Correo electrónico marketing » What is it and how does it work?

Correo electrónico marketing » What is it and how does it work?

He dirección de correo electrónico marketing It has established itself as a tool with a lot of potential capable of providing quite good results for those who implement it. exist many people who believe that correo electrónico marketing no longer worksbut let me tell you that it is still alive, always thinking of the usuario for its proper functioning.

Correo electrónico marketing has become one of the tools most used by companies to attract customers.

This marketing is based on the use of dirección de correo electrónico with the purpose of getting potential customers.

Initially, dirección de correo electrónico marketing did not get very good resultssince it was considered in many occasions as electronic correo not wanted.

Despite all this, today its popularity and usefulness has increased massively.

What is correo electrónico marketing?

He correo electrónico marketing or correo electrónico marketing It is a technique that allows messages to be sent using correo electrónico as a communication channel.

Each correo electrónico sent to a customer or potential customer perro be thought of as correo electrónico marketing.

These correos electrónicos perro be to buy a product or service, etcétera.

He marketing by correo electrónico emplees correo electrónico, where the messages that are sent cánido be to a single contact or to a group of them, and these correos electrónicos are customizable and non-intrusive.

Despite the fact that messages are sent in bulk, it is necessary to know that they are consented, since previously you had to provide your data.

This technique of marketing It is used by companies and brands to contact their customers or potential customers through correo electrónico.

Dirección de correo electrónico marketing includes newsletters and mailingsbut above all a good objective strategy.

How does dirección de correo electrónico marketing work?

Dirección de correo electrónico marketing is the process of sending messages to customers or potential customers.

using dirección de correo electrónico.

This technique works based on mass mailing on a regular basis and based on proposed objectives.

The messages used in dirección de correo electrónico marketing are sent to customers, so it is necessary that the company that applies the dirección de correo electrónico marketing Have your customers’ correos electrónicos stored in a people list.

This means that it is first necessary get customer data to be able to send them messages.

Once the dirección de correo electrónico of the clients is found in the list of the company, then the company emplees this data to send messages to its contacts.

These messages perro be to offer products, services, discounts, etcétera.

Regularly companies will send customers correo electrónico messages.

A company or brand who apply correo electrónico marketing will have the possibility of increasing their contact list, and thus they will have a greater possibility of obtaining sales from their contacts.

Types of dirección de correo electrónico marketing

Correo electrónico marketing perro be carried out through two different types of dirección de correo electrónico that are: transactional correos electrónicos and direct correos electrónicos.

Below are these types of correo electrónico marketing:

Transactional correos electrónicos: They are those that are activated based on a certain activity that exists between the client and the company.

Is considered transactional when the correo is for the purpose of processing a business transaction.

Direct correos electrónicos: They are those based on sending an dirección de correo electrónico to communicate a message of promotionsuch as an announcement of a major offer or a catalog of various products.

Types of correos electrónicos in correo electrónico marketing

In dirección de correo electrónico marketing there are several types of correos electrónicos that cánido be sent by dirección de correo electrónico, which are: Blog Updates, Newsletter, Event Invitations and Lead Nutrition Correos electrónicos.

Below are these types of correos electrónicos:

Blog Updates: It is that type of correo electrónico in which users are sent or announced when a message is published.

blog article.

These ads are very good to increase the number of readers that the blog perro have.

newsletter: They are correos electrónicos that companies send to their contacts every week or month with the main blog articles and company news to keep in touch with customers.

These correos electrónicos keep your market well informed.

Invitations for events: They are correos electrónicos sent with the purpose of informing about various events being organized.

The point is to be able to clearly and accurately present the purpose of the specified event.

Lead nurturing correos electrónicos: These correos electrónicos contain very valuable content and segmented according to certain conditions.

These correos electrónicos are used to increase correo electrónico marketing strategies and thus be able to obtain clients and sales.

What is correo electrónico marketing for?

The implementation of dirección de correo electrónico marketing It serves several functions that are essential for the brands or companies that use it.

According to this, we perro say that dirección de correo electrónico marketing serves to:

  • Maintain communication with customers or potential clients.
  • Send them news, promotions, news, etcétera.
  • Keep the company in your top of mind.
  • Get opinions from people.
  • Genera engagement.
  • Implement marketing strategies.
  • get more customers.
  • Get sales.
  • Other purposes.

One of the best points that dirección de correo electrónico marketing campaigns have are the possibilities to measure results in real timesince there are a large number of platforms that allow you to analyze the campaign in detail.

Steps to build an correo electrónico marketing list

It is important to know that the correo electrónico lists They have the disadvantages that people perro change their dirección de correo electrónico address, leave correo electrónico accounts, or even opt out of our list.

For this reason, one of the most difficult aspects of an correo electrónico marketing strategy is achieving build and grow a contact list.

Based on this it is necessary to know how to start.

It is possible that you think of buy a contact listbut one of the most important rules of correo electrónico marketing is not to buy lists.

Don’t buy an dirección de correo electrónico list

A person’s dirección de correo electrónico inbox is a personal and work place.

through this tool both personal and work data are handled.

If a person has provided you with their dirección de correo electrónico, it is because they are willing to receive your messages.

If you buy a list of correo electrónicowhat you are really doing is acquiring an correo electrónico list of people who have not given you permission to send them correos electrónicos.

Since this happens like this, then your contacts will have no interest in the content that you send by correo electrónico, and therefore you will not be successful in dirección de correo electrónico marketing.

This is why it is best to build a list, but doing so takes time and dedication.

Focus on list quality

The first thing you should do to start collect correos electrónicos from people is to place a space on your blog where your traffic cánido place their dirección de correo electrónico and keep in touch with you, with newsletters, articles, etcétera.

