Content Marketing: Who to direct it to?

Content Marketing: Who to direct it to?

Many think that writing is the easy part when it comes to creating a blog or any other website, but they couldn’t be more wrong, especially when You have to take Content Marketing into account. This is where I ask you, do you take it into account? Do you know who to direct it to?

Our guest today Valentina Giraldo, manager of the Rock Content blog and also International Marketing supervisor in this one, will answer these last two questions.

Writing for people or search engines, that is the question.

Discover in this article how to solve one of the biggest and recurring dilemmas of Content Marketing to learn to charm users and search engines alike.

When Digital Marketing experts repeat over and over again that content is king, they are not lying or exaggerating. It is through the content in text, image or vídeo that users solve their doubts, are educated and entertained.

Without content, the Internet as we know it simply wouldn’t exist.

For this reason, the work of content creators and producers, such as SEO writers, is increasingly most required and best paid by projects and companies from all sectors.

However, creating content becomes a thorny task for new SEO writers who must face one of the big questions of the Content Marketing: should one write for people or for search engines?

If you have had this question when creating your content, you have come to the right place.

In this article you will discover the solution to this concern with the mind that you learn to write better materials For companies that hire your writing services.

Let’s start!

People or seekers: Who do you write Content Marketing for?

Before we get into the matter, Let’s briefly review the main aspects of Content Marketing.

In fácil terms, Content Marketing seeks attract, convert and charm internet users through the generation of valuable content with the intention of closing a sale, creating lasting relationships of trust between users and brands.

Well, the matter is a bit complicated because, as you cánido see, Content Marketing must respond to the commercial objectives of a company while addressing an audience -buyer persona- that is looking for relevant content in the oceans of content that we call search engines.

So, here comes the great unknown of all content products: should you write for people or search engines? The big answer is… It should be written for people and optimized for search engines!

What does that orinan? When creating quality material, a web content product must take into account that:

  • An article must first delight users and then conquer Google plus, in that order.
  • The main purpose of an article it will always be to solve the specific concern of a buyer persona more than positioning without purpose.
  • The article must be optimized to position in search engines to increase the probability of being found organically by new users.

Why SEO copywriters they should be clear who will read its contents?

If the iniciativa of ​​Content Marketing is create articles that help buyer personas, for an editor SEO it is impossible to write them without knowing who they are and what their pain points are.

Knowing buyer personas is vital to execute a successful content strategy, because they are the ones who will help you determine:

  • tone and voice Communication.
  • Topics that will be covered in each article.
  • the channels for which they will be distributed.

Put yourself in the shoes of your usuario.

If you do a search on Google plus, what kind of result do you expect to find? keep that thought in your mind at the time of writing will make you create materials that will be useful for your users, with objectivity and quality.

Remember that the ultimate goal of a Content Marketing strategy is to create relationships of trust between users and company through content that solves their concerns.

If you or the company you work for create this content, users will trust you to make a purchase before anyone else.

Do you understand now why the work of the content writer is so important and well paid?

Why is this ability a competitive advantage for content products on the market?

Believe it or not, many copywriters limit themselves to implementing all kinds of SEO techniques to improve your search engine rankings without taking into account that the content is to connect with people.

Obsolete practices such as Keyword Stuffing, where the keyword is repeated over and over again throughout the text, often without meaning, are the favorites of some of these writers.

However, when you understand the importance of solving a usuario’s doubts and writing content designed for a specific buyer persona, It is when you create valuable content that will engage your users and will retain them with your company.

Standing out from the ocean of information available on the web is only possible with quality content and to genera content of this type it is necessary the work of editors who are clear that the content is to be consumed by people, not by robots.

how to enchant to users and search engines with your content?

1. Know your buyer persona

Being the representations semi-fictional images of your ideal client, As a writer you must focus all your efforts on enchanting them with your content.

By knowing their concerns and challenges, you will be able to create useful content that will help them solve them, eventually improving the relationship between them and your business. Remember the main goal is not to please Google plus but deliver value to your users.

2. Consider your person’s search intent

There are three types of search:

  • Navigational search: The usuario wants to reach a specific website.
  • Informational search: The usuario wants to find information to clarify a doubt.
  • Transactional search: The usuario wants to buy a product or pay for a service en línea.

Taking into account the search intention will help you to better objetivo your content, since you will be able to understand in what type of search your materials may appear and what kind of information should they contain to meet expectations of your users.

3. Choose your palabras clave well

Palabras clave are what unites a usuario’s content.

These are the ones trigger the appearance of your articles in the SERP.

Using them correctly will make all the difference. Avoid Keyword Stuffing, use its natural variations and only add it if it is consistent with the structure of the text.

4. Write quality content

It doesn’t hurt to say it, right? Once you know your buyer personas, understand their problems and what their search intentions might be, You must create the best content possible to solve your concern.

Remember that you must meet the expectations of the users, not yours.

Look for quality references, learn about the subject and write a complete and original content. More than worrying about the number of words required to position, worry about solving your usuario’s doubt.

5. transmits the ideas clearly and concisely

Web content is characterized by offer answers straight to the point.

It is essential to have an excellent command of the language and its grammatical rules, as well as to have knowledge of the subject on which It is written to correctly convey the message to the reader.

In addition, you perro use persuasive writing techniques to convince your users and keep their curiosity full blast while reading your article.

6. Create SEO titles that grab your person’s attention and charm Google plus

The function of an SEO title (title tag in English) is to attract users to your material and briefly detalla its content to search engines.

Best practices include including the keyword, create a sense of urgency and keep it short, between 50 and 55 characters.

7. Learn a lot about SEO

Search engine optimization is vital in the production of web content.

You must dedicate a lot of study to know and apply all the factors of positioning On Page and Off Page.

However, If you are just starting out in web writing, The main thing is not to neglect factors such as the SEO title, the intertitles or heading tags, the friendly dirección de Internet, the alt attributes of the images, the misión description and the backlinks.

8. Format your texts

give your elementos an easy to understand structure both for people and search engines.

  • Create an introduction that catches the reader.
  • Use the heading tags -which go from the H1 title to the H6 title- to organize the ideas of the text in hierarchical order.
  • Keep the paragraphs short but relevant, that is, don’t leave an iniciativa halfway.
  • Keep blank spaces that is, look for an “F” shape in the structure of your articles.
  • Use bold only when necessary.


Demand for SEO copywriters is on the rise thanks to the success of content strategies.

To become an attractive SEO copywriter for the market you must be dedicated, practice and study tirelessly on Digital Marketing and Content Marketing.

The good news is that little by little, reading and applying articles like this one, you will learn to create valuable materials for your clients that, in the end, will be reflected in good payments for you.

Trabajo independiente writing cánido become a substantial source of income if you know how to deliver quality content written for people and optimized for search engines.

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 Content Marketing: Who to direct it to?
  Content Marketing: Who to direct it to?
  Content Marketing: Who to direct it to?

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