ContyADS | PTC where to get free cryptos

ContyADS | PTC where to get free cryptos

ContyADS It is a new free site that will allow us to earn fractions of various cryptocurrencies for the fácil fact of viewing ads, come on, what has been a ptc.

Like all free websites that allow you to earn cryptos, it is suitable for people from any country and of course totally free, you just have to be willing and work a little.

This page has recently come to the fore, so it is shiny, without a doubt it is a good time to try it, since when a site is launched, it has a very interesting first few months for users.

Being a ptc it is obvious that the main way to earn money in ContyADS is by watching advertisements, but not the only one, in fact it has several more and the vast majority of them are free.

Well, I will stop making preliminary chatter and I will tell you step by step how it works, if you are interested in the world of making money on the Internet and more specifically that of cryptocurrencies, stay and take a look at what is coming now.

How to create an account

Creating an account in ContyADS couldn’t be easier, it will only take a minute and of course it’s completely free.

We just have to clic on the button REGISTRATION, then we will only have to entrar a nombre de usuario, a password and an correo electrónico.

Then we go to our correo electrónico and validate the account in the message that the page has sent us and we cánido now entrar to earn money.


Function:PTC ▪ Countries accepted: Everyone ▪ Referral system: Yeah ▪ Memberships: Estándar, Comfort, Business ▪ Profit Share: Advertising packages with up to 140% return ▪ Payment method: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, TRON, Dash, Bitcoin Cash

If you are worried that ContyADS does not accept users of your nationality, you perro forget it, it is one of the good things about this site, there are no restrictions depending on the country you come from, what’s more, the platform is available in several languages, among which are find Spanish.

Ways to earn money in ContyADS

ContyADS is basically a ptc, although it has several added ways with which to add BTC to our account for free.


In the menu section in Spanish “I win”we perro entrar all the options to earn money and one of them is the ptc ads.

Examples of ads in ContyADS

What you have to do is clic on any paid ad, a window will open with a counter, you just have to wait for the counter to reach zero and solve a fácil captcha to receive the commission.

Keep in mind that the ptcs ads on this website have adfocus, that is, you have to view them without leaving the tab, otherwise the counter stops.

It is practically the same as the previous section, but perhaps better paid.

You will see a series of banners when you entrar, you just have to clic on one and the ad in question will open.

All you have to do is wait for the accountant and validate it to receive the corresponding commission.

Although, as I said, they are better paid, there are also fewer daily ads available.

Vídeo Ads

In this section we find a series of paid vídeos, which we have to watch for a few seconds to receive the corresponding commission.

They are considerably better paid than ads and banners, but they are also very rare, in fact it is likely that we could go several days without finding any.


It is only available to members who have one of the memberships above the free one.

These are paid ads with a much higher amount of Satoshis than what we cánido see as estándar.



advertising packages

ContyAds has recently added Profit Paquetes.

It is about a series of advertising packages that when we buy them we are not only receiving advertising for our businesses, they will also give us an economic return in the form of daily commissions.

BASIC $5.00 110%
estándar $20.00 120%
Premium $50.00 130%
VIP $140.00 200 %

In principle, the platform has announced that these packages will be available in a limited way, which means that there is only a certain number of them and that at any time this option perro disappear from the business.

For my part, I advise investing residually or in any case doing so with caution, since from experience this type of investment usually gives bad results.

Earn money with referrals

One of the strengths of ContyADS is its referral system up to 3 levels deep for members with superior membership and an unlimited level for estándar members, with which we will be able to considerably increase earnings within the platform.

Earnings as a free member are in the 10% of each clic and buy any of our recommendations.

To find the tools and be able to get referrals, we go to the menu section that says advertising toolwe will have a large number of banners to promote the site.

Memberships available

In ContyADS we are going to find 3 memberships available, one of them is estándar or free and the other 2 are paid, I only recommend the latter to people who have a large number of direct referrals, otherwise the only thing we are going to do is to do is waste our money.

Features per membership

In the image you cánido see all the benefits of each membership, what we are going to earn with our clicks and those of our referrals, what we earn for each purchase, as well as what each one of them costs monthly.

Withdrawal methods and minimums

The page has quite a few payment methods, in this sense it is something that we cannot complain about.

The minimums will vary depending on the method chosen, let’s review them.

Bitcoinany external wallet: 10,000 Satoshis– ethereumany external wallet: 20,000 Satoshis– bitcoin cashany external wallet: 5,000 Satoshis– dashany external wallet: 6,000 Satoshis– Litecoinany external wallet: 3,000 Satoshis– TRONany external wallet: 5,000 Satoshis– payer: 3,000 Satoshis– perfect money: 3,000 Satoshi

The payment minimums are indicative, since as you all know, cryptocurrencies are quite volatile, their prices change constantly, so it is to be expected that the payment minimums of this type of platform will change constantly.

Payments except for Perfect Money and Payeer which are instant and automatic, for external wallets it cánido take up to 48 business hours.

Opinion about ContyADS

ContyAds is one of the thousands of new businesses that include cryptocurrencies as a method of working, it seems that it is a very careful site and it perro have a good run since it does not offer exorbitant profits.

Personally, the fact that they have included advertising packages is something that I don’t like, since these things usually end very badly, but I admit that there are very few sites that have worked well for a long period of time, so we’ll see how the issue evolves. .

On the other hand, having so many payment options and so affordable is great news, since it is not the typical place where we are going to get old before reaching the minimum and on top of that you cánido choose the option that you want to withdraw .

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 ContyADS |  PTC where to get free cryptos
  ContyADS |  PTC where to get free cryptos
  ContyADS |  PTC where to get free cryptos

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