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crypto tab

ohhello friends of I get out of the crisis! Today I am going to introduce you crypto tab. This is a google plus extension that we perro use to make money with bitcoin at the same time that we surf the internet and that will help us increase our bitcoin wallet. This extension is valid only for the Google plus Google chrome browserand it will be in operation whenever we have this browser open, we navigate through the pages that are.

crypto tab is a google plus extension, totally free and with which we will not have to do anything at all, simply install it in our browser and it will continue to mine us and get satoshis. I discovered it yesterday, and in just a few hours I have already managed to collect almost 40,000 satoshis. It’s not bad right. Little by little, with just have the chrome browser open we will earn money. The extension Cryptotab will be taking the resources of our computer that we do not use and it will use them to perform complex mathematical operations, for which use it will pay us in satoshis, which, as you know, is one millionth of bitcoin.

For install the extension, you simply have to clic on the banner above and it will be installed automatically, there will be no registration or anything afín.

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Once the extension is installed we will not have to do absolutely anything to earn bitcoin. It looks like magic, right? This is achieved by the “rental” that we make of the resources of our computer. The extension is not heavy at all, so whatever your computer, you will not notice that you have it installed.

mining speed

Many of you will ask how much do you earn with Crytotab, that depends on several factors, including the speed of mining. The mining speed of the extension we perro modify it to our liking. By simply clicking on the extension, the extension control page will appear. There we perro modify the speed with which we want to mine, depending on the capacity of our computer. I have it to the maximum and I don’t notice any difference with not having it. Here I espectáculo you:

Referrals in Cryptotab

In Cryptotab we have up to 10 levels of referrals. It depends on what level our referrals are at, we will earn a percentage of their benefits or another.

✔ We will win 15% of the earnings of our first level referrals

✔ We will win 10% of referral earnings from our referrals, up to 10 levels.

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Minimum payment and withdrawal

He minimum payment in Cryptotab is equipo at 0.00041 BTCthe withdrawals perro be made through our preferred wallet, either coinbase, Payments or any other. When we reach the minimum payment, we must go to the Cryptotab icon, open the page and Go to the three horizontal bars located at the top right. These horizontal bars will become vertical bars and “Withdraw BTC” will appear.. When we reach the minimum payment, we cánido put the address of the wallet where we want to withdraw our earnings.

Crytotab opinions and final conclusions

crypto tab is an easy and fácil way to earn bitcoin playing, or at least almost, since you won’t have to do anything. As usual, totally free and now yes, without any effort. If you want to download the extension, I leave it here. And you are you going to miss the opportunity to gain bitcoins easily and effortlessly? Actually, there are very few pages that will pay us for doing absolutely nothing. Do not miss this opportunity and go fattening your bitcoin wallet to be able to sell them when they have a price that perro cautiva you. Here is the registration backlink.


Many of you have asked me if Cryptotab pays. Indeed, yes, every or almost every month I charge an amount for this wonderful Google plus extension. The question how much do you earn with cryptotab It is relative, it depends on many factors. In more than a year using it, I have earned more than 200 euros without doing anything, just having the extension installed. Sometimes I charge month by month and other times I let a couple of months go by, but every month I collect some amount. Crytotab is safe. I cannot tell you the exact amount, since the value of bitcoin fluctuates every month (and every hour). If you are curious to know how much I earn month by month, I recommend you follow me on the different popular networks. Among them, the one I use the most is twitter. In all of them my nombre de usuario is @salgodelacrisis.

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 crypto tab
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