Definition of process according to authors

Definition of process according to authors

I’m sure you’ve heard someone mention the word “process”.

Of course, in the academic environment it is very common to hear it and in fact, it is used to define other concepts.

For example, What is administration?

“Management is a process through which the resources of a popular group are coordinated and optimized in order to achieve maximum effectiveness, efficiency, quality, productivity and competitiveness in achieving its objectives, to achieve maximum efficiency»

— Lourdes Munch Galindo

As you cánido see, the word process is used to help define what management is, but What is a process? If you don’t really know what a process is, you probably won’t fully understand the above definition and often times that makes it difficult for us to really understand things (learn), instead of just memorizing things.

Therefore, today I plan to talk to you about what a process is.

Definition of process according to authors

Today, my objective is for you to learn what a process is and of course, I am going to provide you with the definition of process according to various authors.

After all, if you are studying, I doubt very much that your teachers give importance to what someone writes on the internet.

I hope the article is useful to you and remember that at the end of the article you will find the bibliography.

Process definition according to Lourdes Münch Galindo

«A process is the equipo of steps or stages to carry out an activity»

(2018, p. 91)

Process definition according to Raymundo Javier Benavides Pañeda

“A process is a systematic way of doing things”

(2014, p. 20)

Process definition according to F.

Robert Jacobs, Richard B.


«The process represents the basic sequence of steps or activities with which the company conceives, designs and brings a product to the market»

(2021, p. 45)

As you cánido see, the previous definition is taken from an operations management book, but it tells us what is necessary, that is to say that it is a sequence of steps.

What is a process?

So what is a process? Well, in a nutshell we cánido say that A process is a series or sequence of steps that allow us to achieve a goal. (an end) certain.

For example, if we talk about a production process, as its name indicates, it is a series of steps that allow raw material to be transformed into a finished product.

Something important to highlight is that a process is a sequence of steps, that is, each step has a specific order to be carried out.

That is, you have to do each step in order or you will not get the desired result.

Also, it is important to remember that processes perro be found everywhere and not just in companies.

For example, our metabolic processwhich allows us to genera and obtain energy.

Importance of processes

If a company cánido really understand the processes, it is possible to turn the processes into a competitive advantage and it is possible to see that the key to success for some companies consists in understanding how their processes really work, making them more and more efficient.

Remember that not only the operations area of ​​an organization has processes, but each area has processes that have to be managed effectively and efficiently in order to achieve success.

How do the processes work?

It must be said that, according to Lee J.

Krajewski, each process has tiques, Departures and the operations through which inputs pass to become outputs.

Inputs cánido be a combination of human, material or capital resources (equipment and facilities).

In fact, so that you perro understand this, I am going to give you an example: If you go to the stationery store to buy a notebook, then you are already buying the output, that is, the finished product.

Now, the notebooks do not come out of nowhere, so you have to go through a series of activities that allow you to convert the raw material into a notebook, right? Well, the inputs of this productive process are the raw material used, the human resources, the machinery, etcétera.

In the case of operations, we perro say that they are all the activities necessary to convert the inputs in the notebook (outputs).

Now, as I already said, each process has an output, which is used or acquired by a client.

In the case of buying a notebook, we are talking about the customer being a external client.

As you may be thinking, there are also internal customers, such as the employees of a company.

Remember that I do not orinan that the employee buys the product, but that he emplees the outputs of a process or several processes to be able to do his work.

After all, there are not only production processes.

Internal customer definition according to Lee J.


“One or more employees or processes that rely on inputs provided by other employees or processes to perform their work”

(2013, p 4)

Definition of external client according to Lee J.


“A customer is an end usuario or intermediary (for example, manufacturers, financial institutions, or stores) who purchases the finished goods or services from the business”

(2013, p.4)


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 Definition of process according to authors
  Definition of process according to authors
  Definition of process according to authors

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