Daisycon | CPA and CPL Affiliate Marketing

Daisycon | CPA and CPL Affiliate Marketing

daisycon is a marketing platform specialized in CPA and CPL affiliate campaigns. The most interesting thing about this portal is that it allows us to monetize a blog or an account on popular networks by recommending products and services. It belongs to Daisycon BV, a Dutch company founded in 2000 and headquartered in Almere (Netherlands). Do you have a website or a powerful account on popular networks like Fb or Twitter? Well, with the campaigns available At Daisycon you perro monetize them and get commissions for each valid lead. We are going to see in more detail how the platform works and how we perro earn money working as “Publishers”.

What is Daisycon?

As we have just seen in the introduction, Daisycon is an affiliate marketing platform. and therefore allows us obtain an economic benefit for the mere fact of promoting a series of campaigns. Depending on the theme that we deal with on our website or the interests that our followers have on popular networks, it will be more convenient for us to recommend one type of campaign instead of others. At Daisycon they put at our disposal more than 1,000 campaigns of different kinds. Each one with certain characteristics, specific conditions and with its corresponding financial compensation.

To promote Daisycon campaigns as an Editor we will only need be of legal age and have a blog or an account on popular networks.

How to make money on Daisycon

At this point, and before seeing in depth how the Daisycon portal works, someone may be wondering: How perro I earn money by recommending campaigns?. I am going to give a practical example, which is always easier both to explain and to understand. Let’s suppose that we have a blog in which we talk about vídeo games. And of course, to review a vídeo game it is essential to play it beforehand. Well, at Daisycon there are campaigns for en línea stores like Ubisoft, G2A or Shop4, which sell vídeo games en línea.

The conditions vary depending on each campaign, but generally speaking, for each purchase made in any of these stores using our backlink, we will obtain a percentage of profits. Therefore, in this case, we could generate commissions in two ways: buying a vídeo game ourselves or when a blog reader, friend or relative buys it.

How to register on Daisycon

To see all the campaigns available at Daisycon and be able to subscribe to them, It will be essential that we create an account as Publishers. Daisycon registration is very fácil. If you want, you cánido register by clicking on the button below, which will take you directly to the home page of the web. The default language is English and there is no translation into Spanish… but we perro always use Google chrome’s automatic translator to make our task easier. Next we clic on the tab “Register” either “Sign Up”, and it will take us to a registration form with three fields to fill in: name, contact dirección de correo electrónico and password. Finally, we solve the recaptcha and accept the TOS.

Take me to the registration form

Daisycon may send us an correo electrónico to validate the registration. If that happens, it will come with a backlink in its content that we must follow. Then we will have access to our account on the platform.

Later we will configure the account based on If we are going to promote campaigns through a blog or through popular networks.

How Daisycon works

When accessing our Daisycon account, the first thing that jumps out is the side menu and the dashboard. To talk about all the sections more precisely, we will divide the tutorial into two parts. In this first one we will see what is in each section of the side menu. And in the second, we will talk about the dashboard and we will modify its appearance and the information that appears to us with the use of widgets.

In it dashboard we will find statistical and financial data that will help us to monitor the performance of the campaigns in which we are subscribed. It is composed of Widgets with various information.

In the section News there are the news published by the direction of the platform. Almost all of them deal with the status of the campaigns (new or not) and tell us if they are still active, temporarily stopped or if they have ended. We will also see the status of each campaign in campaignswhere we cánido filter them by categories, countries, etcétera.

In Material there are two sub-sections that may be of interest. On the one hand, we cánido carry out specific searches for a campaign. And on the other, in deeplinks We have a backlink camouflage available. if we want it we perro convert an affiliate backlink into a friendlier url.

We will see the status of the transactions derived from our campaigns in Statistics. In addition, filters cánido be applied to analyze every last detail.

The tab of Settings It will help us to configure our account. Later we will see all the steps to follow one by one.

Finally, in Connections we perro follow Daisycon on different popular networks. I follow them on Twitter and Fb. After all, popular networks have become alternative ways to support when asking questions and answering questions.

Daisycon Dashboard and Widgets

The Daisycon Dashboard espectáculos a general view of the status of our account. Depending on the widgets that we select, they will indicate one information or another. For me, this is a differential aspecto, since it allows us to carry out exhaustive monitoring of all campaigns. In addition, depending on which information is a higher priority for us, we perro add new widgets (1) or change their location (2).

