Consent: What is it? Earn money and get paid

Consent: What is it? Earn money and get paid

Consupermiso is a very complete platform with which you cánido earn money very easily and it also has a lot of ways in which you perro obtain benefits.

In fact, it is one of our favorite pages along with the Ysense or Swagbucks pages, which also have us captivated.

Although the best known way is to earn money by reading correos electrónicos.

There are other ways such as doing paid surveys, downloading the Aplicación or through the Cashback system.

It is characterized by being one of the PTRs (Paid-to-Read) who pays the most per clic.

Besides, it’s maybe one of the pages The most famous PTR in the ámbito and older in Spanish.

It started in 2009 and continues to this day.

Since then, it has evolved and added multiple ways to earn moneysuch as its Cashback system or paid surveys.

Data sheet

Created in: Year 2009.

Languages: Spanish.

Accepted Countries: Spain, México, Colombia, Italy, France and Brazil.

minimum payment: 30 euros.

Payment method: PayPal and bank transfer.

Referrals: 1 level.

Payment per referral: From 10% to 50% of the earnings of your affiliates. (Read affiliate section).

What is Consent?

Consupermiso is a platform that belongs to the correo electrónico marketing company IBrands Interactive Media, SL The website was founded in 1999, and since then, it has been paying its users.

Consupermiso is a platform that is based on advertising.

Every job we do has some relationship with offers from other companies.

we perro make money opening correos electrónicos, downloading and testing applicationsand conducting surveys.

In addition, this platform also has a cashback system with which we perro earn money while we shop.

The platform is available for Spain, Portugal, México, Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

Sign up for Consent

Creating an account is fácil and free.

However, please note that if you are not from any of the countries mentioned above, You may not be able to register on the platform.

To register, you will only have to complete the form that appears above, with each of the requested fields.

If you wish, you perro also use fb to register.

After you do that, you will receive an dirección de correo electrónico to confirm your address, and ready.

Once that is done, you will be inside the platform.

How does Consermiso work?

Once you have confirmed your dirección de correo electrónico, you will be sent to the main panel of the platform.

To the right side of the web, you will find a menu which has the total amount of money, and what you have made with Cashback and other forms of work.

You will also be able to find your referrals, the amount of money you have earned with them, your affiliate backlink, and some buttons that allow you to invite new friends through Fb and Twitter.

Towards the upper left hand side, we will find our first 4 offers, as a gift from the page to obtain our first 4 points.

These offers are also called “Poker”.

To earn money on this platform, basically all we have to do is complete different types of tasks, such as register on a website, conduct surveys and more.

Another interesting thing is that Consupermiso has a mobile application, with which we perro carry out all our tasks. the aplicación It is available on the Android Playstore.

How to earn money with Consuppermiso?

As we mentioned before, Conpermiso offers us different ways to generate money.

Next, we will mention each of them.

Earn money doing paid surveys

The first way to earn money on this platform is through the paid surveys.

Periodically, we will receive an correo electrónico that will allow us to generate money.

Just by clicking on it we will get €0.06, and if we do it correctly, we will receive up to €1.

Earn money by doing paid offers

As we mentioned earlier, once we are registered, we will receive some welcome offers.

These offers we cánido earn up to €1 for each one.

In the example of the image, if we clic on the first offer, it will forward us to this site.

Profits are earned once we have registered on the website.

Consuppermiso sends these types of offers sporadically.

Earn money with the Consupermiso referral system

As they explain on their official site, Consupermiso not only has the system of surveys and offers, but also has a Referral program.

With this referral program, you will be able to generate good income, since there is no affiliate limit.

And with your first 10 referrals, you perro earn €10, that is, €1 for each one.

We leave you a summary vídeo in case you are a little lazy to read the text.

And now we continue with the cashback system.

Earn money with Cashback

On this platform, we perro also earn money when making our purchaseswhich is also known as Cashback.

To do this, we will only have to make our purchases in the allowed stores, with the extension of the platform.

Consupper Cashback System

Using the Cashback system of this platform is really fácil.

You cánido do it in two ways.

The first is using the Withconsent extension in Google plus Google chrome or Mozilla firefox.

This extension will inform you every time a store has Cashback products available.

