In a few words, a crm is programa that allows a company to manage business relationships (its customers or potential customers) and the data and information associated with them.

This is not only a way to save customer data, but in fact allows strategies that allow the company to generate future sales opportunities, this because information is one of the most valuable resources today.

For example, with the information that has been collected, a much more effective marketing campaign could even be made.

Should a CRM be used in any company?

The reality is that small businesses think that it is not necessary for them to spend to get a good CRM and also, many others do not know about them.

So what is better? Well, the truth is that there are some very expensive CRMs that very small businesses cánido afford, but there are even some free ones such as Bitrix24 or there are some with notable prices like insightly.

Thus, the cost does not have to be too much to start and the advantages perro be many since as a business it is a good iniciativa to keep in mind that you want to put the client at the center of everything, so that you perro grant them goods or services that meet your needs.

An example of what you perro achieve with a CRM is that you cánido save all the data about your customers. what data? You cánido save their names, their addresses, phone numbers, correos electrónicos and much more information that allows you to develop strategies to achieve different objectives.

Benefits of using a CRM

  • It allows you to have data from your customers in real time so that you cánido build customer loyalty.
  • It allows you to generate useful ideas when making decisions since you cánido get to know your clients very well and know what they need.
  • The necessary information is shared instantly with all personnel registered in the organization’s CRM.
  • It allows you to have a more personalized communication depending on the needs of each client we have.

    For example, we cánido equipo the communication channel (phone, whatsapp, dirección de correo electrónico, etcétera.) preferred by that customer and thus increase the level of customer satisfaction.

  • It allows you to segment your customers and carry out different strategies according to the type of customer.

    For example, send one type of dirección de correo electrónico to customers who have already contracted a service and offer to increase their plan, send another type of message to those potential customers to encourage them to buy your product or service, and thus, you develop different strategies.

    for the different clients you have.

  • It allows you to schedule all the important aspects.

    For example, you cánido mark that in 15 days you have to send an dirección de correo electrónico to a client to buy your product again or send an dirección de correo electrónico to a client on his birthday, etcétera.

  • You cánido divide the tasks of the projects and distribute the responsibility to each of the collaborators of that project.

    This way you cánido have greater control and efficiency since it allows you to know how you are doing in real time and with statistics.

  • It allows you to apply the Pareto law (80-20) since it allows you to know what your most demanded products or services are and thus know which products give you 80% of your profits and thus invest more of your effort where it suits you best.


If you are going to use CRM that are in the cloud, then logically you have to find a suitable one since the disadvantage of this type of CRM is that the company does not have control of the data, and if the remote CRM system has an interruption, the company cannot retrieve the records.

If the company chooses a small CRM application that is not stable, it cánido orinan lost revenue.

One recommendation is that if you use a CRM of this type, then you have to make local copias de seguridad to avoid loss of records (data).

If the business decides to go with an on-premises CRM application, there are overhead costs associated with running the programa.

You have to consider that you have to pay system administrators and maintenance staff to keep the programa running.

Unless you’re going to do it.

Another important thing that you have to remember is that even though crm is very useful, it is a tool and it is as efficient as the people who use it, therefore, it is necessary if you want to implement it in a company, that you train the collaborators who they are going to use it

most used CRM


In summary, a CRM refers to a programa or system that allows us to take advantage of customer data, transactions and even marketing to create business opportunities; mainly in sales, marketing, and to a certain extent, in product development.

His goal is that we cánido create a long-term and profitable relationship with our clients.

As? This is because with the appropriate information, we perro better understand your needs and interests in order to provide you with a better experience when selling a product and, of course, also when offering you better and more personalized support.

All of the above helps to increase the effectiveness of the company and obviously also to be more productive since it even saves time and cánido give better communication between employees who need said information.

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