Content Manager – Create Your Website And

Content Manager – Create Your Website And

Content Manager.

A CMS is programa that allows the usuario to create, administer and manage content from a Web page in a much simpler, faster and the best way, without the need to have a professional in web programming.

The term CMS comes from the acronym “Content Management System”, currently this programa is one of the most used to manage web pages and en línea stores around the world.

The Best CMS For Websites

For this reason, if you are looking for a CMS to start your company, we are going to make a list of all the most important CMS in the Internet world, we will highlight their characteristics, their advantages and their possible weaknesses, so that you cánido choose the best let’s see the Top CMS of the moment.

List of the Most Used Content Managers

Next we will see a complete list of the most habitual and most used CMS of 2021, you will see which are the CMS platforms and the types of CMS that people prefer to use when it comes to create your page to earn money with it and because they prefer them, we will see three important points of each of them, their characteristics, their advantages and disadvantages.

WordPress CMS

WordPress is an open source platform, in fact it is one of the most habitual that exists today.

It allows you to create any website you want, be it a regular blog, a member portal, or even a virtual store.

Today it maintains a popularity of 60.4% over other CMS, and is used by many major companies around the world.

This platform is only 10 years old on the internet but it has been its flexibility that has led it to be one of the favorites by users.

Let’s see some details of this WordPress content manager.

WordPress Features

These are the most important features of WordPress that we perro highlight:


It’s free, hence the fact that it has become so habitual.


It is open source, which allows its community to correct any type of fallo they have on their website.


It is considered a versatile platform since a large number of themes and plugins cánido be added.


Allows you to incorporate all kinds of photos, audio, vídeo and any other style of multimedia content.


Thanks to the fact that it is an international programa, it has the possibility of changing the language of the blog.

Therefore, readers who view the blog will be able to read it in the language you have configured.


You cánido easily include popular networks, so users cánido easily reach them through the website.


WordPress works on any device, so it perro be used on computers, teléfonos inteligentes, and tabletas.


Well, backlink PayPal accounts that will allow you to receive payments, this in case you are selling a product.

What perro I do with WordPress?

As we mentioned before WordPress is a dynamic platform that will allow you to create a web page according to the functionality of your web page.

These are the things you cánido do when using this platform:

• Weblogs: The best-known function, since this platform incorporates in its installation all the common features of a blog: option to add comments to your entries, display articles in blog format, allows you to organize all articles by categories, possibility of using tags, etcétera. others.

• Corporate web: It perro perfectly serve to create a business network, where you perro give all the specific details of your company.

There are many templates that you cánido use to give this business touch to your page.

• En línea store: WordPress is a great option for those who want to create their virtual store, this is because you perro add several plugins that will give it the appearance of a store.

WordPress Advantages

These are the advantages that we perro highlight from this CMS

• Easy installation: Installing WordPress on a server is very easy and fast to do, the steps for its installation do not take much work, so it is very easy to use for the first time.

• Constant renewal: One of the great advantages of this platform is that new updates are constantly coming out, which allows for better compatibility with devices and the website.

• SEO positioning: The biggest attraction of WordPress is for the ease it provides to position a web page.

Using plugins like Yoast SEO, users will be able to optimize their page in a much easier way.

WordPress Disadvantages

Although WordPress is a great platform that offers a lot of tools, it also has some drawbacks that perro lead to some problems.

• Updates: While WordPress updates are a huge agregado, constantly updating them perro lead to various complemento compatibility issues.

• Vulnerability: This platform is one of the most used, so it attracts many more piratas informáticos who could try to attack your website.

• Heaviness: Due to the large number of plugins and themes that exist, the page cánido end up becoming extremely heavy, so interacting with it cánido end up being very difficult for you.


Joomla is a CMS that allows you to manage the web page in a very fácil way, you perro add all kinds of images, create menu options, you perro also modify current sections.

Like WordPress, this is free programa, so it cánido be used completely free of charge.