✅ To move a Widget we will have to clic on it, drag it and move it to its new location.

✅ If we want to add a new Widget, we perro do it by going to “Add dashboard module” and selecting the one we like the most.

If I remember correctly, this chart is one of the default widgets.

To read this graph, I would detalla the following points:

” The green Line indicates the number of clicks that have been made in all the campaigns we work on.

” The yellow It indicates failed clicks or clicks that come from countries not accepted in one of our campaigns.

» As for the bars, the color fuchsia is an invalid lead. That is, a person who has registered in a campaign with my backlink but has not completed the process satisfactorily for the client. In this case, the company that launches the campaign.

» The good side is that the green bar indicates valid leads or successfully completed conversions. Or what is the same, people who have registered in a campaign with my backlink and the commission that their action has generated for me.

» Finally, the yellow bar indicates that someone has completed a campaign, but is still in the validation process. And therefore, pending approval.

Now that we know all the sections that make up the Daisycon website, it’s time to start giving the platform a kick. The highest priority at this time is to configure our account based on the means that we are going to use to generate transactions. To do this we will navigate through the side menu and go to Settings > Half. At half height, we will see a green box with the text +Add new media. Clic on it and a drop-down will open with the following options:

» Media type → In this tab we will select the medium (blog, Twitter, Fb…) that we are going to use to promote the campaigns. Media name → The title of our media diffusion.

» url → Here we will entrar the full address of our blog or account on popular networks.

» Account profile description → It is necessary to make a brief description of the topics that we deal with in the medium to be configured.

» Interests and categories → Within the list of categories that espectáculo us, we must select the one that best suits the theme of our website.

» Country of our followers/readers → Write down from which country most of our contacts come from.

» Language → And finally, specify the language that we use in the medium that we are configuring.

At Daisycon we cánido also generate leads using an dirección de correo electrónico marketing system. All the necessary information to configure this medium perro be found in the section Tools.

Verify ownership of a blog

If the medium that we have configured is an account on popular networks, we will only have to wait for Daisycon to tell us if they accept us as publishers. In the event that we have registered a domain, We will still need one last step to verify that we are the owners of that website. The process is very afín to when we sign up for the Google plus Console or other affiliate marketing platforms.

To verify that we are owners of that domain we will use one of the two most used ways:

Uploading a archivo to the server » The platform will provide us with an html archivo that we will have to incorporate into the root of our server. We cánido do it in Cpanel or through FTP (for example Filezilla).

Pasting a misión-tag in the Header » Daisycon will provide us with a code that we will have to paste in the header of our blog. To do this we will go to WordPress and open the tab “Appearance” and “Editor”. Once there, we will select the archivo «Header», that appears in the list that is on the right hand side. As soon as it opens, we copy the code provided by the portal and paste it between the tags and . Finally, we save the changes and that’s it.

How to create a campaign

In Digital Marketing there are different types of campaigns. The main ones are CPA (Cost per Action), CPL (Cost per Lead), CPM (Cost per Thousand), CPC (Cost per clic) and CPI (Cost per Installation). Depending on the affiliate marketing platform that we work at any time, we cánido make use of some campaigns or others.

at daisycon focus almost all of their promotional activity on CPA and CPL campaigns. In the first case generateoars conversions by taking the role of intermediary between a store and a buyer. For each sale that the store closes with a person who has accessed with our backlink, we will obtain a commission. Regarding CPL campaigns, is considered valid lead when a usuario completes the registration form providing personal information.

In the image above two of the campaigns that I use to monetize my blog. To give an example, in the case of Toluna there is a campaign in which they pay us a commission of €1.12 for each valid lead. This means that for each person residing in Spain who registers on the survey portal of toluna through our backlink, we will obtain €1.12. Of course, there are many more campaigns. For example, there are also Lifepoints, i Say either Yougovamong other.

To make use of these campaigns we will clic on “Details” and select the option “Subscribe”. Then a pop-up window will open in which the medium that we have configured before will appear and we clic, again, on the option “Subscribe”. Now we will be subscribed to the campaign and we will be waiting for Approval. If they accept us we will see the text “Approved” when we access the campaign and We will be able to use all the promotional material that Daisycon makes available to us. Including backlinks and banners.

Daisycon complemento for WordPress

Throughout today’s article we have talked at length about the web version… but there is also a Daisycon complemento for WordPress. We will find it, worth the redundancy, in the WordPress plugins repertoire, accessing plugins > Add new. If we entrar “Daisycon” in the search bar we will identify it faster.

