Cuan or qué How do you write?

Cuan or qué How do you write?

How or when? They are two afín words and each one has a completely different use.

In this brief article we will tell you their difference and the proper use of them with some examples.

Please note the following:

“How” = would become a relative adverb used in comparisons.

“How” = on the other hand, it is an exclamatory adverb used in texts to add plus strength to what is expressed.

As you may have noticed, the words how and how they are only distinguished by a diacritical tilde, which is used to give a word a completely different meaning.


When and how to use when?

How It is a tonic word that operates as an adverb of exclamatory amount, ablation of how much.

It is used to add strength to what you want to communicate, mostly in direct or indirect exclamatory phrases.

Currently, more “of what” is used instead of how.

Here are some examples:

  • How fast cánido you go!
  • How beautiful is this view.
  • How happy I am about your progress!
  • You don’t know how excited I feel!
  • I always let her know how pleased I was with her.

When and how to use cuan?

How is an unstressed referring adverb and shortened form of how much, is used before adjectives and adverbs in comparative sentences.

In this sense, it is normally used in association with so in a test of equality or equivalence.

Here are some examples:

  • The desire is so great, how intense is the illusion.
  • It was definitely not recommended, how exaggerated that iniciativa was.
  • My melody, how beautiful that it pleased everyone.

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 Cuan or qué How do you write?
  Cuan or qué How do you write?
  Cuan or qué How do you write?

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