Installing a hosting in Joomla is really fácil, so acquiring a space for your website.

Joomla Features

These are the characteristics that we perro highlight that this CMS:

• Fácil and advanced administration: Joomla administration is very fácil, so you will be able to manage all aspects of a website and its content fluently.

• Organization: Joomla is created so that the usuario perro maintain order when creating and organizing their website.

This provides consumers with better navigability when entering the page.

• Content: This platform allows you to create an unlimited number of pages and also allows you to easily editar them.

So you will have content for a long time on your website.

• Features: Like the previous CMS, this one allows you to add various features that will make the navigability of the web much more dynamic.

• Multilingual: Joomla is translated into a large number of languages, so many people around the world will be able to use it.

• Manage users: Joomla allows you to save all the data that the registered users and at the same time, in the same way, information cánido be sent through e mails with the registered users from the platform.

• Advertising: This CMS has a Banners manager that will allow you to add advertising to your web page.

What cánido I do with Joomla?

With this Joomla content manager A large number of websites perro be created, these are the most common:

  • Personal websites or blog
  • Pages for companies
  • Sites for churches and schools
  • Corporate intranets and extranets
  • Portals for all types of communities
  • All kinds of en línea magazines, newspapers and publications
  • Sites for NGOs
  • Y también-commerce and making hotel reservations
  • Government applications.

Advantages of Joomla

Joomla is an amazing platform that perro bring us a lot of benefits if we start using it.

These are its biggest advantages:


Performance perro be sped up by using different modules and configuring the cache.


It is a platform that perro work on any type of web server, some of these are LiteSpeed, Nginx, Apache and many more.


It has compatibility with SSL certificates (HTTPS) so a migration is very fácil.


You cánido add en línea payments either with debit or credit cards, ideal for stores on-line.


You cánido register and manage users regardless of whether you use private areas.


Maintains the use of widgets, blocks and content menus which perro be installed very easily on the web.


It is an application that is constantly updated, so it always has improvements and fixes any errores it has.


This platform is ideal for those who wish to have their virtual store.


Joomla cánido be easily and quickly installed on your computer.


It is free programa, so you cánido use it as many times as you want and modify the code whenever you need.

Joomla Disadvantages

Although Joomla is a great platform that allows you to easily position a website, it has certain characteristics that end up being a disadvantage for the usuario.

These are the ones we perro highlight:


Joomla is also one of the CMS that suffers the most cyber attacks, which is why its users are often harmed.


The optimization you get with Joomla is really good, however, WordPress keeps outperforming it.


The panel where you perro manage the page is very good, however it is saturated with options, so many users perro be very confused.


Although it has several plugins and templates, it does not have as extensive a catalog as other CMS platforms.


Joomla is not the best tool to create weblogs, although it allows you to create them, it does not leave a result as smooth as it would happen with other CMS.


Continuing under the same theme, it is time to present the Drupal content manager a content management system that stands out for being very powerful and maleable.

Today it is used by a large number of users around the world.

It is the type of CMS that users cánido use to create various web pages with many features and dynamism.

Developers who use it will be able to create all kinds of web pages very easily and in a personalized way.

Drupal Features

Like the previous CMS, Drupal is very well known, it has become habitual thanks to the features that make it up.

That is why we are going to espectáculo you which are the most important that have made this platform stand out:


Good design: As long as the usuario has the updated version, they will be able to have a great visualization of their web page from any smart device.

In addition, its design allows it to be really fast when loading.


SEO and popular networks: Drupal is really good for positioning the web page, it also allows you to connect it with all possible popular networks as you need.


Performance: The cache system that this platform has is very efficient, and once it is activated you perro enjoy it on the website.


Support for developers: Drupal has a large community in which many creators generate different types of modules or functions that improve the experience of each one of the users.

5.maleable: This platform is really maleable when creating a website, in this the creator will have much more ease to create the site in their own way without so many limitations and with more opportunities to be original.

