CPA Marketing – Increase Your Sales Without

CPA Marketing – Increase Your Sales Without

Do you know what is CPA Marketing? It is a special affiliation system with which you perro double your sales without assuming an investment.

It supposes the fact of being able to have a sales network all over the world. Where you only had to pay for each sale they made. It sounds pretty cool.

The good thing is that in this case you would not risk anything, but you could increase the sales of your store in an incredible way, I explain, this is called CPA Marketing and I will teach you what it is about and everything you need to do to get all this up and running and you cánido scale your business.

He CPA Marketing It is a business model that is based on an affiliate system, that is, you pay them a commission when an action is achieved thanks to them.

I espectáculo you 2 very important concepts that you must understand.


It is known as affiliate marketing when a company or person recommends products or services from another entity, brand or person and charges a commission for each sale made. You know where the good stuff is in this one.

All the customer training work is not done by you, but by the affiliate, you only pay for the sale achieved, here you are not going to risk your money, it is the affiliate who assumes the risk of losing time, work and effort. It sounds kind of despiadado but hey, that’s what it’s all about.

What is an Action?

Action is what differentiates the Affiliate Marketing with the CPA Marketing. On the one hand, affiliation is paid for each sale, while CPA Marketing is broader due to that specific action, which we cánido express in several ways:

  • Get a budget request.
  • Getting a full vídeo displayed.
  • Capture a lead through a form.

As we already said, you will pay the commission to your affiliate only when a visitor coming from them completes the defined action. This is the good thing and what makes CPA Marketing amazing.

Let’s talk about cost per acquisition (CPA)

Many people just like you are looking for strategies to improve their conversions and thus obtain better results. The CPA or cost per acquisition is an advertising payment system, in which the advertiser only pays if a conversion is achieved through the ad, understood as a purchase.

All this is easy to understand, pay only if you make a sale.

Learn and start the CPA Marketing strategy in your en línea store

let’s see this CPA strategy where there are two main elements:

On the one hand we have the company or advertiser: In other words, your virtual store that is looking for affiliates that derive their traffic to convert it into customers.

And on the other hand the affiliate: The person, brand or company you will partner with to send you those leads in exchange for the commission.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your commission is not interesting, you will not get affiliates.

The first step is to escoge how you will contact your affiliate. Basically, you have a few options.

Appoint an affiliate manager for your project

You cánido do this yourself or someone from your business, the iniciativa is to look for other businesses, shops or influencers related to your brand and your products and propose their affiliation, always presenting the benefits they will have from working together.

The person in charge of this should take care of the following points:

Investigation: You’ll need to find and recruit new affiliates, screen candidates, and make sure they meet certain criteria.

Articles: You will have to choose which y también-commerce products are going to be affiliated, since not all products will be ideal to be affiliated.

Negotiation: You will also need to negotiate contracts and terms with each partner.

Materials and information: You will have to provide them with information about the offer, materials that may be useful to them, answer doubts, questions and motivate them.

Sales focus: Only you know your products better than anyone, give your affiliate advice on the content to use to promote your articles.

Monitoring of each campaign: A very important part is to verify that everything works correctly both before and during the campaign, this is escencial to obtain good results.

Metrics: Monitor the ROI that we have achieved with each affiliate.

At first glance it seems like a piece of cake, but as you could see it takes a lot of work, that is why CPA is a very good system to scale your business without the need to take big risks.

What should you take into account to choose a good affiliate?

To guarantee the success of your CPA Marketing strategy, you must make a good choice of your affiliates, you cannot add anyone just because you are going to pay only for the sales made, there are things you must know first.

The fácil fact of having good affiliates ensures that you will have more:

  • Traffic to your website
  • More leads to capture.
  • More sales to be made.

But, you should know that you are linking your brand with another, this may have a positive or negative influence on the image of your company. Remember that your partners must share your same values ​​to avoid disagreements on both sides.

