Crypto Mining Game | EARN cryptocurrencies

Crypto Mining Game | EARN cryptocurrencies

Crypto Mining Game is an original free cryptocurrency mining game that allows us to earn bitcoins, dogecoins, litecoins and other cryptocurrencies totally free.

In addition, we will be able to learn in a fun and didactic way some of the basic concepts that concern the world of cryptocurrency mining.

The game has been en línea since November 2017 and pay directly to our wallets.

In this way, it will not be necessary to use a microwallet, but we will be able to withdraw the profits of Crypto Mining Game in our main wallet.

What is Crypto Mining Game

cryptomininggame it’s a free game in which Users from all countries perro register.

Despite what it may initially seem, especially for those people who are less familiar with cryptocurrency mining, Crypto Mining Game is a game that is as complete as it is practical.

From the first time usuario to the most experienced usuario cánido make a profit in this game.

Don’t know anything about cryptocurrency mining? Do not worry, because at the end of the articulo I guarantee that you will know how Crypto Mining Game works and you will understand much better what is cryptocurrency mining.

Registration in Crypto Mining Game

To get started, the first thing we will do is create our own account in the game.

If you want, you cánido follow this backlink, which will take you directly to the home page.

Once there, on the left margin, we will see the tab “Register”.

We clic there and it will redirect us to the corresponding registration form.

Register in the game and continue with the tutorial

As soon as we have entered the data requested, we will clic on “Register” and our account will already be created.

Finally, in order for them to enable us to access the game, we will have to confirm that we are the ones who have just registered.

To do this, Crypto Mining Game will send us an correo electrónico with a backlink in its content.

It will be enough to follow that backlink, and if everything has gone well, now we perro entrar our account.

After confirming our registration and seeing the tutorial, Crypto Mining Game will give us 50 Energy, 100 XP and a Silver Crate chest as a welcome gift.

How Crypto Mining Game Works

Our activity in Crypto Mining Game will focus to complete the four basic tasks.

Which will allow us to earn cryptocurrencies and raise our player level.

As in this type of game, the higher our level, the more potential will have our account.

And therefore, we cánido obtain greater profits over time if we are regular at the beginning.

When accessing the game, the first thing we see is the tab “Profile”.

As we have just started, we start from Level 0, without experience points (XP), with 100 Crystals and with the energy bar at 100% of its capacity (1/1).

Since the beginning of 2020, they have also given away a chest with different prizes.

Later we will see what these chests are about.

Crypto Mining Game Profile

In the left-hand menu, we will see the following data:

Your XP → By completing missions and tasks in the game we get experience points or XP.

These XP allow us to level up and get better rewards in missions, fight against higher level users, etcétera.

Victory Points → Victory points are what we get by fighting and beating other users.

There is a monthly contest in which the hundred users with the most points win a prize in satoshis and another in special chests.

Hpower → The mining power that we have in Crypto Mining Game.

The more power we have, the faster we will mine cryptocurrencies.

Energy boost → The energy booster gives us an plus point of energy for each consecutive day that we entrar the game.

For example, if we connect seven days in a row, on the eighth they will give us eight plus energy points.

And so on up to a maximum of 50.

crystals → The crystals come to be the gasoline in the missions and are totally necessary to activate the crystal mining.

In the missions we need the crystals for the drones to move.

Then we’ll see.

And as for mining, having crystals in abundance will allow us to mine more often.

C.rypto Coinz → Cryptocoinz are the currency of Crypto Mining Game and it is used to buy some elementos and elements within the game.

Energy → The Energy is the basic and necessary element to complete the missions, work, fight, etcétera.

If we have a lot of energy, we cánido activate several missions at the same time or access the best paid ones.

Best menu

From the top menu of Crypto Mining Game, I will highlight the first six sections, which are the most important and of which we will use four of them in our daily activity.

In each of these sections we will carry out the following actions:

Home → In this section we will find two of the tasks that we have to do every day.

On the one hand there is the mining room, where logically we perro mine cryptocurrencies for free.

And on the other hand, there is our work.

World → In the world we perro carry out the missions by sending the drones to inspect other areas, attacking a “parcel neighbor” and discovering small treasures.

Market → The game It has an internal exchanger, so to speak.

Jugadores perro place their offers and exchange some cryptocurrencies for others, or barter some elementos for others.

Crypto Mining War → In this section we will look at the war between jugadores.

In addition to leveling up, we perro also have more advantage fighting against other jugadores if we improve our Cards.