What perro I do with Drupal?

One of the things that stands out about this platform is the great versatility it has, being able to create a large number of different sites from the same platform.

These are all the functions you perro create with Drupal.

• Image library: Drupal has the ability to upload photos and make a kind of gallery where users perro download, upload and share photos.

It also allows the option to comment and react to them.

• NGO: This platform has a module that is specifically created to accept all kinds of donations, in fact it cánido be configured to accept PayPal.

• Forums: There are modules that allow you to create the website in which users cánido send all kinds of backlinks and you perro vote for the most interesting one.

• Blog: Drupal has a module that offers the opportunity to create a blog, the best thing is that it is not necessary to add any additional component for its configuration.

• Popular networks: Yes, as you read it.

From this platform you perro easily manage popular networks, in fact you perro create other types of groups, web pages that cánido be related to them.

• Virtual disk: Incredibly Drupal provides the ability to upload archivos and save them directly to Amazon S3, so you perro give your consumers a hard drive to save archivos to.

Advantages of Drupal

Drupal is a platform that contains a lot of benefits that are great for each of its users.

These are the advantages that we are going to highlight:

• It is a truly complete platform, it has a large number of functions without the need to install any type of extension or plus module.

• Drupal perro be easily adapted to any type of format.

• It has a great capacity for usuario administration, all this cánido be done from the control panel according to the permissions of each usuario.

• Drupal is a platform that allows you to make graphic editions in a really fácil way, either from the template or from the landing page.

All this is done without any need to leave the server.

• The content of this platform maintains a structure that allows it to be used over and over again in different landings.

Disadvantages of Drupal

Unfortunately, this CMS also has a number of drawbacks that need to be taken into account before installing it.

• The installation of this platform is a bit complicated, it would require a bit of plus knowledge, especially when compared to other CMS installations.

• Many people may find it difficult to adapt to the platform as it is very modern.

• Unfortunately, this is a platform that does not have a good catalog of plugins or extensions that perro be included on the web.

• Because its scope is a bit limited, the customer support and community is not as big as it really seems.

Therefore, in case of needing attention, the service may not be as efficient as expected, correcting errors on the page may end up being a bit tedious over time.

PrestaShop CMS

We arrive at a platform in the form of a shopping cart, it is really free and allows large companies the opportunity to create and manage an en línea store.

It perro be said that PrestaShop is really dynamic, its programa is free and it also has a large number of free modules that have commercial licenses.

This platform has existed since 2007 and as time goes by, many businesses have joined this platform to be able to take their digital physical products to another level.

Today PrestaShop has more than 250,000 active stores.

PrestaShop Features

One of the big reasons why this platform is widely used is because of the great features it has.

We are going to espectáculo you which are the most outstanding characteristics that this Prestashop content manager.

• Catalog management: Thanks to this function, it will be possible to manage a list of products.

It does not matter if the store has many or few products, the great interfaz of the platform allows the usuario to manage the inventory very easily.

In addition, you will be able to update it very quickly, either to add attributes, classify them, add or remove discounts and more.

• Product display: With this, the products perro be easily viewed, customers cánido also compare products, send gift lists, do a quick product search, espectáculo the quantities available in depósito and more.

• Manage the site: Each owner will have the possibility of being able to editar, manage and change the languages ​​of their page.

You cánido modify what you want in the store without having to make a extremista change, activate and deactivate modules, insert advertising banners and espectáculo the best-selling products to your customers.

• Optimize search engines: PrestaShop allows you to optimize the pages and be able to make sure that the search engines perro be included in the store.

They may use palabras clave to help the store be as positioned as possible.

• Completion of purchase: This is one of the most important features of PrestaShop, since the store owners will be able to customize these fields in order to retain some information.

In addition, this addition allows customers to have a simpler purchase process.