It is important that have the extension activated, when you make the purchase, so you perro receive your points.

By using this extension, you receive an plus €0.10 monthly, just for having it installed.

You perro also make Cashback andEntering directly to the Consupermiso platform.

Look for the Cashback section and go to the available offers.

Once you have made the purchase, you will receive a notification that the cómputo is pending confirmation.

In With consent, the Cashback It is measured through a percentage for each purchase done.

The percentage will depend on the en línea store, and the product that is on sale.

In the image that is in the next section, all the available stores are shown, and the percentage that you perro obtain by making purchases in each one.

In some, you perro get up to 8%.

To withdraw the money you obtained through Cashback, the points must have been confirmed, and you must have as minimum €10.

You may also be interested in the Cashback Store Aplicación with which you cánido earn €1 for the fácil fact of downloading this application.

Amazon Cashback

At the request of some users, we have decided to specify that currently With permission does not have a Cashback system for AmazonAt least for the moment.

However, the platform has many other stores available to make your purchases.

These are:

  • AliExpress Spain.

    Winning Percentage:up to 4.48%.

  • druni.Gain percentage: up to 6.4%.
  • PC Components.

    Winning percentage: up to 5.6%.

  • The English Court.

    Winning percentage: up to 6.26%.

  • sandbank.

    Winning percentage: up to 4.8%.

  • zooplus.

    Winning percentage: up to 2%.

  • tastebox.

    Percentage of profit: until €2.

  • promofarma.

    Winning percentage: up to 1.6%.

  • bulevip.

    Winning percentage: up to 8%.

  • yves rocher.

    Winning percentage: up to 8%.

  • Perfume Club.

    Winning percentage: up to 6.4%.

How much do you earn in each section?

clic campaigns: For each correo electrónico they will give us €0.06.

Personally I think it’s a lot for the fácil fact of reading correos electrónicos.

In fact, this page is one of the PTRs that give the most money for opening correos electrónicos.

Registration campaigns: For each campaign in which you register correctly, they will give you €0.10.

Aplicación download: Us they will pay €0.20 for each Application for mobile devices that we download, from the Consupermiso Aplicaciones panel.

Surveys: The money you get for completing a survey correctly, is more than €1 in most cases, reaching up the 2€ per survey (it is the most that has come to me so far).

The Aplicación of Consermiso for mobile phone

We also have the option aplicación formatfor Android and iOS mobile devices.

It’s basically the same as on the website, but in the mobile phone aplicación.

An ideal option for when you are away from home or work.

One thing that has caught my attention is that for downloading the aplicación of With consent we will have a campaign available afín to the welcome poker that they give us for registering.

The campaign is called Welcome Poker APP and consists of doing several tasks, very afín to those of the welcome campaigns that we have when registering.

If you download the APP and do the welcome campaign they will give you 4€

The Consupermiso affiliate program has 4 levels of referrals.

As will be shown below, the referral system does not have a specific limit of affiliates, and the profit that we will obtain is managed through percentages.

That is, the more affiliate we have, the greater the profits that we cánido obtain for each one.

Basic level.

with your first 100 referrals, you perro earn 10% of what each of your affiliates generates.

Silver level.

After 101 to 750 affiliatesyou cánido get the fifteen %.

Gold level.

Of 751 to 1500 affiliateswe will receive the 25%.

Premium level.

More than 1500 affiliateswe will get the fifty% of what affiliates generate.

Also, with your first 10 affiliates, you will get €1 for each one.

To use the referral system, you will have to use your referral backlink for others to sign up with it.

This backlink appears in the main panel, at the bottom right.

Does permission pay or is it scam?

Yes, with Consermiso it is a very serious page, which makes its payments on time.

On the Internet, there are a lot of positive references to this platform.

The minimum withdrawal amount is €30 for almost all methods, except for Cashback.

In that case, you will need reach €10 to withdraw your winnings.

About Consent Payments

The process to obtain our purchases is really fácil.

Next, we present the entire process to make the payment.

How to get paid in Consupermiso

Entrar the Main Panel, and towards the left side, you will see two amounts.

The first is what you generate with surveys, referrals, and offers.

And the second, with the Cashback.

