Content curation: what is it, why?

Content curation: what is it, why?

How perro we constantly generate new content on our Blog? How to proceed in those moments in which no inspiration comes to mind?

Most likely the answer to these questions has a first and last name: the Content Curation.

Have you ever asked yourself these or other afín questions? If the answer is affirmative, it is because surely you still do not know this Content Marketing technique, an excellent methodology that every content creator needs to master.

Surely you are wondering what content curation is and why I am trying to make you see how important it is.

Well then, In this article I am going to tell you everything you need to know about this addition to some tools that will come in handy when putting it into practice.


What is content curation?

The term “content curation“comes from English”content cure”, and it is a así translation of it.

It basically consists of extracting, synthesizing and ordering the content found on the Internet in bulk, to make it suitable for publication in our media, be it a Blog or our popular networks.

It is known by the term “heal” precisely because those who perform this technique must:

  • Inquire
  • Select
  • Investigate
  • Filter
  • Group
  • Organize
  • Add value to information
  • Contribute your critical sense and professional experience

All this, with respect to the topic they are writing about and, of course, before publishing and disseminating it.

That is to say, they are curing or healing information that is already found in many parts of the network so that their readers have access to it in an optimal and reliable way, along with something that adds value on your part.

What is content curation for?

Keep in mind that with the constant growth of the Internet, the information is almost entirely available to anyone, but this does not orinan that it has been spread correctly.

Many times we come across websites or information on popular networks that either may be falseor it is not explained in an optimal and understandable way.

And this just to give a couple of examples of problems that information cánido have on the network.

For this reason, when doing content curation, it is important to work in depth on the information that is collected and make sure this is true and make it digestible or easy to understand for your audience.

Remember that your reputation also depends on the quality of the content you share with your audience.

× It’s not just sharing content from other sources

Something that must be clarified is that content curation is not just sharing content that you found interesting from other websites.

This work carries its own work.

And this is where we need to clarify the “add value” part when disseminating.

You are not only spreading the content you collect, but you are also you are adding something of value, some opinion, experience or your own content that complements what you are disseminating, as I mentioned before.

And this is an important process for every content curator, which is why it is necessary for a person to be the one to carry out this work.

Later I will explain more about it.

× Do not contribute to filling the Internet with more “digital garbage” than there already is

If you do not apply what I tell you, realize that if your content does not have that critical sense that I am trying to explain to you and is only composed of a “rehash” or “potpouri” of bits of elementos From others previously published, what will happen when another “professional” comes after you to do the same with your content?

Obviously, the ball will get bigger and bigger, until we reach the point where the information that exists on the Internet on a certain subject is little less than pure digital garbage.

✓ Where perro content curation be applied?

As a curiosity, This technique or strategy is carried out mostly on popular networkswhere more updated content is usually published and constantly.

For this reason, it becomes practically a necessity to master content curation in order to maintain an optimal publication rate, unlike a Blog, where it is published at a lower frequency (weekly, biweekly, etcétera.)

Now, this does not imply that it is not useful for a Blog, simply that it is more common for popular networks.

With this clarified, I recommend that you manage the “Content Curator” for any channel you have, since this It will allow you to offer more value and quality to your audience and, furthermore, with more variety, which will help you optimize your time to generate original content.

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How to carry out a correct content curation step by step?

This technique has a fácil process, but complex at the same time.

It is fácil in the sense that follow established guidelines or guidelines that make it a partly repetitive process and easy to master.

But at the same time complex, since we have to always consider how to add content to the context or alignment that our Blog or popular media profile follows and how we perro add value to it.

To do it correctly, I am going to give you a series of consejos that you perro follow:


Choose the right content (not everything goes)

Now, everything starts from the selection of the content, we have to choose the one that really suits us and not just any “trending” article.

It is important to know how to choose it, because if you have a Blog where you talk about videogames, you are not going to publish something related to food, unless you look for some connection or way to relate it to your main theme, so that really has value for your public and not only to attract more visits.

Regarding the “trending” thing, if it has current relevance, it will be a great agregado, but in general my advice is that you always bet on selecting “Evergreen” content or perennial in time.