• Shipment: The platform has several shipping modules which are really maleable and the client cánido include the most important carriers.

The owner will be able to guarantee his clients a safe shipment and also send this through private messages.

• Payments: The payment platform allows users to make purchases much more easily and quickly.

Allowing users to add their data and make the purchase in a comfortable way.

• Marketing: Thanks to this module, the usuario will be able to have a large number of tools to promote their services, subscribe to news, redirect visitors, export Y también-bay products and much more.

• Customer login: Thanks to this, the store owner will be able to give a unique usuario so that their customers cánido access and keep a history of their purchases, request returns, live chat, provide support and more.

• Translation: Today, the platform cánido be translated into approximately 41 languages, and it has users in at least 150 countries around the world.

Thanks to this, many of its users cánido access it and choose the desired language.

• Security: PrestaShop is responsible for ensuring not only the owners of the web but also the users who entrar their pages, establishing security permissions.

It also maintains PCI and SSL compliance.

What perro I do with Prestashop?

Compared to the other CMS that we have shown you, PrestaShop is only for creating your own virtual store, either to sell physical or digital products.

The important thing is that through this platform you cánido create your own business.

From clothes, makeup, shoes, food services and even courses of any kind, PrestaShop will help you so that your business cánido take shape and you begin to have a much closer and more efficient contact with each of your clients.

Advantages of PrestaShop

These are the advantages that we cánido highlight of this platform:


You cánido use shared hosting, to use this platform you will not need a specific server.


The modules are fully customizable, so you cánido always modify it according to the need and orientation of your store.


It contains a control panel in which it is very clear to be able to visualize both the sales and the interaction that the store maintains.


It allows you to add images, vídeos, sounds and any type of multimedia.


It is coincidente with PayPal, Bitcoin, POS gateway, en línea payments and credit cards.


It helps you maintain a good SEO to improve the positioning of the store.


It is a multilanguage platform, which means that it perro be translated into many languages.


It cánido be modified both at the code level and at the visual level.


You will be able to entrar many stores from the same administrator.


It is a secure CMS, compared to others.

Disadvantages of Prestashop

These are the most outstanding disadvantages of Prestashop:


Their templates are more limited compared to other platforms.2.

If you own more than 10 thousand products, the platform may become a little slow.3.

Many of the modules are paid, so you will have to invest more in the page.4.

Its learning curve is much more complicated than other platforms.

Magento CMS

Following the line of the previous platform, Magento is a platform made with open source.

Since its launch on the internet, this platform has catapulted in an incredible way, becoming one of the most habitual and requested by people around the world.

Magento allows its users to use a large number of tools that are responsible for managing different sales catalogs.

It also allows SEO analysis in order to improve not only the positioning of the store, but also the products found in it.

Magento Features

Magento’s features are what have made it really habitual and important to many users.

That is why we are going to mention the most relevant ones:


Newsletters: Thanks to this you will be able to have a configuration and sending of newsletters, in this way you will have informed all registered customers of each of the promotions that you have in existence.


Currency management: Magento allows you to sell in different currencies, the same applies when applying taxes as needed.


Discount coupons: This is a great strategy that you perro use to keep your existing customers and new potential customers attracted to your page.


Statistics and reports: Magento gives you all the marketing tools with which you cánido generate all kinds of purchase reports, statistics and more.


Ratings: Thanks to this, users will be able to assess not only the purchase, but also the quality of the product through comments.


Depósito control: A primordial tool if you want to maintain the order of the number of products you have in force.


Tracking of shipments: With this, both the store owner and the usuario will be able to see the status of the purchase.


Payment settings: Magento is coincidente with several en línea payment methods such as credit cards, PayPal, bank draft, among others.


Open source: It is an open source platform, so many will be able to use it easily.


Customer management: You will be able to manage customer data and the purchases they have made on earth.


Free: Being a free platform, you will be able to download and install it without spending any money.


