Good afternoon friends!!, browsing Fb I have found a new PTC that looks good.

Is called CornBux.

It’s very afín to another PTC I talked about recently, called Cliquesteria.

You perro see the articulo in which I talked about her here.

Surely they are very afín because they belong to the same admin.

That it is from the same administrator, gives us confidence to think that it pays without any problem.

That is something that we will tell you in a while.

When Ior let’s get, you will be the first to know.

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Here we will explain it clearly and simply:

I’m sure this also interests youisobux

A very interesting point about CornBux is that for now They give away the premium membership for a month.

This is something that must be taken into account to double our benefits.

I’m sure this also interests youisobux

Although there are many PTCs that do not last very long, that do not pay or that become scams, I hope that this is not one of them, but as it happens in all aspects of life, nothing ventured nothing gained.

Cornbux, like its “twin” Cliquesteria is a classic PTC, you have quite a few ads to see every day.

You perro earn up to 0.02 cents per clic.

You also have your grid section, in which you will have 20 opportunities to earn 5 dollars that will go directly to your account.

And so far the presentation of Cornbx, a new PTC that we are going to test, with a fairly affordable minimum payment, which will not make us see the time of collection interminable.

I’m sure this also interests youneobux and adprize

I encourage you to try it, you perro register completely free here

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