Once you have reached the corresponding limit for each one, the button will be enabled.


In our case, it is not enabled because we do not have available cómputo.

You will then be directed to a page that will ask you for the payment method you wish to use.

You cánido do it vía Paypal or bank transfer.

Extension for Google plus Google chrome

To use the Consent extension, you must be registered on the platform.

The extension is available for both Google plus Google chrome as for Mozilla firefox.

If you want to install it, clic here, go to the bottom of the page and select the download backlinks.

When you entrar some of the en línea stores available on the platform, you a Consent banner will appear above the browser, as is evident in the image above.

Select the option that says “activate offer”and thus you will receive the refund with each purchase you make.

It is important to note that you do not need to activate the extension every time you open the browser again.

And for having this extension activated, you will receive €0.10 each month.

Advantages and negative aspects

Here is a list of what has been the most important aspects for us, its advantages and some of its negative points.

Positive aspects

  1. It is the PTR that gives the most money for reading paid correos electrónicos.

    As a general rule, quite a few correos electrónicos arrive a week, of which there are premium correos electrónicos that give even more money.

  2. The fact that it’s up and running after such a long time gives you a lot of peace of mind when starting to accumulate points in your account.
  3. has some very good welcome promotions! It’s the first thing I did…
  4. One of the things that I liked the most is his referral system.

    In addition to being able to earn a 50% commission from your referrals, when you invite someone to the page, they earn €0.30, which is not bad compared to other pages that don’t give you anything.

negative aspects

  1. He main drawback What I see in this page is that, at the moment, it only accepts Spain and México from Spanish-speaking countries.

    Although they say they want to expand to more countries.

    Let’s hope it’s soon!

  2. Another thing that seems to me a total failure, is the time it takes to payIt’s something they should fix…
  3. Finally, add that there are weeks that arrive very few surveys.

    Let’s say that it is not the strong point of this PTR… yes, the ones that arrive are loaded, and perro be worth up to €2 each panel.

Tricks and recommendations of Consuppermiso

As a main recommendation, my advice is that you do not put the phone number in no offer.

Since we cánido receive charges for the mobile.

Or in the best of cases, someone cánido call you to give you the grill (although it depends on each one of course).

Another important recommendation is that, ideally, create us a secondary dirección de correo electrónico account for these pages.

Thus we will receive all paid correos electrónicos, surveys and advertising in a single dirección de correo electrónico, without interfering with our personal correo electrónico.

To finish this section; remember that, as already mentioned above, not all correos electrónicos are paid so it’s worth reading the fenezca print at the end of the dirección de correo electrónico.

With Permission and Your Opinions

I don’t know if you have noticed but, with the Welcome campaigns that offer us: Welcome Poker (4€) and Welcome Poker APP (4€)

…perro be earn 8 EUROS in less than 30 min!

yes to this amount of 8 Euro we add the €10 you cánido earn for inviting to the first 10 people…

ohThey add up to a total of €18!

Using a little more time, we cánido easily get the minimum to collect (which is 30 Euros).

Currently all these promotions are in force, but I don’t know how long they will last, so yourself! But I think that it’s worth it take advantage of them

Consupermiso is a platform that started as a PTR, that is, a site to earn money by reading correos electrónicos.

But over time he was diversifying the opportunities to earn money.

Thanks to this, making money on this platform is much easier.

Combining all the methods, it is easy to reach the minimum payment amount.

It is also important to note that in order to work properly on this platform, you must belong to one of the accepted countries.

You cánido use a VPN to register.

However, not only you operation on the platform will be limitedbut you run the risk that close your accountand lose all accumulated money.

This platform is very reliable, and makes its payments responsibly.

For this reason, at CGD we recommend Conpermiso.

Finally, add that with my permission it is one of the best pages to read correos electrónicos for money that currently exist, so if you want to read a few correos electrónicos a day (in addition to other paid tasks) and get paid well for it, this is a good site!

We hope this article has been very useful to you.

Start earning money now through Consupermiso, with surveys, offers, and making your purchases.

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 Consent: What is it?  Earn money and get paid
  Consent: What is it?  Earn money and get paid
  Consent: What is it?  Earn money and get paid

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