Usuario management: With this you will be able to manage the users who will be able to entrar the administrative portal of the store.


Cross platform: Magento is coincidente with linux, windows and UNIX.


Multilanguage: It has a large number of translations so many users will be able to entrar in their mother tongue.


Product Administration: This will allow you to be able to classify, detail, catalog, add or delete the products you have in the store.


Templates: It has a large number of free templates to improve the design of the page.

What perro I do with Magento?

With Magento you perro start your en línea store, many companies cánido entrar the virtual world by expanding their business to the Internet. in the same way this Magento content manager It helps to be able to have a better positioning in search engines.

If you already have a physical store, Magento is the ideal platform in which you cánido take your store to a new level, with this you perro reach new customers not only in your locality but also internationalize your products.

Advantages of Magento

Such a habitual platform has to have great advantages, here we name the most important ones:

• Adapted for mobiles: This platform maintains all its templates and themes with responsive designs, which will give you the opportunity to manage the page from any Móvil inteligente.

• Powerful CMS: Of all the Y también-commerce platforms that exist, Magento is the most powerful out there.

• SSL encryption: Magento has the ability to support HTTPS natively, so it perro be easily turned on.

• Templates and modules: There are thousands of ways in which you perro customize your virtual store and the great thing about all of this is that they are mostly free.

• SEO: One of the great advantages that every store seeks is to have a great SEO optimization, fortunately with this platform you will have extensions that will allow this to happen and your store to acquire much more visibility.

• Loading speed: Although it is a somewhat complex CMS, it has great performance due to the good cache plugins it contains.

Disadvantages of Magento

Like everything, there are certain details that the platform cánido still improve.

These are some disadvantages that we cánido highlight of Magento:

• Resources: Despite the fact that this platform is really fast, if the usuario comes to have a plan with low RAM, he may experience an overload on the server.

• Learning curve: Using Magento at first perro be really complicated and in many cases a little advice will be needed to be able to advance on the page.

• Complex administration panel: There are a large number of possibilities on the board that allow you to configure the en línea store.

So many that it cánido end up becoming very complicated to configure.

• License cost: Magento has a free version, but it also runs a paid Enterprise version and this was found to be the most expensive in the world, priced at $15,000.

• Medium and large companies: If you are just starting your store, it may not be the best platform to start from scratch.

Shopify CMS

Shopify is a Canadian company that came into existence in 2005 and currently maintains more than 600,000 en línea stores.

It has also allowed companies to process more than 40 billion dollars in sales.

These stores allow a company to create its virtual store in a few steps, it perro also organize the products, customize the store and have different forms of payment and many other functions.

Shopify Features

Being such a habitual platform, it has a large number of features, however, we are going to espectáculo you the most important ones that make it stand out from other platforms.


Ease of use and speed: The store owner will be able to create his store in a really fast way without having any previous knowledge.

In addition, once the platform is created, you cánido start selling and managing all orders in a very fácil way.


Interfaz: The interfaz of this store is really fácil, you don’t need to have experience to manage the en línea store.


Internationalization: Shopify maintains an extensive payment platform, the payment gateway allows more than 70 international payment currencies.


Unlimited hosting: Regardless of the plan that is chosen, the store will always have unlimited hosting, to avoid falls or drops of the page.


Tax systems: The platform maintains a tax adjustment that works based on the location of the business.


Catalogs without limits: The usuario will be able to add an unlimited number of products to his catalog.


Professional Templates: Shopify provides a large number of professional templates that allow you to customize your store as you need.


Push Notifications: Correos electrónicos and orders are made automatically and you cánido receive one directly to your correo electrónico every time a customer wants to contact you.

What cánido I do with Shopify?

Shopify is one of the best platforms for virtual stores that exist, you perro start selling, upload all the products you have in depósito to the catalog, with unlimited space, so you perro have a large number of products.

The store cánido be for physical products or digital services, Shopify works for any type of store.

