Cryptocurrencies | What are they and how to get them

Cryptocurrencies | What are they and how to get them

The cryptocurrencies It is a world that, although it is not yet well known among the general public, is of interest to more and more people, thanks, among other things, to the impressive business power that they offer us.

Bitcoin and its enormous rise in recent years has dragged down a large part of the cryptographic market, making a large number of people earn huge amounts of money, this undoubtedly creates a pull effect that invites more and more people to become interested in the cryptocurrencies.

What is really striking is to see how the vast majority of people invest in these types of assets without knowing what a cryptocurrency is or what it is for, the only thing that interests them is to get rich with them overnight.

In this articulo we will try to explain the basic operation, as well as its history, how to get them for free or investing, the best places to save them and the positive characteristics, as well as their dangers.

How and when did cryptocurrencies surge?

Cryptocurrencies came to light at the precise moment that Bitcoin appeared, this happened in the year 2009 thanks to its creator. satoshi nakamotoa person whose true identity is unknown.

Their objective, among others, is to simplify the way in which we carry out any en línea transaction between people, transactions that do not need an intermediary, since they are totally anonymous, therefore much faster and cheaper than those offered en línea. principle banks and traditional money.

A short time later and thanks to the enormous growth of this cryptographic currency, other cryptocurrencies based on other technologies gradually appeared, giving rise to the birth of the crypto universe.

Ethereum is one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies

Currently there are thousands of cryptocurrencies and tokens that use their own blockchains or chain of blocks, although only a few of them provide interesting value and provide ingenious or truly useful solutions.

Types of cryptocurrencies

Today we are going to find a wide range of types of existing cryptocurrencies, but we could mainly divide them into two large groups; cryptocurrencies as such and tokens.

    • cryptocurrencies
    • They are currencies that use their own chain of blocks and that offer high security, decentralization and anonymity.

      Among the most important Blockchains networks we perro include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Terra or Polygon among many others.

    • Tokens
    • They are digital currencies that do not have their own chain of blocks.

      Actually, a token perro not only represent a currency, in fact it could replicate any asset with value, such as a property, a share, a financial asset, etcétera.

      There are more and more tokens that work with different Blockchains, although the most numerous is the Ethereum network with ERC-20 technology.

Advantages and dangers of cryptocurrencies

There is no doubt that cryptocurrencies have come to stay, turning your back on this is blind and not accepting the world in which we live, that is why, because they have come to stay, we are going to see what advantages and disadvantages they offer us.

Main advantages


The figure of the intermediary disappears.

Until now, transactions between two accounts included the bank as an intermediary, this completely disappears with cryptocurrencies, therefore they are faster and generally have less costs.


anonymous transactions.

All transactions are anonymous, you do not have to give any personal data, providing greater speed and security.

-.Speed ​​of transactions.

Being in a decentralized environment and not depending on third parties, transactions are much faster than in banks.

Main drawbacks


The volatility.

The incredible growth of cryptocurrencies has attracted big investors and also people who are not but want to get rich overnight.

The enormous fluctuation in price makes them an appetizing but also poisoned candy, so you have to be careful when investing large amounts.


en línea scams.

Although en línea scams are the order of the day with any asset, the truth is that the rise of cryptocurrencies has made lovers of foreign things make a killing, that is why it is important to be well informed about a site before putting our money into it.


Where to store cryptocurrencies

There are different wallets to store cryptocurrencies safely, most of them have unique access data that you will have to entrar when creating them, data that in case of loss or theft will make it impossible for you to access them, therefore it is something that we have to take ourselves very seriously.

1️⃣ paper wallets; They are one of the safest since they work sin conexión.

You will only have to print a document and let the wallet work on paper.

2️⃣ en línea wallets; companies that provide their en línea services to store our cryptocurrencies on their own server, the advantage is that you perro access your funds from anywhere.

There are a large number of sites where you cánido buy, sell or store these cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Here are some of the safest and most profitable, with the possibility of getting a good welcome promotion.


coinbase$10 free when you invest 100


BinanceThe biggest exchange


crypto.comreceive interest

3️⃣ mobile wallets; Normally they are the applications of digital wallets, we perro manage our assets more efficiently and even pay with our mobile.

4️⃣ cold wallets; physical wallets where we perro store our cryptocurrencies in a much more secure way.

You have absolute control over them, keeping your keys safe at all times.

For this purpose, I recommend that you read the article I did about Ledger.

Opinion about cryptocurrencies

Whoever follows the blog a bit will have realized that cryptocurrencies is a recurring theme, we are continually reviewing sites that cánido make us earn fractions of them for free or by investing.

This is because we believe in and bet on them, but above all because of the enormous interest that they arouse among users from all over the world, since 70% or more of the visits to the blog do so looking for information on sites that allow you to earn cryptocurrencies.

One cannot be oblivious to this trend and always from the responsibility that we have in our position as informer, we try to give the best and most reliable service on them.

As I have said before, they are here to stay and the best thing we perro do is learn to live with them.

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 Cryptocurrencies |  What are they and how to get them
  Cryptocurrencies |  What are they and how to get them
  Cryptocurrencies |  What are they and how to get them

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