Coobies | Earn MONEY with your BLOG and networks

Coobies | Earn MONEY with your BLOG and networks

coobies is a veteran marketing platform that offers various services to promote or publicize a “product”.

It belongs to the company Código Barras Networks SL, registered in Spain and located in La capital española.

As we will see in more detail throughout the articulo, Coobis focuses its activity on Content Marketing and Branded Content.

And as such, it acts as an intermediary between Publishers and Advertisers.

In our case, we perro earn money by collaborating as Editors.

In this way, depending on the campaign that each Advertiser contracts, we will obtain profits sharing posts on popular media, writing articles on other websites, or writing sponsored articles on our own blog.

What is Coobis?

Coobis is a platform that brings publishers and advertisers together in one place.

But what does this orinan in a simpler way? Let’s see.

When someone creates a website or a product and wants to spread it, they cánido use different methods to make a viral campaign.

One that is well known and used by everyone is popular networks.

To give an example, when a multinational launches a campaign on Twitter, what they want is for it to be done as viral as possible.

This is achieved through retweets and more retweets, reaching as many people as possible.

Some of these retweets will arrive naturally… however, you cánido also boost their diffusion by hiring the services of sites like Coobis.

In this type of campaign, Coobis, just as it happens in twyncwill pay us for retweet, like or share a articulo.

Another more specific way of publicizing a website would be through the Content marketing and web positioning.

I explain.

We all know the Google plus search engine.

Without going into depth, it is evidence that the higher up a website appears in the search results, the more visits it receives.

There are many factors that influence the fact that a articulo ranks better or worse in search engines.

However, two very important ones are those of have good content and quality backlinks.

Regarding the first aspecto, it happens that many companies need staff to create content on their websites.

If we like to write and want to earn plus money, we cánido offer our services as editors at Coobis.

In this case, if an advertiser requests it, we will have to write an article for them.

Regarding the positioning aspecto, if we have a website, We may write sponsored posts and publish them on our site.

How Coobis for Publishers works

Since what we want is to earn money in Coobis, we will have to create an account as Editors.

like this, we will be offering our services.

The account for Advertisers is for those people, companies or businesses that want to contract the services of Coobis to promote their products.

Coobis serves users, administradores de páginas web, businesses and companies from all over the world.

And it is fully coincidente with Adsense advertising or A-Ads.

Having a Publisher account in Coobis, we cánido generate profits in three ways:

Sharing posts on our popular networks.

– Posting sponsored articles on our site Web.

– As editor writing posts for other websites.

To proceed with the registration in Coobis, you cánido follow the backlink below, which will take you to the home page.

Once there, they will espectáculo us the option to create an account as a Publisher or an account as an Advertiser.

We clic on the text “Are you a publisher?” and a registration form will appear.

We entrar our first and last name, an dirección de correo electrónico address and a password.

We accept the fenezca print and clic on “To access”.

Go straight to the portal

If everything has gone well, we will be in our recently created account and we will be able to see the different sections that make up Coobis.

I don’t remember if they sent me a confirmation correo electrónico when I signed up.

If so, we would only have to open that dirección de correo electrónico and follow the backlink contained in its content.

Later, with the validated account, we cánido already fill in our profile data.

Best menu

The main screen of our Editor account in Coobis consists mainly of three sections:

Dashboard » General view of the account with the accumulated cómputo, the money already withdrawn from Coobis, the proposals that we have pending, etcétera.

Resources “ In this section will be listed popular networks and blog that we have added to Coobis.

Based on these resources, we will receive campaigns of one kind or another.

proposals » Here we will see all the tasks that have been entrusted to us over time, both those that are pending and those that have already been completed and paid for.

On the right side of the menu are the Profile and Billing Information tabs.

To receive proposals and withdraw profits It will be essential to complete all this information.

Register a blog or popular networks in Coobis

As soon as we have completed all the data in the profile and billing sections, we will be able to configure which resources we are going to work with in Coobis.

The platform allows us to add the popular networks of Twitter, Fb, Youtube and Instagram.

Also, as we have seen before, if we have a blog, we perro offer our space to write and publish paid articles.

To proceed with the registration of our accounts on popular networks and our website, we will go to the “Resources”.

Once there some will get an image like this.

Register a website

To register a blog we select the option “Create web resource” and we complete the five steps that are requested.

– In the first part, a form will appear in which we must entrar the url and the theme of the blog, write a short description, mark if we accept publishing posts with follow and nofollow backlinks…

– Next we will have to take a screenshot of the cover of our blog.

– In the third step we will add the urls of our Fb and Twitter accounts.

– Coobis (and Advertisers) need to know the traffic on our website, its origin, the age range of the readers, etcétera.

For this reason, it is necessary that we connect our Coobis account to the Analytics account.

In this way, each Advertiser will be able to make a real valuation of the blog and consider what we perro offer you.