Advantages of Shopify

Shopify offers a lot of advantages to its users.

We are going to espectáculo you which are the most relevant:

• Speed: Preparing an en línea store and launching it on the market cánido be done in a matter of a few minutes.

The platform gives you all the necessary steps to configure the store, customize it, and easily add products.

• Personalization: Shopify allows you to customize the store to your liking.

It is not necessary to have any type of experience, since the same platform teaches you how you cánido customize the store to your liking.

• Design: This platform has more than 100 templates, in addition each of them will allow you to use it on any electronic device, so the design will not be distorted.

• Accommodation: One of the best advantages of this platform is that it has unlimited bandwidth, so no matter how many articles, images, or vídeos you have, the interfaz will remain the same.

• Internationalization: Shopify has an extensive payment gateway, so it accepts a large number of currencies from around the world.

In addition, this platform perro work in many languages.

• Security: This is one of the most secure platforms, especially since it has payment possibilities in different currencies, so Shopify will always make sure that your data and customer data are fully protected.

• Updates: This platform constantly has several updates, the best of the case is that these updates are automatic.

Thanks to this you will not have to worry about updating your page from time to time.

• SEO: Another of the great advantages of this platform is that it gives you all the possible tools to not only position your store, but also have the ability to position each of the products that you have available in your store.

• Informative material: Shopify makes sure that each of the people registered in its store have the ability to continue learning about y también-commerce.

It does all this by providing guides, encyclopedias and vídeos.

• Customer Support: The platform offers 24/7 customer service where they will attend to all its users.

Store owners will be able to access customer service through the call system, by dirección de correo electrónico or en línea chat.

Disadvantages of Shopify

Shopify is a good platform, however there are certain things that we must highlight that the platform could improve:


Limited Checkout: Despite being a platform that is very well optimized, in some cases customization perro be very low, this happens at each checkout.


Commissions: There are many customers who have expressed their annoyance at the large amount of commissions that Shopify takes from its users.

Many of its functions have some free extensions, however when compared to the paid versions we realize that these are very limited.


It is a paid CMS: It should be noted that this platform is not a Free CMS, Shopify is a paid content manager, you perro try shopify for free for 14 days, and then choose a plan from the ones they have, so you have to keep that in mind that free shopify it’s not.

CMS BigCommerce

BigCommerce is a great platform to create a fully professional Y también-commerce page.

It is a maleable platform that provides various tools to take users’ stores to a new level.

Currently this platform has more than 100,000 stores around the world, there are many users who use it more and more due to the flexibility, customization and originality that it offers at the design level.

BigCommerce Features

Before deciding to work in your store using BigCommerce, you need to know the characteristics for which it is a recognized platform.

These are the most outstanding characteristics:

• Topics: This platform offers a large number of templates, it also has several themes, which in turn are divided into several categories.

These themes are very varied and cánido range from fashion, art, sports and even gamer themes.

• Payments: This platform has more than 60 payment entries integrated, it also allows credit cards, PayPal and Stripe.

This platform also allows you to charge without having to be connected.

• Marketing Suite: BigCommerce has several marketing features that cánido help your store, you cánido offer promotions, give away coupons and even be able to acquire an correo electrónico service provider.

In the same way, you cánido include popular networks, Google plus Shopping and eBay stores.

• SEO Tools: Yes, this platform also allows you to position the store so that it perro be much higher in the search engines.

You cánido also change the name of the product as the description cánido be modified, as well as add palabras clave and also optimize the images in the individual products.

• Product management: The businessman will be able to classify the products in a very fácil way, he will also be able to process each of the orders and at the same time be able to track the inventory.

In the same way, the company offers shipments from the most habitual companies such as USPS, FedEx, UPS and more.

• Customer service: The platform has customer service support 24 hours a day.

Each usuario will be assigned a consultant who will help them get started with the platform and also solve any problems they have with the page.

What perro I do with BigCommerce?

