Damefans | EARN MONEY and get likes,

Damefans | EARN MONEY and get likes,

damefans It is an exchange platform that pays us coins for carrying out a series of actions. As an incentive, at Damefans we cánido promote our backlinks, increase our popularity on popular networks and earn money. All this for free and at the same time. The website is managed by Sergio, better known en línea as Draquio. Launched Damefans in early 2016 and since then it has not stopped growing. To the point that we are currently more than ten thousand users who use this website. Without further ado, let me introduce you Damefans.

Damefans: How to register to the platform

The first thing we will do is register on the Damefans website. just like we do in Coinpayu and in the rest of the pages to earn money. If you want, you cánido do it by following this backlink. It will take you directly to the registration form. We complete all the fields that are requested and we accept the TOS. We perro now access our Damefans account and start working on the platform.

Register now and earn 100 plus coins

Damefans is a platform with multiple ways to earn money. Given the task of getting referrals, we cánido find free promotion systems and others for payment. In the case of Damefans, it is a free traffic exchange tool. But it does not stop there, at Damefans we perro:

» Promote our blog or channel.

» Get referrals by advertising the backlinks of the pages we are working on.

» Become more habitual on popular networks such as Fb, Twitter, YouTube, Google plus, etcétera.

» Get Likes, Likes or Retweets on our posts and vídeos.

» Earn coins by viewing ads from other users and exchange them for money.

As a thank you, Damefans will reward us with 100 coins when we register on the web.

Last update ” Damefans is scam. For a few days the web no longer exists and their profiles on popular networks have not been updated for weeks.

How Damefans works

When accessing our newly created account in DameFans we will find several sub-menus. It may seem chaotic at first, but nothing is further from the truth. When we entrar the web twice we cánido manage ourselves without any difficulty.

To make the tutorial more enjoyable, I have divided the two main menus of Damefans. Thus, I will first explain the menu of “My tools” and then the menu “Earn money”.

In the image above we perro see that, in turn, the menu is divided into five tabs. Translated into Spanish, each of them cánido perform the following actions:

dashboard » Main screen where we will see at first glance the sections most used by users.

add page » From here we cánido create our ads, either from popular networks or from a page that we want to promote. We perro use the currencies that we have in the cómputo.

My Pages » In this section we will see all the ads that we have created in the previous tab.

contests » View of the three contests that are always in force at Damefans.

add money » Cashier to add funds and buy advertising.

Offers » We’ll talk again later, but it’s about earning coins on the offer walls.

How to earn money on Damefans

The second step that we will have to take in Damefans will get coins and subsequently, spend them on advertising or exchange them for real money. To start earning coins we will go to dashboard (if we go down a bit we will find the following options).

Earn coins by doing Damefans tasks

If you look at the menu on the left titled as «Earn coins and other«. There you will see 8 tabs with which get coins for doing certain actions. These tabs are:

mini jobs ▷ We have several tasks available to get plus coins. An example of these tasks would be writing a articulo about Damefans. An example could be this that I am writing today, for which I will receive 490 coins.

SuperRewards ▷ The wall of offers par excellence. In SuperRewards we perro get coins for filling paid surveysdownload applications, watch vídeos, complete offers, etcétera.

Activity Contest ▷ Users who make the most exchanges throughout the day, additional prizes will be taken. Such as Gold membership coins and hours.

vídeo coins ▷ If we make a Damefans vídeo tutorial on Yotube we will also earn coins.

Validate coupon ▷ The administrator usually publishes coupons that, when entered here, will give us free coins.

daily plus ▷ If we make more than 50 trades in a day, we perro earn an additional 40 coins as a plus.

transfers ⇒ From this section we perro receive coins for transactions from other users.

Earn Coins with Traffic Exchange

Going back to the image above, you will also see that there is another option to «Earn Coins». The options to get coins are the following:

backlink shortener ▷ Visiting pages with backlinks from other users that have been shortened.

Fb ▷ In this case we will earn coins for following someone or liking a articulo.

instagram ▷ From here we will also earn coins for liking or following other users.

traffic exchange ▷ In this section we perro view the ads of other web users. Depending on the exposure time, we will receive more or less coins.

Twitter ▷ With Twitter we cánido earn money by following someone, liking or RT.

Youtube ▷ In this section we will earn coins for watching vídeos, giving Like or subscribing to a channel.

«For every friend we invite to Damefans we will receive a plus of 100 coins, $0.05 and 5% for the purchases you make.”

To start seeing these ads, we will have to go to the tab Backlink Shortener. We find it in the menu on the left of Damefans. There we will see a list with all the backlinks available. The value of these shortened backlinks goes from 9 coins to 1. Although there are usually many 4 coins.

«At Damefans we cánido earn 50 to 100 coins only with shorteners.»

In addition to Adfly, there are other pages that pay to shorten backlinks. As such, each one has its especial way of showing us the advertising in their ads. Next I will espectáculo the three most common ways to visualize these backlinks.

Display the shorteners in Damefans

First Option ⏩ In Adfly, we only have to clic on the shortened backlink and a new window will open with a countdown. Once the counter reaches zero, we clic on“Skip ad” and they will assign us the coins. That easy.

