Create interactive images for free

Create interactive images for free

In today’s article I am going to espectáculo you a page that I really like, which will allow you to create interactive images for free and very easily. I hope it is to your liking.

What are interactive images?

Well, as its name indicates, unlike a static image, an interactive image has movement (animations) and above all, it allows the recipient to interact, play and immerse themselves in the displayed content.

Therefore, an interactive image allows the usuario to be attracted more easily and generate a greater impact on him. It should be noted that visual content works especially better on those with predominant visual intelligence.

What page do I recommend to create interactive images?

Without further ado, the page I’m talking about is «Genially«. Genially is a website that allows you to create fully interactive content, in fact, it perro be said that it brings your content to life.

What perro you create with Genially?

  • Interactive images.
  • Your interactive CV.
  • Static and interactive infographics.
  • Dossiers.
  • Vídeo presentations.
  • ePosters.
  • Quiz.

How does Genially work?

It really is very easy to use as it is just like using any other program to create images or presentations, in fact, I find it even easier than using Powerpoint.

In fact, you just have to drag and drop content. It’s that fácil you cánido shape your creation. What may seem difficult is the animation, but, as you perro see in the following image, the menu is really very fácil.

As you perro see in the image above, you have different options to animate all the elements of your presentation. It should be noted that the animations are already established, so you cánido only establish the animation you want, the time it should appear, the direction and the speed.

Another very interesting option is the fact that you cánido equipo different types of animations for an element. For example, you perro give a entrance animationone of exita when you hover the mouse for the item or a keep going.

So while the options seem limited, you perro really create a lot of things. Finally, I have to say that also You perro equipo actions when the usuario clicks on the element.

Examples of creating interactive images with Genially

Perro I upload the images I want?

Genially offers us shapes and images that we cánido use for our creations, however, you cánido upload the images you want. The only limitation that Genially gives us is that the images cannot weigh more than 5mb.

I have to clarify that it is not that you have a limit of 5mb to upload images, but that individually no image should exceed 5mb. Whereby, You do not have a limit of the images that you cánido upload to your projects.


Using interactive images will help you:

  • Improve learning.
  • Get the recipient’s attention.
  • Generate interest towards your content.
  • Drive the call to action.
  • The time in which the usuario stays on your page or in the place where you use it is increased.
  • If used well, it cánido help disminuye the “bounce rate”, that is, the bounce rate.
  • Increase the impact of your content, making your objectives and goals come true.

It’s free?

Yeah, Geanially is freeHowever, the only thing that is paid are certain templates. Therefore, if you use the free templates, you will not have to pay anything no matter how much content you make.

Also, if you don’t use templates and want to create the content yourself, you won’t have to pay either and you perro create very impressive content. In fact, I hardly ever use templates as I prefer to create the content myself.

If you want to register in Genially, you cánido go to the following backlink: Clic here

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 Create interactive images for free
  Create interactive images for free
  Create interactive images for free

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