Degustabox: surprise box every month

Degustabox: surprise box every month

tastebox is a box full of food products that you cánido receive every month at home.

Are brand new products or maybe that they have been released a few months ago, so you perro be one of the first to try them.

If you like surprises, Degustabox is your box, they send it to your house with 10 to 15 very innovative products, and as I said, possibly new on the market.

Also, the value of the products will always be much higher the one you pay for it.

If you like good food and you also like test products new, you perro enjoy your first tastebox for only €6.99.

If you clic on the banner below you will receive your first degustabox for €6.99, when the price of the surprise box perro be around €30, we will have a saving of more than €20.

It’s not a free degustabox, but almost.

Degustabox is a Spanish company, with CIF B65894008 and registered office at c/ Bailén, 7 3-1, Barcelona.

It is registered in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona in volume 43414 folio 211 page B-428989.

Perro request the degustabox box any usuario adult and also a minor, having to have then, a parental authorization.

Your first box with degustabox discounts

Order your first box and check that all the products they bring you like and you save good money it is something very fácil.

You will only have to clic on the upper banner or on this button below.

If you go in from there, clicking where they say “buy” It will direct you to a page where you must entrar your personal information and address, as well as an dirección de correo electrónico and password.

You will automatically be applied a ddiscount of 7 euros in the form of a degustabox promo code on your first box when you do this degustabox register.

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The degustabox November 2022 has already been sent, with which they will send you the dandgustabox december 2022 with another selection of great brand new products and with a price well below market.

Keep reading and I will explain how to get a cheaper boxby applying a promotional code degusta box.

Remember that you perro unsubscribe whenever you wantUnsubscribing from degustabox is completely free and does not have any type of penalty.

As you cánido see in the image above, the box usually costs €15.99but from this backlink you will get a €8 discount applicable on your first box.

Afterwards, if you want, you perro unsubscribe it, the only premise is that you are a new usuario and that you have never received a surprise box.

When will I receive the surprise box?

The box tastebox the I will receive by courier service at your home.

The date you receive it will depend on the date of registration and payment of your first subscription.

The registration and delivery deadlines will be as follows:

  • yes we have subscribed between the 1st and the 13th of the month you will receive the box between the 22nd and the 26th of the same month.
  • when we sign up between the 14th and 31st of each month, you will receive the box between the 26th and 30th of the month.
  • If you have been one of those who have subscribed at the end of the monthyou will receive your surprise box between the 3rd and 8th of the following month.

Unsubscribe Degustabox

As I have said above, The customer may cancel the subscription renewal at any time before the 10th of the month.

In this way, the box for the corresponding month will not reach you, nor will you be charged for it.To unsubscribe from degustabox, it is very fácil, You simply have to access the “contact” section on their website and select the “unsubscribe” option.

Keep in mind the dates you do it, once you send the low degustabox request, your subscription will automatically be deactivated.

As I say, You must do all this before the 10th of the current month, since the collection of the subscription becomes effective on the 11th.

If you neglect it and do it later, you will be charged for the subscription and you will receive your corresponding box.

As you see it’s quite easy unsubscribe from degustabox.

How to get your box with a degustabox discount or free

If you order your degustabox box, you will surely like it, but you will like more to know that you perro get your tastebox for free.

How to do it? well, it’s very fácil.

Degustabox has its own points systemeach 100 points you will get a free box.

Accumulating points is very fácil:

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  • by each person you invite who receives at least one box, you will earn 50 points.

    You will only have to send them the invitation backlink and promotional code that appears in your profile.

  • with each box you receive, you will also receive a questionnaire.

    thanks to this quiz you will receive 5 cumulative points.

  • you cánido also cGet your free degustabox through contests that they do in their degustabox profiles Fb and instagram.

Last conclusions

In my days as a delivery man, I delivered many Degustabox boxes, so I didn’t know what it contained, but once I have the first one at home I cánido’t stop receiving them.

I like to wait for the surprise of the products that it brings, you never know or they tell you beforehand the products that the box brings, but i love them 99%.

In addition, I save money, since the products, in their habitual sale, would easily exceed €30 and in this way they are available for only €15.99 from the second box.

The first box, with the banner that I leave you, costs €8.99.

It’s good treat yourself once in a while And if they are things to eat and enjoy with the family, then much better.

And you, do you dare to try the Degustabox surprise box? Remember that if you buy it with the backlink below, you will have a discount of €7 At its usual degustabox price, it has no permanence commitment (you perro delete it as soon as you receive it) and they take it to your home by courier.

Really worth!

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 Degustabox: surprise box every month
  Degustabox: surprise box every month
  Degustabox: surprise box every month

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