Create a coupon website

Create a coupon website

In today’s article I am going to talk about the websites that use discount coupons from different companies to earn money.

What is a coupon website?

Well, the concept is very afín to a website that emplees affiliate backlinks to earn a percentage of the sale of a third party product or service.

Discount pages cánido select a market niche and offer discount coupons to their users so that they cánido purchase the products at a lower price. This perro be very powerful in attacking the minds of users because it persuades people to buy and that will reflect on your revenue.


However, the concept perro vary a lot because there are coupon pages or websites that offer up to 100% discount and therefore, those pages do not get money from the sale, but they get money from the sale. advertising they espectáculo.

Ways to earn income with a coupon website

As I mentioned before, being partly a page that makes use of affiliation to third-party products, you will get a percentage of the sale of the product.

For example, if you sell a product that costs $1000 pesos (already with the discount applied) and the percentage that the company gives you is 10%, then you will receive $100 pesos.

However, obtaining the percentage of the sale is not the only way in which you perro obtain income. You perro activate your Google plus Adsense account and get money every time a usuario clicks on an ad on your page.

Another variant to the previous one is to sell spaces in which you are going to advertise certain companies. Of course, to do that, your page has to have a notable amount of web traffic.


A website that I use a lot and which is a good example of a coupon website is Real discount. In Real discount you cánido find that most of their coupons are 100% off for pages like udemy either eduonix.

Of course, as you cánido see, Real discount income is obtained from the advertising that is displayed on the page.

Something that I want to highlight is the fact that Real discount has selected a market niche and offers discount coupons for digital products focused on that niche, that is, it does not try to cover a large number of niches or market segments.

So if you’re looking to create a coupon website, I recommend you do the same.

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 Create a coupon website
  Create a coupon website
  Create a coupon website

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