Make sure you choose an affiliate correctly, here are some consejos that you should take into account when choosing:

Your audience should be potential customers: let me explain, if your affiliate is a dentist and you sell fashion, the advertising message may be incoherent and your followers may not be interested in your articles.

It is important if you have a website, a blog or a profile in RRSS with enough traffic and adjusted to your offer: You must be careful of “pseudoinfluencers” people who only want to get your products or services for free. If the influencer is serious, he will provide you with a dossier with the reach of his audience and the results he has achieved in previous campaigns.

See if their values ​​match your brand: Take a look at their publications or their page to check that there cannot be a conflict in this regard.

Request information about what actions you are going to take: It cánido be paid advertising on Fb or Google plus, publish a articulo on your blog, a banner on your website, a story on Instagram… It is important that you know exactly what you are going to do and the possible reach you will have.

But what if I don’t have time to start looking for affiliates? Don’t worry about it, here’s another option.

2. Join a CPA Marketing Network

Let’s see the positive and good side of this, is that there are already many companies dedicated only to this task, companies that are in charge of finding and managing your affiliates. They are platforms of Direct marketing either Affiliate Platforms.

Today there are many affiliate platforms created specifically with affiliates in mind as a way to earn easy money.

A. Why join a CPA Network

One of the benefits is not having to search for affiliates, these platforms already have everything squared and ready, a tracking system for both the partner and the affiliate that allows you to know how many sales each affiliate has generated and also what commission you must pay , even in real time.

B. Things you should carefully assess before entering a CPA Network

One of the problems that usually occurs in some of these networks is that many charge a monthly fee, in addition to having less control over your affiliates because the network will choose it for you, although of course that cánido be worked without problems.

Let’s see some CPA Network

ClickBooth: You cánido register for free as an advertiser, so it is a great option to try these types of platforms. 85% of their offers are exclusive, which attracts highly motivated and sales-trained affiliates.

Share A Sale: This company requires affiliates to have a website and they do not accept free domains, thus filtering out less qualified candidates. They have a minimum rate for the advertiser of $35 per month, but an important fact is that the first month is free.

Peerfly: Trabaja since 2018 was considered one of the best 5 CPA networks of the world and its objective is to simplify the relations between advertisers and affiliates. It does not have a monthly fee for advertisers which is very good and they assign a manager to each account to help you manage your affiliates, ideal and very useful for new users.

How are sales to each member of the CPA Network determined?

A question that I asked myself before, is how to know which affiliate you should pay the commission for each sale? Both these networks and the affiliate marketing programa and extensions are governed by the “articulo clic cookie” system.

Surely you have entered a website and this has appeared to you that you must accept the terms of the Cookie.

Well, a cookie is a piece of information sent by a website and stored in the usuario’s browser that allows you to check previous browser activity.

So, in a CPA marketing systemevery time a usuario clicks on the backlink of one of your affiliates, that cookie will be activated.

A very important fact to know is that if the usuario makes the purchase within the validity period of that cookie (it is usually from 1 to 30 days, it perro also be customized), the commission will be activated for your affiliate.

How to equipo up an affiliate platform in your en línea store

The main CMS platforms provide plugins that you cánido implement in your virtual store to track the sales of your CPA system.

Shops in WordPress: Check out Sumo; is an extension of WooCommerce that allows you to make affiliates among your registered users.

Stores in Prestashop: We have the Affiliate Module at an affordable price that offers many options to design the complete CPA Marketing strategy for your business.

Stores in Magento: One of the most widespread affiliate extensions is Mageplaza, with which you cánido customize the entire affiliate program according to your affiliates and articles, super cool.

Start generating sales effortlessly, with your CPA Marketing strategy

Now you just have to get down to work, you already know the keys to get sales with a CPA program in your en línea business, now you just have to escoge if you will do it or not, if you will hire a platform or do it yourself, it all depends of you.

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 CPA Marketing – Increase Your Sales Without
  CPA Marketing – Increase Your Sales Without
  CPA Marketing – Increase Your Sales Without

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