This platform is the best for startups, business customers, and SMEs who want to bring their physical store to the virtual store.

You will be able to take your clients to a new level, you will also end up extending this platform and allowing new potential clients to reach you through your popular networks.

Advantages BigCommerce

This BigCommerce content manager has a large number of advantages that you should consider:

• Adapted to mobile devices: Most shoppers use teléfonos inteligentes to be able to do their shopping en línea.

Therefore, BigCommerce strives to be adapted in the best way for any smart device.

• Content: This platform allows users to increase the traffic of their page using rss content and purchase feeds, with this the web cánido have a notable increase in traffic.

• Customer Support: BigCommerce provides its users with assistance for each of the stores 24 hours a day, in this way any problem perro be easily solved in a short time.

• En línea Marketing: On the platform, users will be able to find a large number of applications that perro help improve store revenue.

Similarly, various features and extensions perro also be downloaded to increase sales and customer engagement.

• Multi platform: You perro integrate into your store other marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and more.

In the same way, it will allow you to integrate the business into Fb, which will guarantee greater customer traffic.

• Depósito and returns: Thanks to the platform interfaz, you cánido easily manage depósito.

You will also have the option of getting the products much faster in case you need to make a return.

• SEO: For every store and web page it is really important to keep the store positioned, for this reason BigCommerce gives you all the possible tools with which you perro improve the positioning of your store.

Disadvantages of BigCommerce

Unfortunately there are a large number of disadvantages that perro be a problem within the platform, these are the most common:

• Expensive topics: The platform maintains a large number of themes, however many of these cánido maintain a very high price, which many users have rejected.

• Rates: The platform has certain additional fees that when added up far exceed the annual revenue plan that was originally chosen.

• Aplicación: BigCommerce has a large number of applications, however there is no direct application from the page that allows you to manage the store.

CMS 3DCart

3DCart is a shopping cart programa, this platform was specifically designed for Y también-commerce of any size.

This programa allows users to create stores in a fácil way, also always provides good results thanks to all the tools it has.

Features of 3DCart

These are the most special features that we cánido highlight about this 3DCart content manager:

• Contains your PCI certificate

• Provides good support for all pending orders, ready orders, and those on hold.

• It has a tax calculator agregado a calculator for shipping costs.

• The platform provides inventory control as well as batch editing and alerts in case you are running out of depósito.

• 3DCart allows the usuario to make customizable invoices and keep track of the shipments made.

• Offers support for digital product sales.• Allows bulk import and export.• Offers product options and includes various packages.• Supports vouchers, discounts, wish lists, and coupons.• Has many SEO tools for your users.

What perro I do with 3dcart?

3DCart provides an efficient and really powerful platform, with which users will be able to market any product that you have available in your store.

In the same way, you perro create an original store thanks to the templates that maintain a professional design but at the same time are free.

With this platform you cánido create a store of either physical or digital products that perro reach any part of the world with just one clic away.

Advantages of 3DCart

With the passage of time the platform has become really habitual and this is due to the great advantages they have.

That is why we are going to espectáculo you all the advantages that it cánido offer you:

  • Installing it is really easy.
  • It has very fast customer support.
  • Maintains the implementation for certain modules.
  • It is highly reliable and trusted for all types of purchases.

Disadvantages of 3DCart

There are some disadvantages that we perro highlight about this platform, which if they are solved could lead it to the top of the best y también-commerce platforms.

• Has several plans, many of which cánido be expensive for those just starting out.

• Although its platform is quite broad at the time of the templates, many of these do not allow as much customization as it seems.

This is a list of The best CMS today to create web pages professionals, without knowing anything about advanced programming or codes, it is enough to have the basic knowledge to start a website in any of these CMS.

What do you think about the use of content management system for the creation of web pages? Are you one of those who prefer to work the old way? develop a website from scratchor you prefer to optimize work and time when creating a web project, tell me in the comments.

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