Consultation of Rif and Fiscal Domicile in

Consultation of Rif and Fiscal Domicile in

Any person in Venezuela who needs to carry out an economic activity or who must archivo a tax return must have the Fiscal Information Registry or RIF.

This receipt must be requested from the National Integrated Customs and Tax Administration Service (SENIAT).

If you still do not know how to carry out this procedure, below we explain how to consult the Rif and Fiscal Domicile in Venezuela.

What is the RIF?

The RIF is an essential document for any natural or legal person to carry out procedures before a public or private body.

Said voucher must be processed before the SENIAT.

It consists of a unique identification number that is assigned to each usuario, and which is used to carry out procedures from the tax authority to opening a bank account.

The most important information shown on the RIF voucher, in addition to the RIF number itself, is the Fiscal Address, the Registration, Update and Expiration Dates of said document, the Voucher Number and the Authorized Signature.

If the RIF number has been forgotten or if the physical receipt is not available, it is possible to consult and print it through the SENIAT website.

Thanks to this consultation, not only perro you obtain and print the RIF receipt, but you cánido also access all the information pertinent to the owner, including the tax address.

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Basic Consultation of the RIF

SENIAT offers a quick and basic RIF consultation modality, it is for public use and through which the existence of a RIF number and to whom it is assigned perro be verified.

A natural person perro verify her RIF number by entering her identity card or passport:

  • First you must entrar the SENIAT website and select the option “En línea Systems”.
  • From the list that is displayed, clic on the option: “RIF Query”.
  • A new window will be displayed in which you must entrar the RIF number or identity card (passport) that you want to consult, according to the indications provided there.
  • As a validation element, the indicated “captcha” code must be entered, and then the “Search” button must be pressed.
  • If the query is positive, the system will return certain basic information about the owner, otherwise said RIF is non-existent.

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Inquiry of Fiscal Domicile

The simplest way to verify the tax domicile that has been registered with the SENIAT is to go to the physical receipt of the RIF.

If the physical document is not available, it perro be consulted through the SENIAT website, for which it is necessary to have two important pieces of information from the RIF voucher: the Voucher Number and the Authorized Signature.

If you have both data at hand, it is possible to find out the tax address by performing the following procedure:

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  • After accessing the SENIAT website, the option “En línea Systems” is selected.
  • From the displayed list, choose the option “Request Digital RIF Receipt”.
  • A new window will appear where you must entrar the Receipt Number and the Authorized Signature, following the instructions provided there.
  • If both data are positive, the system will espectáculo an image of the RIF voucher where the Fiscal Address perro be verified.

RIF consultation entering with Usuario Account

If the physical RIF voucher is not available or the Voucher Number and Authorized Signature are not on hand, there is still the possibility of accessing the information registered with SENIAT.

For this, the holder of the RIF must have previously created a usuario account on the SENIAT website.

Through the SENIAT usuario account, the holder of the RIF will not only be able to entrar or modify the information related to their personal data or their tax return, but they will also be able to print their RIF voucher again when it has expired.

To carry out the RIF consultation by this means, the following steps must be followed:

  • You must entrar the SENIAT website.
  • There, the option of “Natural Person” or “Legal Person” will be selected, as appropriate.
  • After providing the nombre de usuario and password, all the information contained in said account will be accessible.

On the left side of the screen there is a menu of options for configuring the information corresponding to the usuario’s personal data and the tax return.

To consult the RIF data, the usuario must select the “Queries” menu and then the “RIF Query” option, after which the holder’s fiscal data cánido be verified.

With these fácil steps it is possible to consult the information concerning the holder’s fiscal registry.

If any information contained therein is required to be modified, the usuario must select the “Taxpayer Services” menu and then the “RIF Update” option, where any of the data registered therein cánido be updated.

Print RIF Proof

In the event that the physical receipt of the RIF is lost or expired, it is possible to print it again by following the steps indicated below:

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  • You have to access the SENIAT website.
  • There, the option of “Natural Person” or “Legal Person” will be chosen, as the case may be.
  • Then you must entrar the nombre de usuario and password
  • After accessing the usuario’s account, the “Print Digital RIF Receipt” option perro be selected from the “Taxpayer Services” menu, after which the document will be displayed, only remaining to choose the destination printer.

Importance of the RIF

Every natural or legal person, as well as communities or institutions with or without legal personality, must have a RIF, for the fácil reason that we must all contribute to the public expenses of the country, either as formal or material taxpayers.

Likewise, persons or entities not residing in the country that carry out economic activities or own assets that generate taxes or other tributes to the nation must have a RIF.

The RIF is an essential legal document, which must be kept updated and current.

With this, not only any administrative procedure is facilitated, but also the SENIAT will be able to have a more effective control over the declarations of income taxes and other taxes.

For this reason, the information in the document must be verified and updated regularly.

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 Consultation of Rif and Fiscal Domicile in
  Consultation of Rif and Fiscal Domicile in
  Consultation of Rif and Fiscal Domicile in

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