CUIT AFIP registration certificate:

CUIT AFIP registration certificate:

The Unique Tax Identification Code (CUIT) is a tax document that must be issued by those Argentine workers whose employment status is single-dependent, that is, of free exercise not dependent on an employer. Independent workers or owners of businesses or companies have a CUIT code, which allows them to check their credit status before the different financial entities in the country. Obtain the CUIT registration certificate It is necessary when it is necessary to carry out any loan or credit procedure and we need to verify that we have honored our financial commitments before the different banking agencies of the country. In addition, get the AFIP certificate It is also important, especially if you have a business, since this documentation must be aparente in your store or company.

It is important to clarify that these two documents are often confused, coming to think that they are the same, when in reality the proof of registration of CUIT AFIP is different from the AFIP record In herself. The first is nothing more than the document where it is stated that, indeed, we have a CUIT code, while the second refers to the proof of registration to the monotributo.

In this articulo we will espectáculo you the steps so you know how to search for the CUIT and AFIP registration certificateessential documentation that you must have if you are self-employed in Argentine territory.

How to get the CUIT registration certificate?

As we have already said, the Argentine tax system assigns a unique tax identification code or key to identify workers who are self-employed or own businesses or businesses. This performance of free tarea exercise will be recognized through its natural executor with the CUIT number, which is nothing more than an 11-digit number made up of the DNI number. If the worker is a legal person, the AFIP registration number will be used to assign the CUIT.

The CUIT registration certificate It is nothing more than the official document where this unique code is shown, as well as other personal information of interest such as full name and document number. Download the CUIT certificate It is possible through the web portal of the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP), through a fácil electronic procedure that we detail below.

Form 184 AFIP

Visit the website

As we already explained, you must entrar the official AFIP page and go to the digital registration section. It does not matter if you are already registered in the system and have your CUIT code, if you wish print CUIT registration certificate You must entrar this portal, in the same way to recover and obtain this document again.

Entrar your fiscal key

Once you have entered the system you must indicate your tax code; If you do not have one or do not remember it, you perro obtain or recover it by clicking on the corresponding option and then continue with the process without further delay.

Entrar the requested data

The system will ask you to entrar your gender and number of your national identity document. If you are carrying out this procedure for the first time and you are requesting your CUIT number to have proof of registration, it is possible that you must attach a digital copy of your ID, as well as a passport-type photograph; In the photograph that you attach, your face must be clearly aparente, without accessories or effects that blur or alter your real image.

Validate, verify and confirm the information

Once you have entered the corresponding data, you will receive a validation notification, which you must confirm by entering the code received. Although it is unlikely that the system has registered some of your data with errors, it is worth verifying the information displayed before confirming that it is correct and validating it by entering the code sent by dirección de correo electrónico or text message. Just one more step away print the CUIT registration certificatewe indicate what you must do to complete the process.

Download the certificate

Many users print the proof of CUIT without first downloading and saving it on their computers. We recommend that you download the certificate and save it on your computer in case you need to access it later; this will save you time and you will be able to have it available to send it electronically when required.

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As the last step in this fácil procedure, all that remains is print the CUIT, which will serve as proof of registration. The system will espectáculo you this document in PDF format, it will be easy to print as many copies as necessary. It doesn’t hurt to print an plus copy and keep them in your archivos.

If you already have the proof of CUIT and you need your AFIP registration certificatekeep reading this article so that you know, also in a few steps, how you perro get it.

AFIP registration certificate Get it quickly!

The Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) is a public government body that is in charge of collecting taxes from employees, whose work exercise is carried out within the Argentine region. All independent workers or owners of companies, businesses or companies must be registered with the AFIP and have a valid CUIT code to be able to carry out their exercise legally in the country. Obtain the AFIP registration certificate it will be fast if you follow the consejos we share below.

Entrar the page

Entrar the official AFIP portal and go to the procedures section. Once there you will find a ‘Guide to procedures’, you must clic on ‘Procedures by topic’ and then clic on ‘Registration with AFIP’.

Provide your data

The page will request your CUIT number, which you must register without errors. Next, you must entrar the code provided by the page to verify that you are not a robot and thus validate the information. Finally press consult to view your AFIP registration certificate.

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download and print

By pressing ‘Consult’, you will access the page where you will be able to view all the information regarding the payment of taxes, registered scheme and registration date. The same certificate will espectáculo you, in its header, your CUIT number as a taxpayer and the date of the popular contract. Print the AFIP registration certificate It will be possible in just seconds, if you do not lose details of any of the steps that we detail here. Download the certificate and save it in digital format so that you cánido have access to it immediately for future procedures.

Data from the AFIP registration certificate: What information appears?

The AFIP registration document, as an important and essential tax requirement to be shown in all commercial establishments, must contain data such as the ones indicated below:


You will find the CUIT number that identifies you as an independent worker, which consists of 11 digits; the first two indicate the legal entity, the next 8 are your ID number and the last one is a random number assigned by the system at the time of your registration.

Name or Popular reason

If you are a trabajo independiente worker, your full name will appear on the certificate and if you have a business or company, the company name will be displayed.

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Creation date

Applies only in the case of companies.


The fiscal address that you registered during your registration in AFIP.


The certificate will espectáculo the complete list of active taxes.

Start date

This date refers to the start date of activities in the company, being represented only with the month and year of start.


This section of the certificate indicates if the person or company has industrial benefits.

AFIP unit

The AFIP dependency indicates the place where it is registered and its address, including province and locality.

Commercial data

Here are the main data of the commercial activity that is carried out, including the closing month of the financial year.


Indicates the date of issuance of the AFIP registration certificateas well as its duration. This type of document has a certain validity, since its validity expires in a few months after it is issued.

The CUIT AFIP registration certificates They are essential to carry out any tax, banking or credit procedure where verification that we have honored our tax commitments is required. Likewise, attesting to our responsibility in complying with our punctual payments is something very important to be up to date with the tax law in Argentina and to be able to carry out any commercial, independent activity, without any type of problem.

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 CUIT AFIP registration certificate:
  CUIT AFIP registration certificate:
  CUIT AFIP registration certificate:

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