavox (dentacoin) A disappointment

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