Consejos before starting a business

Consejos before starting a business

Consejos before starting.

Discover what you have to consider before starting a business.

What are the consejos before starting that I recommend?

Below I will list the most important elements that you have to take into account before starting.

Of course, there may be more elements or factors that cánido influence the success or failure of a business.

Economic factors

Of course, whether or not you think of the fact that the main objective of a company (profit) is to make money, the truth is that you need obtain benefits.

In fact, many definitions of economics touch on the point that it is the science that studies the choices made by individuals, companies, or the government itself to face scarcity, that is, to satisfy their needs and desires.


Therefore, in order for you to get benefits, you have to consider things like:

  • Which are the costs fixed and variable product?
  • How many people cánido be interested in my product?
  • To what price perro i sell it? Are they willing to pay that price for my product?
  • Which is the margin of gain what am i going to get?
  • Which is the breakeven?
  • Which is the return of investment?

In short, you have to make sure that you are really going to get a profitable business, which will allow you to achieve what you want.

customer needs

Of course, the most important thing is to satisfy the needs of the client.

Therefore, your duty is to learn to hear already notice really what are those unmet needs.

Remember that we live in a world whose only constant is change.

Therefore, if you are able to discover the unsatisfied needs of the competition, then you will be able to create a business opportunity.

Therefore, it is very important that you be attentive to both people and the competition.

Gather all the features and attributes that people want from a product and start making it happen.

Competitor weaknesses

According to Jorge Enrique Silva Duartein his book «Entrepreneur: Create your own company»tells us that:

“This aspecto consists of clearly specifying the things or processes that would substantially improve what the competition offers today, for greater customer satisfaction or compliance with current products or services.” ENTREPRENEUR.

By Jorge Enrique SILVA DUARTE, 2008, Alfaomega, p.


In short, we have to benchmarking of the competition to know what it does well and what it does badly; with the aim of improving what the competition does well and even more so, what the competition does badly.

You have to be able to identify and exploit the weaknesses of the competition, but also you have to be aware of your own weaknesses and strengths.


Silva Duarte suggests that people who are trying to purchase the competitor’s product be asked the following:

  • What things should be changed in the current business proposal?
  • What do they expect to receive or what do they receive?
  • What would make your decision to buy in that place change radically?

physical location

I think we will agree with the fact that a business cannot exist if there are no customers, that is, without selling.

Therefore, it is very important that customers have easy access to the business.

Within this section there is something that you have to consider and that Silva Duarte gives a lot of weight to: the aparcamiento lot.

He mentions that: “In businesses associated with products or services that require the attendance of people, the availability of mass transportation and the possibility of car aparcamiento are critical success factors.” ENTREPRENEUR.

By Jorge Enrique SILVA DUARTE, 2008, Alfaomega, p.


In summary, you have to take into account if the place where you are going to establish your business is going to receive the expected influx of people and if they are going to have the possibility of aparcamiento their car.

The success or failure of a business will depend a lot on that.

en línea presence

Of course, especially right now, en línea sales are here to stay and are playing a big role.

In fact, the business models that are most resistant to change have had to adapt and modify the way in which operations were taking place.

Therefore, it is a fact that you have to start thinking about creating your virtual space, which will allow you to reach more people and therefore generate more sales.


This is how digital marketing has become (even more) a necessary tool for the success or failure of a company.

In fact, it has many advantages, for example, it cánido be disminuye costs and expenses (depending on the turn).

Finally, I’ll tell you something: If you are not able to adapt, then you are going to stagnate and fail.


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 Consejos before starting a business
  Consejos before starting a business
  Consejos before starting a business

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