Consejos to disminuye work stress and be

Consejos to disminuye work stress and be

Today’s article will be very short, but, in my opinion, it could help you disminuye work stress.

I hope you like it and find it useful.

Create a fácil environment

I will start by asking you something… Do you have an object that you appreciate for something? It cánido be a medal that you won at school, a gift from some important person, it cánido be something that reminds you of yourself, but, in the past.

Do you have something like that? What relationship does it have with stress or anxiety?

Well, I would like to tell you that everything in this life is happiness and that there is not at least one thing that makes us feel sad, stressed, anxious or upset.

Many of those feelings perro be evoked by the objects around us.

For example, a stuffed animal that your ex–partner gave you, when you see it, perro awaken in you a large number of memories and feelings.

Feelings that cánido be positive or negative.

If they are negative, your mood perro change from one second to the next and you cánido start to be anxious, sad, angry, stressed, etcétera.

So, as advice, I recommend that you clean your workspace of any object that evokes bad feelings in you. Of course, this also applies to your room or any part of your house.


Narrow down the options

Hasn’t it happened to you that you have so many options that you cánido’t choose what to do or which option to take? If so, chances are you’ve been feeling stressed, anxious, perhaps upset, and at the end of the day, you may have been feeling unproductive.


Well, it has happened to me, in fact, leaving aside other aspects of my life, it happened to me a lot with my page.

There are so many things I have to do to improve my page that there were times when I spent so much time thinking about those things that instead of making progress, I ended up doing nothing on the page.

All those days ended with me having a equipo of mixed feelings and nothing positive.

Therefore, my advice is that you do not live it all the time looking for all the defects in your life, looking for everything you have to do; start with what you have and start working on it.

In a nutshell, start moving task by task, activity by activity and you will see that at the end of the day you will be able to feel that you did many things.

Start prioritizing

This advice cánido be seen as a complement to the previous one because you already have a equipo of options (activities) that you must do, so my advice is to start giving each of the options a certain weight or value.


The goal of giving each option a weight is the fact that you will be able to start doing the tasks that have a higher weight.

This cánido be taken as an application of the Pareto principlewhere 20% of the tasks will give you 80% of the benefits.

It should be noted that you cánido establish the aspecto that will give each option a certain weight.

For example, you perro equipo the weight according to the time or the benefits you are going to get.

We hope you liked our article Consejos to disminuye work stress and be
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 Consejos to disminuye work stress and be
  Consejos to disminuye work stress and be
  Consejos to disminuye work stress and be

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