As if it were a role-playing game, our attack and defense power depends on the Cards we have in our possession.

If we improve them, our strength will grow and we will be stronger.

Plus → Within the Bonuses we will find various ways to get plus rewards.

Every day that we uncover a box we receive prizes such as crystals, energy, Hpower… The most important of all is the Daily Bonusesas we will see a little later.

Profile → From the profile we perro modify some data, review statistics, etcétera.

The rest of the sections that make up the top menu of Crypto Mining Game are informative.

Earn cryptocurrencies in Crypto Mining Game

In this game there are several ways to get free cryptocurrencies.

So that it is not a chaos, I am going to enumerate in a small list what are the main tasks that we have to perform every day.

And by the way, I will list them in the same order that I usually do them.

For the record, I do not do them in this order on a whim, but rather there is a reason for being.

I’ll explain it right away.

The main tasks to earn cryptocurrencies in the games are these:


First of all it will be beat the “Anti Spy Spare”.

It is about solving a captcha, to demonstrate that we are not a bot.

By completing it, we will be able to perform our tasks in the game without getting a single recaptcha for the next thirty minutes.


Secondly we will go to pick up our “daily plus”.

Depending on the case, we They will give away plus energy, XP, Hpower, crystals, etcétera..


We headed to the “mining room” and activate the mining process.

Thanks to this, when we exit the game, we will continue to earn cryptocurrencies without doing anything.


Next we will go to the section “world” and we will carry out different missions.

Whether it’s sending drones or fighting against other users that are close to our location and have a afín level.


With the remaining energy, we will go to “work”.

Depending on the reward we want, it will be better to work in one specialty or another.

How to work Crypto Mining Game day to day

I have previously commented that there is many ways to work Crypto Mining Game.

However, it is vitally important manage the resources we have very well.

Especially at the beginning.

For this reason, in my opinion, it is best to follow the order indicated above.

Following that same order, now yes, I explain in more detail what each of the tasks or actions consists of.

Beat Anti-Spyware

In almost all PTCs or cryptocurrency faucets, it is common to encounter a recaptcha.

These recaptchas are one of the resources that these types of websites have to try to avoid the use of programmed bots.

The fact is that the creators of Crypto Mining Game know how annoying they are for the usuario, but they also they know how necessary they are to them.

It must be remembered that one of the main sources of income for these pages comes from advertising.

If that advertising is seen by bots and not real users, bad business.

For these reasons, the solution has been to create the Anti Spyware.

We will see Anti-Spyware just below our profile.

I recommend beat it before doing any task because this way we will not get any captcha during the next 30 minutes.

So that we cánido perform the rest of the tasks without getting one more recaptcha.

To defeat Spyware we access the tab, wait a few seconds for the little sign to turn green and clic on it.

We have one less thing left, let’s get the rest!

Daily Plus or Daily Plus

Lto another Crypto Mining Game key is the Daily Plus or Daily Plus.

It is a loyalty reward that the game offers to all jugadores.

All we have to do to receive the prize every day is entrar this section and open the gift.

Every day that we access the game and claim our plus, the multiply increases by one point.

just below the text “Current Multiplier” the rewards that cánido touch us come out.

Activate the mining room

This section is Crown jewel in Crypto Mining Game next to the one of the “World”.

The section to mine cryptocurrencies is quite fácil.

We cánido choose, being a estándar usuario, in mine BTC, DOGE or LTC.

With a powerful account, things change compared to the beginning, since when we reach 1,000 Hpower, we become Premium users.

And among other things, we It also allows you to mine DASH, ETH and BCH.

Using the status of my current account as a reference, I will explain what all the numbers that come out are and what they orinan.

Since depending on those numbers, our mining installation will be more profitable.

It must be taken into account that at the time of redoing this articulo I am at Level 17.

Almost 18.

For this reason, the data I have is from a fairly advanced account.

However, indices and bonds depend on a few more factors.

Let’s see:

▷ Performance of our mining facility

Cómputo » The cómputo we have of each cryptocurrency and the mining room that corresponds to each one.

earnings per time » Depending on how long the mining process lasts, we will obtain more or less cryptocurrencies in that period.

When it is finished, we perro activate the mining process again.

performance index » The performance of our mining facility depends on Hpower.

The greater our mining power, the greater this index will be.

card bonuses » The Cards, in addition to improve our skills in missions and fightsalso increase our mining power.