To achieve this there are many quite good tools to achieve this.

A very good option for this is to use the tool OptinSkincomplemento WordPress that allows you to place correo electrónico collection forms anywhere on the blog.

You must provide the usuario with the registration of their correo electrónico.

Finally, you should know that building a good correo electrónico list involves two components: find new contacts and keep the ones you already have.

To keep your contacts interested, always send content that is relevant.

Consejos for writing good correos electrónicos

There are several consejos What is good to know when writing correos electrónicos for your correo electrónico marketing campaigns.

Below are these consejos:

Keep the text short: Review and editar your dirección de correo electrónico messages to remove everything that is not necessary to communicate your message.

Go straight to the point you want to present in the message.

Use appropriate language: You should consider who will receive your dirección de correo electrónico.

Based on this, use appropriate language for your recipients.

Equipo a conversational tone: Dirección de correo electrónico is used to maintain relationships with your contact list.

Therefore, treat your reader by name and speak in a way that will captivate your contacts.

Write creative subjects: The subject line is one of the most important elements in an correo electrónico.

Its objective is to encourage the usuario to open the message that he has received.

Importance of correo electrónico marketing

Dirección de correo electrónico marketing has established itself as one of the best alternatives to apply digital marketing.

Correo electrónico marketing is an extremely important aspect of the marketing strategy of a company or brand.

This marketing technique has become a way of important communication, which has the ability to create a meaningful and fast backlink with the client or usuario.

For yours customers It cánido be a strategy that will allow you to add value to your company by creating closer communication.

Today it is difficult to have a scalable business without having to complejo turístico to the people’s correos electrónicos.

Hence the enormous importance of having the implementation of dirección de correo electrónico marketing in a company.

Reasons to use dirección de correo electrónico marketing

There are a number of reasons why a company would choose to use dirección de correo electrónico marketing in its dirección de correo electrónico marketing strategy.

Below are the main reasons that may exist:

huge reach

This marketing technique has a huge reachsince a person’s correo electrónico address is widely used to log in to any en línea platform where you have a registered account.

More than a third of the world population He has an dirección de correo electrónico account, which is a huge thing.

Based on this, there are billions of people who have an dirección de correo electrónico.

Great financial performance

By sending correo electrónico marketing campaigns you cánido have precise statistics of the effect of the campaign on the finances of the company.

This is quite good, because it helps the company to be able to devise better campaigns based on the statistics of its previous campaigns.

For this reason, dirección de correo electrónico is the digital marketing tool that best provides financial returnyou no longer need to invest a lot initially and you have the possibility of developing a large volume of income.

foreseeable scope

When conducting marketing campaigns on popular networks, it happens that not all people who follow your page will see your campaign or advertisingsince the algorithm of these popular networks has different functions, so the scope here is not foreseeable.

In it correo electrónico marketingIt does not happen like in popular networks.

One of the great advantages of this marketing technique is its predictable reach.

This means that if you select 200 correo electrónico addresses to send your message to, all 200 will receive it (unless there is a technical fallo).

maleable format

Messages sent by correo electrónico have no character limits, may contain images and other elements.

An dirección de correo electrónico cánido be made with templates or it cánido contain only text, as if you were writing personal messages.

Through dirección de correo electrónico marketing, you cánido communicate short messages, include various backlinks to the websites, or tell a great story.

Therefore, the dirección de correo electrónico perro have the format you want.

Dirección de correo electrónico marketing compared to traditional correo

exist advantages and disadvantages in the use of dirección de correo electrónico marketing with respect to traditional e-e correo electrónico.

Here is this comparison:


Businesses use correo electrónico marketing for several reasons:

  • You perro track the return on investment.
  • A 2015 study found that correo electrónico marketing generates an average of 246% of return of investment to medium-sized companies.
  • Dirección de correo electrónico marketing is cheaper and faster than traditional e-e correo electrónico.
  • Advertisers cánido reach a large number of subscribers.
  • Correo electrónico has gained popularity among digital marketers.


Companies that have in mind to use an correo electrónico marketing program have to make sure that said program does not violates contenido publicitario laws.

Correo electrónico marketing platforms

On the Internet you cánido find many correo electrónico marketing platforms to work with your marketing strategy.

Below are some of them:

Mailchimp: Mailchimp has become one of the most habitual Dirección de correo electrónico Marketing platforms, since it has a fácil interfaz, has a free account, among other advantages.

GetResponse: Get Response is a platform that provides digital marketing campaigns.

Among its functions, it offers management for dirección de correo electrónico campaigns, etcétera.

Converkit: Converkit is a good correo electrónico marketing option, since it integrates statistical functions through graphs, data segmentation, etcétera.

Aweber: Aweber is an dirección de correo electrónico marketing platform that serves more than 100,000 companies with great success, thanks to the functions it integrates.


He dirección de correo electrónico marketing es cánido be considered one of the best techniques to implement digital marketing, which indicates that not having a correo electrónico advertising strategy is missing out on sales opportunities and the opportunity to increase your customer base.

implement the marketing by correo electrónico requires a lot of effort and dedication, but this is worth it since you are going to have contacts that cánido become potential customers.

Thanks to teléfonos inteligentes, people check their correo electrónico more, which increases its effectiveness.

So if you don’t have one strategy correo electrónico marketing, it’s time to consider the iniciativa of ​​implementing it in your business.

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 Correo electrónico marketing » What is it and how does it work?
  Correo electrónico marketing » What is it and how does it work?
  Correo electrónico marketing » What is it and how does it work?

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