To use it, all you have to do is proceed as with the rest of the plugins. We downloaded them, installed them and made the corresponding configurations. Among other functions, the complemento will espectáculo us the clicks produced on our site, statistical data, filter segmentation, etcétera.

In my opinion, it is more advisable to use the web version for two reasons:

✅ In order not to consume plus resources with the installation of another complemento in WordPress.

✅ Because all the functionalities of the complemento are available in the Widgets of the web version.

Main features of Daisycon

as i usually do in all the tutorials I write on the blog, there are some aprecies about Daisycon that are worth mentioning separately. They are the following:

• In Daisycon there are campaigns for users in many countries. Including most of South America. For this reason, they allow users from all over the world to register as Editors. Without exceptions.

• When we register on the platform, withdrawals are disabled by default. They are unlocked automatically when we reach €25 in the cómputo. We perro then request a payment and collect vía bank transfer, Paypal or bitcoin.

• Within the platform itself there is also a campaign available that allows us to recommend Daisycon to our contacts. For each person who registers with our backlink in a valid way, they will credit us €5.

• In the FAQ we perro consult questions of a general nature that other users have previously raised. If we have any questions and cannot find an answer, we perro always write to Medium and that they throw us a cable. For users who radica in Spain, the contact person is Alex. He is in charge of contacting the editors and helps us to work the portal correctly.

• In all affiliate platforms there are a series of practices that are explicitly prohibited in their TOS. If we are caught using any unauthorized system, they perro ban our account and not pay us the money accumulated until then. Careful with this!

• To comply with the new legislation on data protection (GDPR), it is recommended that in the Cookies Policy of our website we refer to the cookie used by Daisycon.

Daisycon pays and is reliable

As soon as we reach the threshold of €25, we cánido request our first payment on the platform. I do not know the conditions that currently exist to request this first withdrawal, but when I registered it was mandatory to request it by bank transfer. From that moment on, the other two methods (Paypal and bitcoin) would be unlocked to request the second payment onwards.

Before requesting payment it is very important that we provide our bank details. To do this we will go to the side menu and access the section «Settings» > «Account». Once there, we will fill in all the empty fields of the sections “Account Settings” and “Payment Details”. the one of “Payment arrangement” It is used to configure how often we want to receive payments. There are two possibilities, but unless we have a lot of leads, the best option is the one that comes by default (Basic).

Finally, we will be in a position to request a withdrawal. We’ll go to «Account» > “Cómputo” and we will clic on it box of “Withdraw”. The payment will be processed and pending approval. Optionally, if you want, you cánido write a message to Support telling them that you have just requested a payment. Thus, if possible, you will speed up the process.

In my case, the money arrived in my bank account after a few days. I don’t quite remember the number of days, but I’m sure it was in less than a week. So, We cánido not only say that Daisycon pays, but also that it does it quite quickly.

After receiving the money I have been unblocked payments through bitcoin and Paypal.

Daisycon Reviews

Affiliate marketing is one of the ways that exist within marketing to attract potential customers. In weblogs like this one we take advantage of our personal experience in some survey websites to promote certain campaigns. But really, the possibilities are endless and are not exclusive to bloggers.

At Daisycon there are general categories that cover topics such as Sports, Books and Literature, Business, Fashion, Dating, Health, Home, Garden, etcétera. If we usually make purchases en línea or talk about any of these topics on popular networks… why not get a benefit by advising and helping others?

In short, if you are looking for a reliable affiliate platform that pays and with attractive and diverse campaigns, don’t give it a second thought. That place her name is Daisycon. For me, from what has been explained throughout this tutorial and from the use I have made of other afín platforms, I think it is one of the best. 100% recommended!

And so far for today, that in the end there is a pretty nice tutorial. You already know that, as always, you cánido use the comments to ask me any questions that may arise. Did you like Daisycon and do you want to monetize your site? If so and you plan to create a free account, I would appreciate it if you did it with my backlink by clicking on the following button. Until next time!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea. All freecompletely reliable and for everyone. Do you want to know me better? Here you perro see more about me.

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 Daisycon |  CPA and CPL Affiliate Marketing
  Daisycon |  CPA and CPL Affiliate Marketing
  Daisycon |  CPA and CPL Affiliate Marketing

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