Depending on the Cards we have and the level of improvement we have reached in each of them, our mining installation will yield more.

Total » The total sum that comes out when unifying the Performance Index and the plus we receive for the Cards.

basic duration » The time that we will have the mining installation active with each clic.

By clicking on “Undermine”in addition to asking us for the corresponding Crystals to activate it, it will start mining automatically for a period of time.

That time It is defined by our usuario level.

The higher our level, the longer the mining process will last.

card bonuses » In the same way as before, Cards once again improve the performance of the mining facility.

In this case, it increases the time that the mining process lasts by 5%.

mining duration » The total time needed by the mining station by adding the base Duration and the bonuses provided by the Cards.

World: Missions and Wars

In it “World” by Crypto Mining Game we cánido win cryptocurrencies, objects, chests, cards, Hpower and a long etcetera.

On the one hand we cánido explore the territory by sending drones.

And on the other, we perro go in search of other users and fight against them.

I have marked three points on the image capture that will serve as a guide.

So I will follow that same order to explain how the explorations are done and how to fight against other users.


First we have our avatar.

Which obviously marks our location on the map.

Around we cánido see different cryptocurrencies and a couple of neighbors.

However, if we move around the map, we will see that there are times when chests come out with rewards, improvements for Cards, mining power, etcétera.


The second point espectáculos us direction arrows and a building in the middle.

There are times when the game slows down.

For this reason, my advice is that as soon as you load the “World”, clic on the building.

That will make all the buildings disappear and espectáculo us only the boxes with rewards.

As seen in the image.


Finally we have a compilation of what missions are already scheduled and pending to be done.

Whether a mission appears in one or the other segment will depend on whether they are “Explore Missions»«Spy Missions» either “Attack Missions».

▷ How to send a drone or fight a neighbor

For perform a mission or schedule an attack We will clic on the corresponding box and we will give the order.

There are three types of missions:

Explore Missions » For collect cryptocurrency and harvest elementos we will send drones.

To send one, we clic on the box of the map that we want to explore and clic on “Send a drone”.

In each of these missions, they will ask us for Crystals and Energy.

Spy Missions » Before attacking a contrincante we cánido spy on him and see his strengths and weaknesses.

In this case, we will send the drone to do a reconnaissance mission of the enemy.

no rewards.

Attack Missions » And finally, we perro program an attack.

The game allows us to attack users of our level or at most three levels below ours.

In addition to prizes for each victory we will get points.

Who are the ones who, in the end, will define the positions in the monthly Crypto Mining War contest.

Work choosing a specialty

Another way to earning free cryptocurrencies or improving our skills is work.

It is not the most profitable section of the Crypto Mining Game, but it is one of the fastest to perform since a single clic will suffice to activate it and another to reap the rewards.

We perro do three different jobs: Expedition of Crystals, earn CryptoCoinz or earn Cryptocurrencies.

It must be taken into account that the work also subtracts Energy from us, just like the missions and the fights.

Hence first we went to “World” and now, with the remaining energy, let’s take advantage of work.

Depending on the needs we have at each moment, we cánido use the energy to get more Crystals, to earn CryptoCoinz and buy some improvements or, finally, work directly to earn bitcoin, dogecoin, litecoin…

After activating the job, you have to wait a while before going to collect the reward.

When the counter reaches zero, a tab will appear.


Pressing it will give us the “salary”.

▷ Improve worker skills

In the section of “Home” We cánido also improve 3 abilities of our character.

If you look closely, another of the rewards that we cánido obtain when opening a chest or sending a drone in the “World” are skill points.

We cánido use these points to improve our level in Programming, Hacking and Cryptography.

Programming » By improving the programming we will get more Crystals when we work on the Crystal Expedition.

Hacking » By training this ability we will increase our performance when we work for CriptoCoinz.

Cryptography » If we improve our mapping level, we will get higher salaries when we work in exchange for cryptocurrencies.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice.

In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits.

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest.

Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research.

For more information do clic here.

Cryptomininggame pays

Crypto Miming Game is very reliable.

Carry paying since launched and today it is one of the most habitual cryptocurrency related games out there.

An important fact to note is that they pay us directly through our cryptocurrency wallet.

Precisely for this reason, it is important that when you go to request a withdrawal, you do so by adding the address of your wallet in the correct way.

To collect in BTC, we will use a wallet that supports bitcoin, and the same will happen with the rest of the cryptocurrencies.

Be it LTC, ETH, DOGE, BCH or any other.