Second Option ⏩ In Shorte, we will do exactly the same as in Adfly. Clic on the backlink provided by Damefans and a new window will open. We wait for the counter to reach zero and clic on «Remove Ad». Then they will credit us the coins in the cómputo.

Third Option ⏩ In Ouo and others like it, the process is different. We clic on the backlink, a new window will open and we will solve the captcha. Next, the countdown will appear and once it reaches zero, we will have to clic on Get Backlink. Once the popup pops up, the coins will be assigned to the cómputo.

Activity Contest and Daily Plus at Damefans

in Damefans usuario activity on the web is rewarded. In addition to the coins that we perro get by making our clicks, we perro get plus coins with the Daily Plus and the Activity Contest.

He Daily Plus It is a reward that Damefans offers us for making 50 visits. These visits are computed with the sum of all the actions that we carry out throughout the day. That is, the sum of Likes, Retweets, shorteners, Likes, Shares, YouTube vídeos, etcétera.

On the other hand, there is the Activity Contest diary. This contest offers a reward for users who make more trades throughout the day.

prize coupons by Damefans

Coupons are a series of additional bonuses that Damefans gives us. In the same forum on the web there are almost a dozen coupons with prizes in coins. From what I’ve read, for each goal that Damefans reaches, the administrator publishes one of these coupons, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for new ones.

“You cánido see if there are new coupons in Damefans forum.»

To entrar these codes in Damefans you will have to do the following:

» If you look again at the menu of «Earn coins and others»you will see that there is a little tab with the name of “Validate coupon”.

» Next, a box will appear in which you will have to entrar coupon code. You perro do it manually or by doing a copy/paste from the forum.

» Finally, you will validate the coupon by clicking Next and the coins will be assigned to you immediately.

“With some coupons we will have to meet some conditions. As an example, there are cases where we are required to make more than 20 trades as a requirement to redeem the coupon.”

exchange coins for money

The part we like the most about Damefans besides getting free publicity. As you will see below, it is very fácil make the exchange of coins to real money, such as making a withdrawal. To do this, we will clic on the bag of money next to our cómputo. In «My Cómputo».

From here we perro perform three actions:

» Add Money.

» Exchange Coins for money.

» Send money to a processor.

how to charge

To exchange money for coins, it will be as easy as entering the number of coins that we want to transform. Just below we will get the conversion in dollars. In fact, heThe conversion of coins to dollars is at the rate of 5000 coins for $1.

“To exchange coins for money on Damefans we need a minimum of 500 coins.”

If we want to add or withdraw funds, we will only have to entrar the exact amount and write down the payment processor. In the case of withdrawals, we may request a payment in Damefans from $5.

Objectives accomplished with Damefans

In my opinion, Damefans is not a page to earn money itself. It is one more incentive. The important thing in this type of platform is Get followers on popular media and get more reach for our posts. And in turn, earn coins to promote our pages and get referrals. I am working on it with this intention, and when I manage to save a few more coins, I exchange them for money. So I’m adding little by little.

These are the objectives that I have achieved thanks to Damefans:

The first objective that I equipo for myself was to increase the Likes of the DineroWorld Fb page. A couple of months ago, she had around 400 likes. Today it exceeds 700.

The second was to get more followers on Twitter. In those two months, I went from 700 followers to more than 1,000. In addition to reaching more people with my publicaciones de Twitter, it helped me get better-paying campaigns on SocialPublithe website that pays us to mensaje de Twitter.

As a consequence, I have met more people from the world of earn money en línea. Finally, thanks to all of you who have registered on Damefans with my backlink. With my daily activity and your help I have managed to reach the minimum payment and withdraw $5. This time, subtracting the Paypal fees, it has stayed at 4.85 clean.


damefans It is the ideal page to get more popularity on popular networks and promote backlinks. In addition, it also offers us the possibility of earning money. And all this totally free.

As you have been able to verify, its operation is very fácil and does not involve any difficulty. If we work the platform regularly, we perro get plus bonuses. And as a consequence, add coins faster.

There are times when we stop working on these types of platforms under the pretext that “they are not meant to make money”. In practice, the truth is that if we want to, We cánido change the coins that we are getting for money. It is relatively easy to reach 200 coins a day just by completing the sections of Traffic Exchange, Youtube vídeos and that of the backlink shorteners. If we add those of the Daily Plus to these coins, we would add another 50 additional coins.

«Taking into account that 500 coins are equivalent to $0.10. At Damefans it is possible earn more money than in some PTC.”

As always, if you have any questions about Damefans, you cánido leave me a comment or write me a message through the tab Contact. If you liked the articulo and you are thinking of registering on the web, I would appreciate it if you did so by clicking on the banner below. You will earn 100 coins (agregado any active coupons) and I’ll get 100 coins and $0.05. So thank you very much for your help!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea. All freecompletely reliable and for everyone. Do you want to know me better? Here you perro see more about me.

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 Damefans |  EARN MONEY and get likes,
  Damefans |  EARN MONEY and get likes,
  Damefans |  EARN MONEY and get likes,

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