Only do not let yourself be guided only by what is fashionable, since, if it doesn’t serve your community, it won’t be much different from “contenido publicitario”.


Filter all the information you find

Following the previous point a bit, you already have the topic or content that you would like to upload…

Well, it’s time to really filter the information that is useful, not only to you, but to your users.

REMEMBER: a theme or some “headline” may have caught your attention, but you need to filter the information that is really useful to you, that is, the part that interests your readers or potential customers.

In the same way, also one that is suitable for dissemination (ignore anyone that has editorial errors or that you suspect may be false).


Organize and categorize the information according to your strategy

It depends a lot on the methodology with which you work your content, however, It is important that you organize and categorize the one that you are going to disseminate according to your strategyso that you always have something on hand to share with your audience and thus obtain the maximum benefits.

This is even more important if you have a large amount of information or resources available to share, as it’s easy to lose track of what you’re trying to achieve by promoting your content.


Add something of value to the content that you are going to spread

This part is essential, since you cannot spread the information that you have come across on other sites and that’s it, or it will simply be a “copy-paste”.

In the En línea Marketing environment we usually call “rehash” precisely this type of practice, which will make your brand pass from offering quality and useful content to “dedicating to sharing third-party content”something I’m sure you don’t want to happen.

The added value that you add may vary depending on what you are disseminating or the context that you give it in your medium.

Some comment, advice, an analysis with your respective opinion, or even something like a comparison are just some examples of added value that you perro contribute to what you are disseminating.

Of course, it is also never superfluous to explicitly give credit or thanks to the source of the content you share.


Constantly analyze the results

Whenever you do content curation and spread something on your various channels (Blog, newsletters, popular networks, etcétera.) it is necessary to keep track of it.

An important or essential part of successfully carrying out this practice is knowing your Buyer Persona and what they want or need.

And the best way to do it is see how they react to your content.

You always have to analyze the results that everything you share is having, in order to know what you perro improve in future publications.

Do it constantly, in all the channels in which you broadcast and in each publication that you make.

Read comments, metrics, reactions, if they share it or not.

All of this will help you get an iniciativa of ​​who your audience is and what they are really looking for.

It also analyzes which of them are having the greatest impact and the best reactions, since they probably these are the ones your audience really likesso they perro give you a big boost if you know how to take advantage of them.


Never hesitate to give recognition to those who deserve it

Always remember to take into account the source from which you are sharing your content, I already mentioned it before, but it is quite important that you never stop giving credit where credit is truly due.

The fact of make a direct mention of the sourceespecially in popular networks, something that perro also help you network with other professionals in your campo, especially if you do this curation task well, since they will also appreciate it.

What are the benefits of digital content curation?

This technique has several benefits that make it especially useful and attractive within a content marketing strategy.

Among the main benefits we find:

» Optimize your working time

Constantly creating original content really consumes a lot of time, this technique helps to optimize that time by sharing third-party content with its own added value.

This allows you to “breathe” between one original content and another, improving your productivity without having to stop offering quality to your audience.

Even when what you offer in an original way is enough, it is good to do content curation to give variety to your audience and to create ties with other professionals in the ámbito.

» Networking

As I have already told you before, this is a perfect method to connect with other professionals in your camposince you are sharing something of their property or, rather, of their handwriting.

This perro result in a positive action for you from the owners of these platforms, even more so if you give them the corresponding credit.

» You improve your visibility and reputation

When you offer value to your community, you are satisfying in one way or another the need of your audience, and this improves your reputation with it.

In other words, you go on to become that brand that is always giving them quality content.

Besides, it also becomes the perfect method to improve your visibility on popular networks and on the Internet in general.

Either because your audience shares your posts or because they discuss it with their relatives.

In a certain way you are improving the popularity of your brand on the Internet through the content you share.

» Helps you retain your customers

Content curation is also a way to retain your existing customers and your audience on popular networks, since you interact with them and offer them content that cánido be really useful to them.

They will obviously thank you for this, improving the impression they have of your brand, making it more likely that they will choose you over the competition in future purchase decisions.

» Positively affects your SEO Positioning

This technique also helps you generate content for your website or Blog, as I have been commenting throughout this article.