To request a payment in Crypto Mining Game you must be at least a Level 15 usuario.

Depending on the cryptocurrency that we want to withdraw from the game, they will require one minimum or another.

Next I put the minimum payment that they request based on each cryptocurrency:

satoshi » To collect in BTC we need to accumulate 50,000 satoshis.

Doge » If we want to withdraw in dogecoin they will ask us for at least 200 Doges.

Litoshi » The withdrawal in LTC is enabled from 1,000,000 litoshis.

That is to say 0.01 LTC.

Dash » To do the same in Dash we will need a minimum of 600,000 Dash.

ethereum » As far as Ethereum is concerned, it will be necessary to have at least 1,000,000 gwei to request a payment.

BCH Satoshi » To request a payment in Bitcoin Cash, they will ask us for 200,000 satoshis.

CGT is the Crypto Mining Game token.

At the moment perro be removed by Metamask since it is a project of the game.

The way we get it is simply by activating our mining facility.

How to request a payment in Crypto Mining Game

To request a payment in Crypto Mining Game we will go to the Profile and clic on “Withdraw”.

There we see the available cómputos and, a little further down, a series of options.

In each withdrawal that we make, a commission of 1% of the total amount to be charged will be applied to us.

In addition, as a result of the last update that they have implemented during the summer of 2021, it is necessary to collect “Keys” to request payments.

To proceed with the withdrawal we will do the following:


First of all we will select the cryptocurrency in question that we are going to withdraw.

It is important to keep in mind that we need Keys to request the payment in the cryptocurrency that we want to collect.


Then we paste the address of our wallet and entrar the total amount that we are going to charge.

These amounts are always in amounts without decimals.

So to collect in litecoin, for example, we will have to write 2000000, to collect 0.02 LTC.

3.- Finally we accept and we will receive a confirmation correo electrónico.

Is It is essential to follow the backlink that comes attached to that dirección de correo electrónicogiven that It will be the way to validate the withdrawal.

After that, we will only have to be patient and wait for them to pay us.

Crypto Mining Game may take up to 10 days to pay out.

Main Features of Crypto Mining Game

As I usually do in all the tutorials I write, there are some Crypto Mining Game considerations that I would like to comment on separately.

This is how we give it the relevance it deserves.

These are:

✅ Crypto Mining Game is, just like myprofitlanda free game and you do not have to invest anything to collect. To request a payment, all we need is have a wallet for each of the cryptocurrencies.

I use coinbase, but anyone who supports the cryptocurrencies with which the game works will work.

There is one condition, and it is that it is only possible to request one payment per week.

✅ In every action we take they give us XP.

As we have seen, it is very important to level up to get a more powerful account.

Getting experience points It’s how we’ll level up faster… That It is achieved with patience, being regular and optimizing resources to the maximum.

✅ The Cards give a number of advantages.

Both on a personal level carrying out missions and working as when we fight in the “World”.

From CMW we will be able to increase the effect of these Cards.

The counters below tell us how many Cards we have collected.

When we reach the minimum that they ask us in each category, we will be able to level up by paying with CryptoCoinz.

✅ In the missions we perro also send drones in search of chests.

There are different kinds of chests.

Some will give us more rewards and others less.

We perro recommend Crypto Mining Game to our friends and perceive 10% of the profits they generate.

Crypto Mining Game Reviews

There are many en línea games like Crypto Mining Game with which we perro earn free bitcoins.

On a personal level, I think a professional and educational game in equal parts.

It is no longer that we cánido win cryptocurrencies, which in the end is what it is about, but that the theme of the game is in line with one of the central themes of this blog.

If we dedicate ourselves to gather free cryptocurrencies with faucets and PTC, it doesn’t hurt to really know where cryptocurrencies come from.

C.As I have said several times in the articulo, Crypto Mining Game It is a perfect page to learn playing.

It espectáculos us in a fun way how cryptocurrency mining works.

And by the way, it allows us earn small fractions of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without spending a single satoshi.

If you liked the game and are thinking of trying it out, I would appreciate it if you registered as my referrals by clicking the button below.

Do you have any questions about Crypto Mining Game? You cánido ask everything you need through the comments.

Until next time and hit the cryptocurrencies!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

Do you want to know me better? Here you perro see more about me.

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 Crypto Mining Game |  EARN cryptocurrencies
  Crypto Mining Game |  EARN cryptocurrencies
  Crypto Mining Game |  EARN cryptocurrencies

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