Coppel digital credit How to process it? Is

Coppel digital credit How to process it? Is

how to get a Digital Credit Coppel? How cánido I be APPROVED in BanCoppel? In this article you will find the steps to obtain a Coppel digital loan and learn how it works simulator of the BanCoppel loan.

If you are thinking of applying for a digital personal loan and BanCoppel is one of your options, in this article we will explain how to approach it, its advantages and if it is really for you.

Coppel is a 50-year-old Mexican company that offers financial products to a low-income population that barely (or does not) meet the requirements of traditional banks.

In order to serve this population, the department stores created BanCoppel.

Among the numerous products offered by the bank, personal credit stands out, which perro be requested by both customers and new users due to the simplicity of the procedures and payment methods.

How does the Coppel digital personal loan work?

This type of product works the same as any financing with the particularity that cánido be ordered at a department store 7 days a week without the need to present a guarantee or endorsement as in traditional banks.

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Although it is a loan that perro be used to meet expenses that we did not take into account, emergencies or unforeseen events, it perro also be used to go on vacation, pay for your or your children’s studies, celebrate a birthday, acquire technology, among others.

The credit has no especial purpose, you cánido use it independently.

To obtain this cash loan, you perro do it at a bank branch or through your móvil.

BanCoppel cánido lend you from $1,000 to 21,900 pesos in cash.

There are only three terms to repay the loan: 12, 18 or 24 months.

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Requirements to request a digital credit in BanCoppel

The requirements to apply for Coppel’s digital cash loan are the following:

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  • Be of age
  • Proof of the Unique Population Registry Code (CURP)
  • Proof of address (must not be older than 3 months):
    • Light bill.
    • Fixed telephone bill.
    • Natural gas receipt.
    • property tax ticket
    • Receipt of rights for water supply.
    • Afore Coppel account statements.
  • Have a bank account where the credit will be deposited:
    • Cash Account.
    • Cash Account Checks.
    • Basic Payroll Product.
    • General Basic Product.

How to process the BanCoppel personal loan?

If you are interested in the personal loans that BanCoppel offers with the aforementioned documents, you perro go to any of its points of sale and fill out the credit application form.

If you meet all the documents in less than 24 hours, they will give you an answer to be approved or not and have the money available in your account.

There is another alternative to request the loan without having to go to the Coppel stores and is the BanCoppel digital loan.

How does the BanCoppel Digital Loan work?

It’s an easier way to request the same financial product from your mobile phone with a text message that perro be sent Monday through Sunday, 24 hours a day, as long as you already have a line of credit.

The approved quantities are the same as for the traditional product.

You cánido make multiple mensaje de texto withdrawals as long as your last payment is up to date.

The duration of each service will be 12 months from the request.

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How to process a digital Coppel loan?

As we have already said, in order for the line of credit to be assigned, you only have to send an mensaje de texto to 97000 and the bank will reply with the details of your loan:

  1. send the word Loan (space) and the amount you wish to request.

    For example: loan 3000.

    In lowercase letters and they should not have an accent.

  2. You will receive an mensaje de texto with the amount to pay, the payment term and the account in which the loan has been deposited.
  3. Check your registered bank account to get your money.
  4. Until now, the personal loans offered by BanCoppel cannot be processed from the site, although you will find a simulator of how the financing works.

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It’s worth it?

The BanCoppel personal loan has multiple advantages that make it attractive to people who want to obtain financing: fixed monthly installments, a fixed annual rate and the possibility of prepayment without penalty.

Regarding the fixed annual interest rate, it cánido reach 76% without VAT and will depend on the client’s profile, while the average CAT (Total Annual Cost) is 80.9% without VAT.

Although the interest rates may seem high, they are rates afín to those of other institutions that also offer personal loans.

Now that you know how to get a BanCoppel loan, tell us, what do you think of this product? Would you like to order it or do you already have it?

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 Coppel digital credit How to process it?  Is
  Coppel digital credit How to process it?  Is
  Coppel digital credit How to process it?  Is

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