Something that if you do it the right way It perro help you improve the SEO of your Blog or websiteimproving its positioning and obtaining more organic traffic.

10 Best Tools for Content Curation

To implement strategies like this one that I am presenting to you today, I recommend that you use specialized tools for it.

Not only will they help you curate content, but they will allow you to optimize your work and make it more efficient:

» Feedly

We start with Feedly, a very useful tool that will help you collect information from those Weblogs that you like or that have caught your attention.

In turn, it also offers you all the content of these weblogs in a comfortable and easy-to-view interfaz and to read.

It is the best way to keep updated with your favorite Weblogs and digital magazines in one place, avoiding all unnecessary information from the Internet.


A perfect tool is, which allows you to create lists of any topic you cánido think of and quickly publish them on your popular networks or Blog without much effort.

It is easy to use and allows you to collect everything that interests you and that you want to share.

In addition to that it will help you add value to the content you share.

» pocket

Pocket is a spectacular tool that will help you collect content from anywhere on the Internet in one place.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a YouTube vídeo, a Fb articulo, or a blog entry, you cánido quickly save it to Pocket and access it in an easy-to-read format.

» Buffer

Buffer is a tool designed for Popular Media, helps you monitor all your popular networksto publish curated content and to measure the results that your publications are having, all in a comfortable and easy way.

If you don’t have another afín tool at your fingertips, I recommend that you give Buffer a try, it will make the job of managing popular networks much easier.

» Flipboard

Create magazines full of the content that interests you thanks to Flipboard, with this tool you perro select the type of content that interests you the most and the platform will take care of creating magazines full of stories and content that may be relevant to you and your audience in a very short time.

The best thing is that these magazines are always updated so you don’t run out of content.

» Pearltrees

Pearltrees is another platform with which you cánido organize all the content that interests you and that you want to read or share with your audience.

What sets this tool apart from the rest is that it does it in a more visual waymaking the diffusion more attractive.

In a certain way, more organized than the previous ones.

It is easy to use and adapts to any type of content.

» Evernote

It is more like a cross-platform and cloud “Notepad”.

With Evernote you cánido write down and save in an organized way all those contents that have captured your attention to see them later.

It is possible to access this platform from your mobile or your PC and have access to the saved information from anyone.

Is excellent for not forgetting that content that we saw fleetingly while we were on our way to the office.

» Articulo Planner

Another tool to do Popular Media efficiently, with Articulo Planner you will be able to plan the posts you make within your popular networks (mainly Fb), in order to achieve greater engagement with your audience.

It is perfect for planning curated content and getting the most out of it and the best results.

It should be noted that this it is one of the cheapest tools of the ámbito.

» Ready4Popular

Ready4Popular is another tool that is designed to do Popular Media, but with the inclusion of content curation.

That’s right, not only It allows you to comfortably manage your popular network profiles, but also helps you when curating content.

It is a platform originally from Spain and I really invite you to test it, it is quite efficient for content curation on popular networks, you will not regret it.

» curate

Curata is a tool thought and designed for content curation.

this platform emplees AI (Machine Learning) to offer you the best content, updated and tailored to your interests and search history; it also allows you to organize and publish it from the same programa.

Easy to use and with many functions that will help you when contextualizing your content so that it is suitable for your audience.

» reddit

Finally, a “agregado”; It’s about Reddit, it’s not a tool, but a forum full of all kinds of content.

Seriously, it’s hard to find content as varied as Reddit’s and at the same time so organized thanks to its subforums, hashtags, and other platform features.

This is perfect for the early stages of content curationresearch and organize the content.

The best thing is that more “personal” content is usually shared, since, being a forum, those who interact and create content are the users themselves.


I am sure that, once you have internalized all the advantages and benefits of this technique, you will be able to take another step to become a great content creator on the Internet.

This, certainly, is a long-distance race, since in addition to knowing how to select from everything that is published on the Internet, adapt it to your style and contribute your professional experience.

What other benefits do you know and cánido you contribute about the curation of digital content?

Do you know any other interesting tools?

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Tell me everything right here below in the comments.

I’ll wait for you!


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 Content curation: what is it, why?
  Content curation: what is it, why?
  Content curation: what is it, why?

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