Crypto Funding Club » Earn money with the

Crypto Funding Club » Earn money with the

Crypto Funding Club is an innovative technological service from cryptocurrency crowdfunding and donations whose objective is to provide entrepreneurs with a way through which they perro obtain financing for any type of project they wish to undertake.

You cánido earn money in Crypto Funding Club through its donation system.

The Crypto Funding Club platform allows users to earn income through donations.

He 100% of donations They are carried out directly from usuario to usuario, without any type of intervention, manipulation or retention by the platform.

The system organizes the information of the users with the purpose of creating an orderly channel of capitalization effective for everyone.

Crypto Funding Club Basics

Withdrawals: There are no withdrawals from the platform, but you receive donations from other users from $10 dollars.

Deposits: There are no deposits to the platform, but you send donations to other users from 10$ dollars.

Referrals: It has a system of 2×2 matrix.

You will earn profits from your referrals depending on the position in which you are.

Languages: Spanish, but it cánido be translated with the Google plus Google chrome translator.

Accepted countries: Users from all over the world perro earn money.

Activity: Matrices, crowdfunding, cryptocurrencies, capitalization system, projects, donations.

Pay? Yes, Crypto Funding Club pays its users without problems.
Vídeo: Go to the Crypto Funding Club vídeo.

Registration and configuration in Crypto Funding Club

Registration in Crypto Funding Club is free and easy, and you perro do it by clicking here.

When entering you must entrar to create an account to complete the information requested, complete the captcha, accept the terms and conditions, and send the information.

You must go to your correo electrónico and confirm your account from the message they sent you (also check the contenido publicitario folder).

Registration Form

To earn money in Crypto Funding Club I leave you the backlink to access the platform: Go to Crypto Funding Club.

When logging in you must equipo up your account in settings.

Upon entering you will be able to add a profile photo, add the payment methods in which you want to receive donations, and you perro also change your password.

Finally you must save the information.

How does Crypto Funding Club work?

Crypto Funding Club is a project of cryptocurrency crowdfunding and donations.

You will be able to earn money in Crypto Funding Club and capitalize to obtain residual income with a donation of only $10 bucks. This amount allows you to activate in the 2 × 2 matrix that the company has.

When a referral from you or your sponsor (referral spill) reaches your payline, then you will receive those revenue.

Each first referral that reaches your payment line will make the donation used to activate you in the next cycle to continue generating unlimited income.

Other referrals that reach your checkout line will send the donation directly to you.

funding levels

Crypto Funding Club owns 6 levels of financing to activate you one of them (you cánido activate yourself in the levels you want, even in all of them).

Each funding level will allow you to make a donation to a project, which will trigger that level for you.

By making that donation you will have the ability to receive unlimited donations the funding level or levels you have chosen.

Below I present the necessary information about the different levels of financing that exist in Crypto Funding Club:

The donation of each level is unique, that is to say that if you make the donation for a level, you will never have to make that donation again.

action process

to start earn money in Crypto Funding Club, after registration, confirmation and configuration of your account, then you have to apply for a project, send a donation, invite people to the system (this is not necessary when there is a referral spill) and see how the donations arrive at your account.

Application of a project

After configuring your account you must apply for a project from the part of applying for a project.

You do this so that other Crypto Funding Club users cánido finance your project making donations to you.

To apply for a project, you must add some basic information such as the type of project, the name, the description, and an image that represents the project.

This is easy, because you cánido add a project from another system to earn money en línea.

Finally, save the information, and wait for the project to be accepted.

Note: It is not necessary that your project is accepted to continue with the following steps.

You perro continue with the process regardless of whether your project has not yet been approved.

Making a donation to a project

After applying for at least one project (you cánido apply for as many projects as you want) you must make a donation to a project by activating you in one of the levels that the platform allows you to choose, this so that you perro have the right to receive donations.

For this you must perform the following steps:

  1. Go to finance project.
  2. Choose the funding level that you want to finance, and entrar to send financing.

    You will only be able to receive donations from the level or levels in which you activate.

  3. Read the information displayed and go to make a donation.
  4. The system will tell you who you are going to send the donation.

    Here you will find the information of that person.

  5. Choose the project you want to finance.
  6. Select the payment method you want (of the means of payment that the person has available) to send the donation.

    After this, follow the steps to make the donation by the payment method you have chosen.

  7. When making the donation you must send a screenshot of the payment you have made.

    For this you must upload that image (of the payment receipt) on the platform when you chose the means of payment.

    Finally you must confirm the donation.

  8. You must wait for that person (to whom you sent the donation) to confirm the donation you have sent so that you have the level that you chose activated.
  9. If the person lasts a long time confirm your donationyou cánido use that person’s information to contact them and tell them to confirm the donation you have made.

people invitation

The Crypto Funding Club platform provides a equipo of resources for promote the business.

In the resources part you perro find everything you need to invite many people to the system.

you perro find your referral backlinks in Referral Backlinks.

Here you will find several referral backlinks that you cánido use according to the need you have.

