Copy Trading | The best sites

Copy Trading | The best sites

Surely you would like to earn money in the depósito market but you do not have time or money to train.

Well, don’t worry, for that type of person there is the copy tradinga feature that many brokers have implemented and that consists of automatically copying the operations of another trader who is more experienced or successful than us, regardless of the money invested.

By doing this we will be copying each movement of the trader in question, so the percentage of profits or losses of each operation will also be the same.

In this article we are going to give a brief review of what copy trading is, together with the safest and most profitable sites to start doing it, without forgetting the benefits and risks that this way of investing entails.

What is copy trading

As I have already mentioned, copy trading consists of copying any commercial transaction carried out by another investor that cánido offer us a good return.

That is, we invest a certain amount of money and choose a successful trader within a platform that offers us this feature.

The trader in question will make his operations as usual and in turn will automatically dedicate part of the money invested to copy these operations.

The operations will be copied but not the amount of money that the copied trader allocates to each of them, we cánido control the amount of money that we are going to invest for each operation.

In this way, what we are going to get are the same results in percentage as the trader we have copied.

If he closes a trade with a 15% profit, we will also earn that 15% of the money we have allocated to the trade.

And why would a successful trader let himself be copied?

The answer is fácil, because a commission is taken with each successful operation made.

It suits the trader to be profitable (obviously), in this way he not only earns with his investment, he makes more and more people copy him, so he will earn more for each operation that he closes in the green.

Safer sites for copy trading

There are more and more copy trading sites that we cánido find on the web, but when we put our capital in the hands of others, it is important to choose the safest and easiest to use site and there the options are reduced.


eToro is one of the most trusted and highly rated investment platforms.

Through its popular trading option you perro start copying other successful traders.

It is entirely in Spanish and has great support, as well as filters to be able to make the best decisions.

In eToro you perro start investing from €200, although later we perro adapt how much we want to allocate to each operation.

It has all the instruments that a trading platform requires, such as currency pairs, commodities, cryptocurrencies, etcétera.


Bitget is one of the most used platforms for copy trading due to its ease of use and because highly successful traders are concentrated there.

It is focused on the world of cryptocurrencies and is in the top 6 in volume of transactions in the world.

In Bitget, when it comes to copy trading with cryptocurrencies, the percentage of profits or losses is generally higher than with any other investment instrument, this is something that must be taken into account given the enormous volatility of cryptocurrencies.

The risks of copy trading

The risks of copy trading are more than evident, after all we are putting our money in the hands of another person, who, no matter how expert they are, perro fail in their predictions.

Very few traders are profitable in the long term, so before following one and trusting him with our money, it is important to vea his accumulated profit.

Accumulated profits of traders

It is useless for a trader to earn a good percentage in a short period of time if he later has a negative accumulated profit, it is much more profitable to follow investors who do not have as many short-term profits but who are much more reliable over time , these are the ones that will really make us money.

When we invest by ourselves we must know that there are operations in which we are going to lose money and with copy trading too, it is something that must be accepted, they are the so-called periods of losses.

Although the goal is to get a good passive income, we must be prepared to lose part or all of our money, so it is always escencial to invest the amount that we do not need to live, that is the main rule of all investors.

With what amount of money to start in copy trading

Well how the song says depends.

It depends on each usuario and platform, in some of them you cánido start with just 100 euros, although if we really want to take more or less respectable benefits we will have to do it with at least 1,000.

Although the percentage of profits will be the same regardless of the amount invested, it is obvious that 10% of 100 euros is not the same as 10% of 10,000.

In any case, it is best to stick to our own budget and act accordingly, and of course, never use your day-to-day money.

In my case, when I earn money en línea, I use part of those earnings for my investments, it is money that I am willing to put at risk and that losing it will not be traumatic for me.

Opinion about copy trading

Copy trading is a high-risk investment and we must take it as such.

Before starting to invest, it is convenient to study the traders well and choose the one that is closest to the benefit/risk that we are willing to run.

If we choose the right trader and the ideal platform, this investment option perro generate quite attractive plus income, in fact there are people who make a very good living doing copy trading but for that you also need experience and very good documentation.

Ideally, if you are a newbie, you start very slowly, testing with the smallest amount that the platform you are going to operate on allows you and from there experimenting with traders that are profitable in the long run, then we perro already dream of heights. higher.

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 Copy Trading |  The best sites
  Copy Trading |  The best sites
  Copy Trading |  The best sites

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