Copywriting techniques to create texts

Copywriting techniques to create texts

This third program Gain Friday It is aimed at those people who have just created a website or a blog and they don’t know what to say in their texts to sell their products or services.

Do you also feel that you lack that skill to connect with your audience?

Well, calm down, today Xavi Villanueva is going to teach you that ability that you still do not master perfectly: persuade your audience and you will discover copywriting techniques proven that will help you increase your sales by at least 20% more.

Are you ready? Hit play!

Today we will meet and chat with Theresa Alba, who will come to talk to us about copywriting.

Surely many of you have heard of having read his articles in Creative Design.

Teresa is a blogger, digital content marketing consultant and an expert in creative copywriting techniques.

In addition, Teresa Alba occasionally offers face-to-face and en línea training to entrepreneurs.

There are many of you who ask daily:

“I have launched my website, now what?”

Surely you have created an en línea store and have equipo up a blog with content related to your audience.

But that is enough to get your business rolling and get income? No.

Copywriting is one of the most important techniques that you should not forget to add to your content strategy.

And I’m not saying it, but the statistics: a persuasive copy has a 99.9% oportunidad of selling more than another that does not apply these techniques.

In fact, I have collected from Teresa’s blog a phrase that comes hand in hand with what we are talking about:

A commercial text written with the right words cánido be the key to giving our potential customers that little push to finally escoge on us.

He copywriting It is an art to create persuasive texts in order to sell a product or service.

Therefore, if you want to sell anything on the InternetYou must be clear about one thing:

Be a good copywriter and try to be the best!

Do not settle if the second month you already have better results in your sales.

Work more on those techniques to improve yourself day by day and become the best.

Your sales depend on it.

Be careful, many of you will think: is copywriting trying to deceive the audience? Not at all.

What it is about is deliver the message in a way that guides the reader to take actionwhether it’s clicking a button to subscribe or to visit a store.

That essential skill that you must apply in your texts is called persuasion and this is what you are going to learn today with Xavi Villanueva in this episode.

Listen to the full audio here!

He copywriter It has the function of captivating and retaining its audience.

For that reason, this figure must know the website and its audience very well.

Only then cánido attract their attention and cautiva them to take some action.

If you are also an entrepreneur If you have just started a business from scratch on the Internet and want to generate income, you are in luck.

At the moment you are in the right place and with the right personTeresa Alba.

I am not going to reveal much more, for that you will have to listen to the entire program.

Although I perro tell you something… you will learn from mistakes that Teresa made and other mistakes that she herself has seen on the net and that she will also reveal to us.

I guarantee you that Their experience and advice will help you reinforce your knowledge you had about copywriting.

And you’ll be one step closer to become the true king of your business, taking control in each word and in each sentence of your texts.

In this episode we will talk about:

  • Why copywriting is an essential technique on a website or blog
  • The most frequent mistakes made when doing copywriting
  • How to draw up a plan without having any experience as a copywriter
  • Chat with Theresa:
    • How he started in the trabajo independiente world and what fears he encountered on his way
    • Why copywriting is important for websites that want to sell something
    • In what other places, apart from a blog, cánido we see copywriting?
    • What matters more: SEO or the creative aspecto?
    • Consejos for making a good headline so people will clic on it
    • How not to be heavy when you highlight the benefits of the product you want to sell?
    • Consejos to impact more with calls to action
    • Mistakes you’ve made and learned from over time
    • How to emotionally connect with the reader

Mentions made in collaboration

Blog where Teresa Alba works: Creative Design

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 Copywriting techniques to create texts
  Copywriting techniques to create texts
  Copywriting techniques to create texts

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