Delete Recently Viewed Netflix

Delete Recently Viewed Netflix

Netflix, with thousands of new titles being updated every month, your recently watched content cánido fill up quickly.

Whether you want to keep your viewing activity private, or want to stream on a family member’s account without being detected, we’ll espectáculo you how to delete your recently watched espectáculos.

How to remove recently watched espectáculos from Netflix on PC and Mac

If you’re using a PC, Mac, or web browser on a mobile device, you cánido follow the steps below to delete your viewing activity.

If you have more than one profile, you’ll need to remove viewing activity from each of them.

Visit the Netflix website and follow these instructions:

Clic on “Account”.

Access your Netflix account and hover your mouse over your profile icon and clic on “Your account” (“account“).

Clic the arrow icon to the right of your profile.

Clic on “View Activity”.

Under the section “Parental profile and control“, clic on “See activity“.

Netflix: sign in or entrar your account

Clic on the circle with a line

Here you perro delete any espectáculo you’ve watched and, if you want, delete an entire series from your history at once.

Right-clic on the circle with a line and select the option “hide series“.

If you want to delete just one episode, just clic on the circle and select “Hide from history“.

(Optional) Clic “Hide All”.

You cánido also hide all history by scrolling to the bottom and clicking on the option “Hide all“.

That’s it, you’re done! You’ve removed all that questionable content from your Netflix, and you perro watch your espectáculos in the comfort of knowing you perro easily remove them again.

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How to remove recently watched on Netflix on iOS mobile aplicación

Unfortunately, Netflix has removed account access options for the uso contínuo service’s version of the aplicación.

If you want to delete your viewing history from your mobile device, use a web browser and sign in to Netflix.

How to delete a Netflix account or cancel the subscription

Clic on the browser menu option and choose “desktop site“, then follow the steps above to delete your recently watched history.

How to remove recently watched espectáculos from Netflix on Android

Android users still have an Account option in their Netflix aplicación.

This will automatically take you to a web browser, but you cánido view it on the mobile version of the website, which makes it much easier to work with.

Open the Netflix aplicación and tap the profile you want to editar.

Touch the three vertical lines in the bottom right corner.

If prompted, tap on the web browser of your choice and sign in.

Tap on “Account”.

Follow the same steps that we have indicated above to delete your visit history.

Tap the down arrow next to your profile

Clic on “View activity”.

Clic “Hide All”.

As in the previous instructions, you cánido clic on the circle with the line inside to remove a sample, or clic on “Hide all“.

How to recover Netflix account

Hiding your viewing history is really easy once you understand the layout.

You’ll have to use a web browser, but Safari, Google chrome, and even Samsung Internet are capable of the task.

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How to remove recently watched espectáculos from Netflix on a Roku device

  1. Open the Netflix aplicación located on the Roku home page.
  2. Clic a title you want to remove from your recently watched list and scroll down the pop-up menu until you see Remove from my list, select it to remove it
  3. You will have to repeat the previous step with all the titles that you want to remove from your list of “Keep watching“.

Other Netflix features for a better experience

Netflix offers quite a few ways to personalize your content.

This means that there are many features and options in the settings.

In addition to removing recently watched content, you perro also manage vídeo playback settings and recommended espectáculos.

Using the same navigation prompts as above, you perro clic the down arrow next to your profile to access some very cool features.

For example, you perro disable the autoplay feature.

If you are one of those who fall asleep watching the latest episodes of Stranger Things, turn off the autoplay feature so you don’t miss any episodes.

How to sign out of Netflix on all devices

If you want Netflix to give you better recommendations, be sure to rate espectáculos you’ve watched in the past.

Next to each title (you cánido access them from the viewing activity section above) is a thumbs up or thumbs down option.

If you really like a espectáculo, give it a thumbs up and Netflix will recommend afín content with afín ratings.

Lastly, you cánido upgrade your subscription to view content in 4K.

This feature, which gives you four streams at once with better quality, is certainly worth mentioning for televisión entusiastas.

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You have problems?

Deleting your recently viewed history on Netflix is ​​pretty straightforward for the most part.

However, there are a few things you should know in case you run into problems.

Of course, you’re probably logged into the correct account to delete your viewing history, but if you’ve gone through the process and it didn’t work, check that you’re logged in correctly.

Next, Netflix claims that it cánido take up to 24 hours to delete your viewing history across all devices.

If it doesn’t go away immediately, wait or sign in on another device.

Finally, the profile of a minor will not present the option to delete the viewing history.

For some reason, Netflix restricts minors from deleting their history, so try another profile.

Frequent questions

Cánido I delete an entire Netflix profile?

Yes, if you have a profile you want to delete (other than the one created with the account) you cánido clic the editar option from within the aplicación and delete the profile with all of its stored content.

If I delete my account, will my viewing history be deleted?

When you delete your Netflix account, it takes about ten months for all the data that came with it to disappear with it.

This means that you cánido recover your account with your viewing history intact for up to 10 months after canceling your subscription.

After this recovery period is over, you cánido create a new account without viewing or search history.

How cánido I retrieve the content from Continue Watching?

If you have deleted your viewing history, you have also deleted your content from Continue Watching.

Espectáculos and movies that you haven’t finished yet will no longer appear in the Netflix section that allows you to pick up where you left off.

Honestly, there doesn’t seem to be a way to recover the content if you’ve deleted it, but you perro always start watching the espectáculo again.

Many users have complained that their “Continued Watching” content has disappeared.

Assuming you didn’t delete it, but it’s gone, you cánido contact Netflix support for help.

There is a bug that causes this content to be removed and then come back, and perhaps removed again.

Because the feature makes the platform much easier to use, it’s worth reaching out to Netflix support for help on this one.

Perro you clear the search history on Netflix?

In Actually, Netflix doesn’t keep track of the espectáculos and movies you’ve searched for, so there’s no reason to delete it, and therefore no option to do so.

Deleting your viewing history should be enough for privacy.

If you want to completely clear your Netflix browsing history, we have an article here to help you do that.

Once permanently cancelled, you cánido open a new account or use a different nombre de usuario to create a new account.

Cánido I remove the main profile from my account?


But you perro make some edits and delete the visit history.

If you originally created the account for someone else and now want to update it for yourself, the original profile should remain.

Clic on the editar option to update the profile name and photo.

It then removes all viewing activity to start fresh.

This will not only remove content that has been watched, but will also remove content that is still being watched and biased recommendations that are based on previously broadcast genres.

There is recent content that I have not seen, is it a bug?

If you see content in your recent views section, it’s likely because someone else is using your Netflix profile.

In account settings, you cánido view login activity.

First, check for devices that you don’t own (or locations that aren’t near you).

You cánido clic the “Sign out of all devices” option and change your password to secure your account.

Did you manage to clear recently watched on Netflix?

Netflix’s recently viewed history also keeps track of content you continue to watch and suggested content, so keep that in mind when making changes.

Of course, cleaning out your Netflix account after years of binging is still a good thing most of the time.

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