Cover letter: what is it, what is it for

Cover letter: what is it, what is it for

Few people know the It cánido be very useful to send a job introduction letter to a company in which we are applying for a job.

With it, the recipient cánido learn more about the person and escoge if he is interested in that person occupying the vacancy.

What is a cover letter and what is it for?

A cover letter is a written text that gives us the opportunity to be able to justify why we fit perfectly with the vacancy that a certain company offers.

Therefore, the cover letter increases the chances of being chosen.

With it, the recipient perro get to know more personally to the person who is applying for the job, and if he is convinced, you will want to contact him to have a job interview.

In other words, it serves to sell to the recipient all the characteristics that the applicant lists in the sintetiza.

Unlike the sintetiza, a cover letter is subjectiveshould have a conversational tone and focus on conveying who you are, your passions, how you cánido help the company and what sets you apart from other candidates.

Is a cover letter really necessary?

It’s not essential but it helps to get to know you better and to want to have an interview with you.

In addition, you manage to espectáculo greater interest.

Therefore, it is recommended to write a cover letter always.

It is always recommended to write a cover letter, but even more so in the following cases:

  • Yeah you have no work experience.
  • If someone has recommended you.
  • when you’ve had one time gap without work.
  • When have you changed career or field of work.

Example cards of presentation

We have compiled a series of examples that you perro analyze and select to your liking:

Consejos for writing a cover letter correctly

The letter must contain the answer to the following questions:

  • What is your professional motivation to look for work in this company and not in another?
  • What is your motivation or what do you plan to apply to employment?
  • How do you think your professional profile makes you the best candidate for this position?

Next, we will summarize a series of consejos for writing the cover letter:

  • Not using a estándar document that works for any offer.

    It is preferable to personalize the cover letter for each offer.

  • Explain How will you add value to the company? and how your industry insight and experience will help you perform your role well.
  • Mention what you think they will like the mostincluding skills and achievements.
  • Do not repeat what you have written in the sintetiza.

    It is about complementing the sintetiza with short sentences that explain why you are the best for that position.

  • You have to be creative and arouse interest of the recipient.
  • The letter has to be clear and orderly.

    Think that a clean format is always appreciated.

  • It is preferred that it be short and concise.
  • Is highly recommended to send it in PDF format.

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 Cover letter: what is it, what is it for
  Cover letter: what is it, what is it for
  Cover letter: what is it, what is it for

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