Criminal record Venezuela 2023

Criminal record Venezuela 2023

When the Venezuelan plans to emigrate to another country, especially Colombia because they are border countries and have afín customs, they must not only get a visa, but also have their Venezuela 2023 criminal records and apostilled documents in order.

Request for criminal records Venezuela 2022 – 2023

What are the Venezuelan criminal records, it is a document that guarantees a clean criminal and criminal record for all Venezuelans, they are granted and validated by the Ministry of People’s Power for Interior Relations, Justice and Peace (MPPRIJP) and is requested en línea.

This is why, to emigrate or travel to Colombia, it is very important to have all the papers in order, including: criminal record venezuela 2023, since through this document you perro demonstrate that you do not have pending accounts with justice.

They are of the utmost importance and in some countries they are required for legal status procedures, entry into the country or even to apply for a job, since it is evidence that you do not have any criminal or criminal record.

Steps to request criminal records Venezuela 2022 – 2023

Requesting this paper does not have much complication, those interested cánido do it in a very fácil way, in this article we will explain how you perro request them

How to obtain the OPSU Certificate of Participation

  1. First of all, you must entrar the criminal record certification request system for international procedures by accessing the following address.
  2. As a second step you must register. Entrar your dirección de correo electrónico and password.
  3. Then go to the request section >> start request.
  4. Select country and reason for request for criminal records Venezuela 2023. Accept
  5. Finally, go to applications and download your Venezuela criminal record application.

Requirements and Rules to apply for Certification

1. Verify your personal data, at the time of registration.

2. DO NOT use HOTMAIL for registration in the system.

3. If you do not receive the registration confirmation dirección de correo electrónico in your inbox, check your contenido publicitario folder in your correo electrónico account.

4. You must make the Certification Request for International Procedures, only if it is required by any entity or organization of the country to which you are going to travel.

5. The number of authorized requests are: ONE (1) PER DAY, THREE (3) PER MONTH AND TEN (10) PER YEAR.

How to make an Appointment for passport in Saime Venezuela

7. Avoid doing your paperwork through agents.

Follow the suggestions below for the criminal record

When you register in the certification system, when you place the ID, your full name will appear.

It is important to place the correo electrónico correctly, because it is where the registration data and the status of the process will arrive.

If you are out of the country, entrar your residence telephone number.

Cell phone, entrar your current phone number. The country doesn’t matter.

Documents to emigrate legally to Colombia

In password, put an easy one to remember

Once the registration is complete, they will send you an correo electrónico notifying you that you registered successfully. If you don’t get it in the main tray, check the contenido publicitario tray.

The dirección de correo electrónico will contain your correo electrónico and the password you chose to entrar the system.

Once the registration is complete, you perro log in-Venezuela Criminal Records

Login is an easy step, just entrar your dirección de correo electrónico and the password you selected.

The system will give you the option to modify 2 security questions, this in case you forget the password.

Attorney Certificate without hiring managers

After completing this step you will see the following screen, which is the criminal record login screen, in which they inform you that the record page is available 24 hours a day or until the 7,000 daily requests are met. then you just have to exit the statement to continue with your process.

criminal record

appointment for criminal records

The process

appointment to apostille 2023

Appointments legalizations mppre gob ve main home

How to request criminal records


Good. Another detail is also that the same page recommends using a Mozilla firefox 11 or later browser, as well as a PDF archivo reader. This perro be adobe reader or whatever you like.

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 Criminal record Venezuela 2023
  Criminal record Venezuela 2023
  Criminal record Venezuela 2023

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