– Finally, we will have to mark what type of services we are willing to offer and at what price.

Create a Popular Media Resource

The process to register popular networks is much simpler.

To begin, we will return to the section on “Resources” and we will clic on “Create popular network resource”.

– In the first instance we select the popular network of the account that we are going to register, our country, the category, the language and we write a description that defines the theme of our publicaciones de Twitter.

– Next we take a screenshot showing the middle/upper part of our account.

– Finally, we stipulate the price from which we are willing to publish a campaign.

In my case, I have registered this blog and my accounts on the popular networks of Fb and Twitter.

In case it serves as a reference, the prices that I have selected for each resource are €10 for popular networks and €40 for each sponsored articulo that I publish on the blog.

The price that we stipulate in this section is what the advertiser will pay for our services, but we will have to distribute that amount with Coobis.

It is very important to keep in mind that Coobis will receive a commission for each proposal that we accept and collect.

The ratio is initially 30% for Coobis and 70% for us.

Starting from the fact that I have equipo a price of €40 for publishing a article on my blog, what I really receive is €28, since the other €12 goes to Coobis.

Example of a Coobis proposal for a blog

Depending on the subject we deal with on our website or on popular networks, when an Advertiser contracts our services will give us some basic guidelines about how we should make a publication.

As an example, I write down some points that I remember from the last campaign I completed in Coobis.

Customer instructions:

1- Write a 500-word text, publish it on your website and provide the url of the publication.

2- The content that you write and publish must be unique.

3- Include one or two backlinks in the text.

These cánido be follow or nofollow interchangeably.

As soon as we finish the article, we publish it on our website and pass the url to Coobis.

After a couple of days, after verifying that the article meets all the required requirementswe will credit the money in the cómputo.

Coobis pays by Paypal and bank transfer

One of the factors that I liked about Coobis are the ease of charging and the methods that make available to us.

Regarding the first point, it should be noted that in Coobis there is no minimum payment.

Therefore, if we wish, we cánido request a withdrawal each time we complete a proposal.

Regarding payment methods, we may withdraw our earnings vía Paypal or vía bank transfer.

To request a withdrawal in Coobis we will have to carry out a previous step.

If we have not done it before, we will have to fill in both profile data such as billing data.

Once this point is resolved, we will clic on the tab «Withdraw Cómputo» and we will get a screen afín to the one shown below.

We write down the amount of money we want to withdraw and select the payment method.

If we want Coobis to pay us through the bank, we will have to write the IBAN of our bank account.

However, to charge by Paypal, we will only have to provide the dirección de correo electrónico address that we have associated with the processor.

Paypal payments take a maximum of 7 days to be processed.

Bank transfers cánido take up to a month.

Main features of Coobis

Before finishing this tutorial on Coobis, I would like to highlight some aspects of the platform which seem relevant to me.

They are the following:

✅ Leaving aside the proposals we receive as administradores de páginas web or editors, at Coobis we perro register up to four different popular networks to earn money: Twitter, Fb, Youtube and Instagram.

✅ The number of proposals we receive will depend on many factors.

Among others, the theme that we deal with in our networks or blog, what the advertiser wants, the price that we request for our services, etcétera.

✅ It is possible that some person or business is interested in working with Coobis as an Advertiser.

no problem in create a Publisher account and an Advertiser account with the same data.

The only drawback is that you cannot transfer cómputo from one account to the other.

If we want to contract the services of Coobis as Advertisers, it will be it is imperative that we add funds.

✅ If we like to write and we don’t have our own blog, at Coobis we perro earn money writing.

We have seen that there is the possibility of offering our services as editors and writing articles on the Advertisers’ websites.

✅ For withdrawals over €100, it will be mandatory to charge through a bank account.

There is no possibility of charging through Paypal.

Opinions on Coobis

From my point of view, platforms like daisycon either publisuites and of course, Coobis perro come in handy to earn plus money for writing.

Either with popular networks, as editors or with our blog.

At Dineroworld we have talked about many systems for earn money en línea and withdraw it by Paypal.

The most recurring are usually paid survey panels, But are not the only ones.

In addition to Coobis, there are other platforms that pay to perform certain actions on popular networks.

Without going any further, at Socialpubli we also earn money for retweeting, sharing or posting sponsored content on the networks.

Content marketing platforms usually have very few proposals.

For this reason, my recommendation is to register with the most reliable ones and gradually work and add to all of them.

And here we have come with this guide about Coobis.

I hope it has served to better understand how it works.

And if you liked it and you are thinking of collaborating with the platform, that you get the most out of it.

As always, if there are any questions or I perro help you in any way, you cánido leave a comment below and I will respond with pleasure.

Until next time!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

Do you want to know me better? Here you perro see more about me.

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 Coobies |  Earn MONEY with your BLOG and networks
  Coobies |  Earn MONEY with your BLOG and networks
  Coobies |  Earn MONEY with your BLOG and networks

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