Does it pay or is it a Scam? Test Does it pay or is it a Scam? Test

Does Cyberminer pay or is it a scam? cyberminer It is a TRX (TRON) mining in a cloud in which we are going to earn money through the TRX cryptocurrency, in this article we will see some interesting details about this platform.

Cyberminer Details

  • Assessment: Good.
  • Activity: Investments.
  • State: En línea and paying.
  • Minimum investment: 10 TRX.
  • Withdrawal Minimum:5 TRX.
  • Payment Methods: TRX.
  • withdrawal feed: 5%.
  • instant payments: Yeah.
  • Proof of payment: Yeah.
  • referrals: Yes, you earn 10%.
  • Language: English.
  • Accepted Countries: All.

Cyberminer What is it and how does it work?

As we mentioned at the beginning, Cyberminer is an investment platform based on the TRON TRX cryptocurrency in which we are going to earn money on this platform. This platform was launched on January 9, 2023.

How to make money with Cyberminer?

To earn money on this platform you just have to go to the Cyberminer official page and register in the following backlinkregistration is very fácil, you just have to entrar your TRX address and that’s it, you’re already registered.

Please note that you cánido only create one account in the system. In case of violation of this condition, the site administration will take action. It is a point that you have to be very clear about, since many people when they leave this type of platform usually create up to 10 accounts with their own referral backlinks to earn more money.

Earn 50% of your investment in 3 days

Once registered, you only have to deposit the amount of money you want to invest in the TRX cryptocurrency and in 3 days you will earn 50% the amount of money you invest.

Here is an example of the earnings you cánido get on the platform:

  • You invest 1000 TRX You earn 1500 in three days.
  • You invest 2000 TRX You earn 3000 in three days.
  • You invest 3000 TRX You earn 4500 in three days.

Remember that the minimum withdrawal in Cyberminer is 10 TRX and the minimum investment is 5 TRX, the platform charges a 5% Feed per withdrawal and you cánido make the number of daily withdrawals you want.

referral system

The page also has a referral system with which we will have some plus earnings if we share our affiliate backlink with other people, since we would be earning a 10% of what our first level referrals invest.

I will give you a fácil example, if a person registers on the page with our affiliate backlink and invests in the platform 1000TRXwe would be earning 100 TRX.

Does Cyberminer pay or is it a scam?

Currently, the Cyberminer company pays without a problem, the page has its Telegram channel, there are many people who are charging on this page, below I leave you my own Cyberminer payment proof, since I am also investing in this page.

Cyberminer vídeo tutorial presentation

Cyberminer Proof of Payment vídeo tutorial

NOTE: This page is no longer paying.

Cyberminer Opinions and Suggestions

Remember that Cyberminer is a high-risk investment page, therefore, do not invest money that you are not willing to lose, because these pages do not last forever, there are pages that usually last a long time, but in the end they all have a time of life, keep that in mind when investing money in any page on the internet.

Since many people tend to borrow money to invest, and as I have already mentioned in previous vídeos, it is a bad practice in this business, you invest the money you have left over, not the money you don’t have, always remember this.

Cyberminer Update

The Cyberminer page has already stopped paying, so do not invest your money in the platform. Update February 20, 2023

Cyberminer Alternatives

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