Compensation plan to earn money in Crypto Funding Club

In order to earn money at Crypto Funding Club you must know their compensation plan.

The Crypto Funding Club platform has a compensation plan very lucrative with potential to earn you huge short and medium term income.

Next I will espectáculo you the compensation plan who owns Crypto Funding Club.

matrix notions

This platform has a business model based on a 2×2 matrix which works through unlimited cycles.

A cycle represents a matrix copy that must be completed, so that when said matrix is ​​completed there will be another cycle to complete, and so on ad infinitum.

Each matrix fills from left to right from top to bottom.

To fill an array you need to have 6 people below youwhich cánido arrive in different ways.

Ways to fill the womb

The ways in which your matrix cánido be filled are the following:

  • By people you directly invite (people who sign up with your referral backlink)
  • Through your sponsor’s guests (referral spillover)
  • By guests of your direct referrals.

Here it is not necessary to complete a matrix cycle in order to receive the commissions, since every time one of these people arrives at your payment line, it sends the payment directly to your wallet. 100% of your activation amount.

automatic cycling

This is a mechanism that makes it possible for the growth of the matrices not to stop, since all the feedbacks are carried out automatically, without the need for intervention. direct from users.

In each cycle you receive four payments, of which the first payment is used by the system to open a new cycle automaticallyand the next three payments go directly to your wallet.


If you are active at the $10 dollar level, the first person to reach your payline will send their $10 activation dollarsbut the system will use it to open a new cycle for you, the other three people will send their $10 activation dollars directly to your wallet.

spill effect

This effect helps you benefit from your sponsorand it works as follows:

You sponsor is the person who brought you to the platform, but if he continues to invite other people it is possible for one of those people to land below you, giving you a better oportunidad of someone landing on your payline.

Follow me effect

He follow me It is the mechanism that makes it possible that when one of your sponsors cycles, that new cycle that the system opens for them will always do so under you, making it possible for each person that you invite to the system to follow you for life in each of the cycles.

Cases that happen to fill your matrix

Example 1: You invite one person, and that person invites their two guests.

Those two guests will send the payment directly to your wallet.

Example 2:Your sponsor invites you, and he keeps inviting more people who are going to fall under you.

If one of those invites others, you will also receive the commissions, because they have reached your payline.

AxisExample 3: You invite the 6 people you need to fill your matrix.

By doing so you will have completed the cycle and received your corresponding payments.

Example 4: It happens when everyone does their job, that is, you bring your two people, and they also bring their two people.

With this you will have completed the cycle and received the payments.

Example 5: You invite one person, and that person works hard and invites many people until he provides what is necessary for you to complete your cycle and receive your payments.

Despite this, when you have completed a cycle, that person who made an effort will have completed two cycles, and therefore obtained higher commissions than you.

In Crypto Funding Club, the one who works the most earns the most.

Example 6: This happens when your sponsor works hard, and helps you get both of your people under you.

When those two people who came for the spill invite their two people, then those four people will land on your payline and send the payments to your wallet.

Compensation Plan Exhibits

Now that you know how the system works, all you have to do is start with your first Business centerwhich will allow you to be part of this compensation plan so lucrative.

Below is an example of projected earnings with the Crypto Funding Club compensation plan:


In the team part you cánido see your guests, your matrix, your levels and your cycles.

In order to see the donations that you have made should go to donations.

You will be able to see the donations that you have sent, that you have received and those that you have to confirm.

In the part of finance project You will have the opportunity to make a donation (finance project) for the different activations.

Payments in Crypto Funding Club

The payments (donations) are performed from usuario to usuario.

You perro receive donations from $10 dollarss.

You cánido send donations starting at $10 dollars.

You will not be able to receive donations greater than the donation you have made.

The payment methods that perro be used in Crypto Funding Club to receive and send donations are the following: bitcoin, Paypal, Payeer, Skrill, bitcoin cash, ethereum, litecoin, Neteller, Advcash, AirTM, monero, zcash.

Projects at Crypto Funding Club

On the Crypto Funding Club platform you will have the opportunity to apply or create a project that needs financing.

By creating a project on the platform you will have the opportunity to receive donations for finance such a projectand that it cánido go climbing.

The projects cánido be personal or they perro also be of others Internet business of which you want to take advantage and obtain good income from them.


In the project section you perro see all the Projects who have applied, your own projects, and also the option to create a new project.

Annexes on Crypto Funding Club

The Crypto Funding Club platform provides you with a equipo of resources to promote this or any business you want in order to get prospects and attract customers.

Here you will have landing pages, marketing funnels, tutorials, vídeos, banners, etcétera.

Everything you need to promote whatever you want.


In the part of resources you will be able to find everything you need to promote the business and obtain residual income.

Conclusion on Crypto Funding Club

Crypto Funding Club is a platform with a business model fairly stable, making it an ideal platform to capitalize on on a large scale.

One of its advantages is that does not store usuario incomebut they are made directly from Person to person Therefore, it eliminates the risks of fraud on its part.

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