Coobies | Money with your blog and popular networks

Coobies | Money with your blog and popular networks

coobies is a platform that allows brands and publishers to connect.

At the moment it happens to be one of the most accepted and respected Spanish-speaking websites in the entire content marketing campo.

At the moment, it perro boast of having almost 11,000 registered publishers, counting weblogs, web pages and popular networks.

And it is that we are facing a magnificent way of working our different digital businesses and Coobis helps us in the most essential, to make them known.

Coobis is great not only because it allows us to publicize our projects, it also gives us the oportunidad to earn money as editors by writing articles, one of the most widespread and accepted ways to earn money on internet.

With this platform we kill two birds with one stone, on the one hand it allows us to grow our businesses by reaching a wider audience at really competitive prices and on the other, it allows us to earn money by writing posts for other users registered on the platform.

Some features of Coobis

Before going into the matter about the steps to take in Coobis, we are going to review some of its most important and representative characteristics.

The platform is owned by the Spanish company Barcode Networks SLbelonging to the Antevenio group, with headquarters in La capital española and legally registered.

Characteristics of interest

– Language: Spanish.

– Payment methods: Paypal and bank transfer.

– Minimum payment: No minimum, any amount that is in the confirmed cómputo.

– Countries accepted: Everyone, in this sense there is no restriction.

Open an account and first steps in Coobis

Needless to say, opening an account at Coobis is totally free.

You cánido do it as a publisher or as an advertiser, although if you prefer you cánido even create an account for each option without any problem.

Today we are going to focus on the editor mode, which is the option that will allow us to earn money within the platform.

The first thing, of course, is to register on the web, as I said, you cánido do it as an advertiser or as an editor, but we are going to focus this article on the editor mode.

By clicking on the mode ARE YOU A PUBLISHER? A registration form will open that we will have to fill out by entering all the information that is requested of us.

A name, surname, an correo electrónico, a password and finally accept the terms of the web.

Once this step is completed, you will be able to entrar your editor account in Coobis and start earning money, now we are going to see how it works inside.

How Coobis works

Once inside our Coobis editor account, we will proceed to earn money, which is why we have registered, right? For this we will have to create a resourceotherwise it will be impossible.

In it Panel we are going to clic on where it says CREATE NEW RESOURCE .

We cánido create resources by adding our website or any of our popular networks.

Creating a resource allows you to earn money

In the case of wanting to write sponsored posts on our blog, we will clic on CREATE WEB RESOURCE then we will have to fill in the form with the data from our website.

Create your web resource

Within this form, you will also have to mark what type of backlinks you are willing to add to the articles and if you are going to indicate that they are sponsored posts.

Then we will have to follow some additional steps, such as indicating the number of visits to our site through Google plus Analytics and the money that we are going to charge for each article among other things.

* The reason why we are required to connect our Google plus Analytics account is none other than to help advertisers to know the real traffic of the web where they are going to contract their services, in this way they perro adjust the budget of their campaigns .

In the case of wanting to add our popular networks to earn money, the steps are quite afín, you just have to add them and select the cost of your services.

Other options available

In our main panel we have several more options that should be reviewed to know what each of them is about, so let’s see them.

Panel This is where we’re going to take a quick look at our account status.

Among other things, we perro vea the profits that we have accumulated.

Resources In this section we cánido see at all times the resources that we have registered on the platform.

proposals Summary of all the jobs you’ve received to date, both those you’ve accepted and those you’ve ended up rejecting.

Coobis affiliate system

Another source of income that the platform offers us is its referral system.

Within our panel we perro find the section “INVITE AND WIN”.

By clicking on it we will access all the information about the system and we will get our referral backlink.

we won the 5% for the registration of a publisher and the 10% for that of an advertiser.

The earnings will only be effective the first 6 months from the registration of each usuario.

How to get paid in Coobis

Using the platform itself is already fácil, but withdrawing money is something that anyone could do with their eyes closed.

There are not many platforms that do not have any stipulated minimum payment.

And it is that in Coobis we will be able to withdraw our money whenever we want.

The only thing we are going to have to do is clic on the button WITHDRAW BALANCE when we want to charge Payment methods are Paypal and bank transfer.

It goes without saying that before withdrawing the earnings we will have to define our payment preferences in our profile.

To define our payment preferences, we will have to go to our profile and entrar “Billing information”there we are going to fill in the form and put the payment method by which we want to receive the money.

Choose how to charge in Coobis

Final opinion about the Coobis platform

Coobis is a very powerful tool to increase our visibility, either through popular networks or with our blog.

It is possible that you have a good number of followers in a popular network and you do not know that you cánido get a good financial benefit from it, because hurry up, because in Coobis you cánido do it.

Despite the fact that the number of proposals is not very high at the moment, it is compensated by the fact that we will not have to wait to reach any minimum payment to collect and that is a point in favor of any site that offers the possibility to earn money en línea.

We hope you liked our article Coobies | Money with your blog and popular networks
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 Coobies |  Money with your blog and popular networks
  Coobies |  Money with your blog and popular networks
  Coobies |  Money with your blog and popular networks

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