Control digit

Control digit

Has it ever happened to you that you have bought a product and you don’t know if it is original or pirated? Well, today I want to share a way in which you cánido check it manually, through the control digit.

What is the barcode?

When you buy a product at any store, chances are you’ll see a label with a equipo of thin, black lines running across it.

This label is scanned by the cashier, and the price of the item is then recorded on the screen so that you cánido pay for the item.

Source: GS1

Therefore, said code has the function of encoding the information related to a product.

For example, by passing the code through the scanner, you will be able to obtain its price, its expiration date, the country of origin, the nutritional data, the composition of the product, etcétera.

If you’re looking for a more technical definition, then a barcode is a form of machine-readable information on a visual, scannable surface.

The barcode is read using a special scanner that reads the information directly from it.

The information is transmitted to a database where it perro be recorded and tracked.

Each number in a barcode has a special meaning, and as we’ll see later, these numbers are often added, multiplied, and divided in some elabora.

Barcode Emplees

The barcode has many emplees, although most of us think of it simply as a way of pricing the products we get in the mall.

Barcodes are very helpful in maintaining accurate information about inventory, pricing, and other important business-related data.

In fact, barcodes are becoming more common in almost every facet of a consumer’s life.

For example, car rental companies now identify their rental vehicles using a barcode.

Likewise, the other time I had to borrow a book from the university, and yes, to borrow the book they scanned the barcode on my ID.

If you wish to acquire the right to use a barcode for a product, follow the following backlink: GS1

What is the Check Digit?

The digit to the far right of a barcode is the check digit.

It is used to ensure accuracy, or to check for errors.

Likewise, if the calculation that you are going to learn in a few moments does not match the verification code, then it cánido be inferred that the barcode is only an ornament placed by the seller to make it pass as official.

Calculate the check digit

Well, first of all, it should be noted that there are several ways to do it, in fact there are applications that let you know if a product is original.

Even so, in today’s article I am going to focus on you learning the possible process that these applications carry out to find irregularities.

Suppose you buy a product and it has the following barcode.

The check digit is the last digit of the barcode.

In the example it is 4.

Therefore, when you finish doing the following calculation, the result has to be 4.

Otherwise, the product perro be a contesta.

The first step is to reverse write all the digits of the code.

Following the example of the previous code, the result would be the following:

4 5 9 8 1 6 2 8 8 1 0 5 7

The second step consists of adding all the digits that are in an odd position, that is:

4 5 9 8 1 6 2 8 8 1 0 5 7

Carrying out the addition, the result is 31.

The third step is to multiply the result of the previous sum (31) by 3.

The result of the example is 93.

The fourth step consists of adding all the even digits of the barcode, that is:

4 5 9 8 1 6 2 8 8 1 0 5 7

Therefore, the result of the sum is 33.

The fifth step is to add the result obtained from the sum of the even digits and add it to the result of the third step, that is, to 93.

The result obtained from the sum of the example is 126.

In the sixth step, what you have to do is raise the result obtained to the next higher ten.

In the example, it gives us a result of 126, therefore, the top ten is 130.

Finally, what you have to do is subtract the amount obtained in the fifth step from what was obtained.

Continuing with the example, what is done is subtract 126 from 130.

The final result is 4, therefore, the product complies with the estándares.

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 Control digit
  Control digit
  Control digit

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