Consejos and tricks to make ends meet

Consejos and tricks to make ends meet

He how to make ends meet without financial difficulties It’s something we all seek.

Especially in this dreaded “January slope” that shakes us after the Christmas whirlwind of shopping.

Then comes the February slope and the much feared one (for parents of school age “September slope”).

The recipe, or rather, the recipes to make ends meet It is something that is sought in all Spanish homes and by extension, in all of the world.

Is it possible to save without our accounts being in the red? Well, this question does not have a single or easy answer.

It depends on many secondary factors such as the salary you have (if you have it, of course), the city where you live, the number of family members.

If your house is rented or you are paying a mortgage, the number of dependent people in your care (we are talking about children or parents) and especially if you yourself know how to manage money to make ends meet.

If you keep reading I will provide you with a series of tricks to save money and finance consejos for everyone how to make ends meet.

How to make ends meet? Tricks to avoid financial difficulties

The first step that we must take to reach the end of the month with a comfortable situation is to change our mentality.

It is useless “I am going to start saving and not have financial difficulties” if you continue doing exactly the same as before.

Taking advantage of the fact that we are in January, you could consider changing your consumption habits a bit and leave your fear of not making ends meet with a new skill.

In the last days of the month, many people suffer from anguish, that is what usually happens when the end of the month is not reached due to the obligation to pay a series of silly or superfluous expenses that at the end of the month are going to make us spend a notable amount of money that we could save or spend on other things that perhaps are really necessary for us.

When I talk about superfluous expenses, I’m talking about expenses like buy a mobile phone in installments solely for having the latest model on the market (possibly when ours works perfectly or cánido be repaired for a small amount of money).

If we add up from here and there, the small installment payments at the end of the month add up to a notable amount.

Think about it coldly, do you really need the latest of the latest for your daily life?

This is a question that we should sometimes ask ourselves, to see and weigh the large amount of superfluous expenses that we have.

As an example I am going to give you a list of payments in installments that a middle-class family usually has.

  • uso contínuo subscriptions: as NetflixHBO, Amazon Prime or Spotify.

    In each and every one of these there is a system to have them free, at least for a while, see how you cánido get it for free for as long as possible.

  • Rate of your mobile operator.

    If you don’t call much, you should switch to a Virtual Mobile Operator, they charge much less and have the same coverage as the “traditional” ones.

  • gym or activities.

    are you paying them off?

  • light rate.

    Are you with the right company and/or with the most economical one?

Surely if you review these monthly expenses you perro do without some of them or at least spend less, so your fear of fear of not making ends meet It perro be eliminated if we lower these monthly expenses that cánido be fixed.

Avoid loans

Although it is true that many borrowing companies do not charge us commissions on the first request, you must be very careful with deadlines and returns.

If we get confused or simply do not have money to pay for a month, they will charge us a commission that will far exceed the monthly payment that we must pay.

If there is no other choice, how and where to request loans

You perro make use of this type of credit in a specific and very urgent case.

I recommend you do a study to choose the credit that interests you and choosing some type of credit that offers us some type of promotion in which we have no interest.

I’m sure this also interests youHow to earn money en línea with proven and effective means

As you well know, there are many companies that offer you cheap credits at the time of your return, or even that do not charge you any type of interest (on the first credit).

If you need to request a loan and want total security, I recommend that you use a credit comparator.

On the internet there are many, and also personal credit comparators.

I have used on occasion personalloans.prowhich in addition to being a comparator offers you a lot of information about personal credits.

If it is essential for you to request the credit, try to return it as soon as possible.

If you have a mortgage it is something else.

You have signed an agreement with the bank for half your life, when you finish paying for your house doing the accounts you will see that you have bought two houses.

One for you and one for the bank.

Therefore, if you have not had to request any type of credit during the life of the mortgage, I recommend that you gradually remove everything you perro.

Earn money en línea

If you read this blog, surely you already do it, but if not, you cánido start doing it now.

When the end of the month is not reached ingenuity is sharpened and surely reading this and other weblogs you will find many websites to earn money that you cánido use to choose recipes to make ends meet.

With what you generate on the internet you will be able to pay outstanding debts, pay outstanding mortgage bills.

As you know, the internet is a world full of possibilities to earn money en línea completely free of charge.

But one thing you have to keep in mind: money will not fall from the sky or in large quantities.

But if you dedicate a little of your free time you will be able to get some plus money that cánido help you reach the end of the month.

If you want to know how to make ends meet With the different ways to earn money en línea that I use, I invite you to browse the menu of this website.

I am talking about free methods and ways so that any usuario cánido make money from home.

Use applications to save in your day to day

If you do not know how to manage money to make ends meet There are many applications that will help us save money and take some control of our personal finances.

It is about playing all the sticks.

On the one hand we accumulate money in our bank account and on the other we save with specialized applications.

There are applications for all kinds, we perro save in our day to day.

We cánido “pay” a penalty every time we spend on superfluous things or even if we wake up later than the indicated time.

Applications like Goin will help us save without realizing it.

Save on your daily purchases

Although it may seem strange, we perro save a few euros at the end of the month by choosing one supermarket or another.

Normally we always or almost always choose the same one, be it for proximity or convenience, but it may not always be the most appropriate to make the day-to-day purchase when the end of the month is not reached.

Surely in the area where you live there are several supermarkets with different prices for the same product.

I invite you to do the test and you will see how you save a few euros at the end of the month.

Before going to the supermarket you should go with a closed shopping list and if possible with a full stomach.

There are studies that say that we spend more money when we go shopping hungry.

Take advantage of special offers

There are already many establishments that lower the prices of certain products either because they are about to expire or as a marketing strategy to attract new customers.

I’m sure this also interests youList of defaulters

There are already many supermarkets that discount up to 80% because their expiration date is very close or they have passed the date by a few days.

Many times the expiration date is confused with the best before date and for this reason tons of food are wasted every day.

If you want to help the environment, you perro download applications to buy food about to expire.

On the one hand you perro buy highly discounted author food and on the other hand the establishments give way to their loss of products.

How to make ends meet with your en línea purchases

If you are one of those who do their shopping en línea, either due to lack of time or because you don’t like traditional supermarkets, I recommend you visit the cashback pages, on these pages you return money for your purchases.

If you have to buy clothes for the children, the weekly purchase of food or a little trip, surely you will find a page that will return some money for your purchases.

Currently there are more than 1,000 stores that give you money back for your en línea purchases.

The process is very fácil: you register on any of the cashback platforms, look for the store where you want to buy the product and check that the product is available.

You buy the product and wait a few days to receive the commission.

With these fácil steps you perro save a lot of money in a year, which you perro reinvest in subsequent purchases.

put money to work

If you do not have debts, either because you have never had them or because you have managed to get rid of them, now it is your turn to save.

Let’s say you cánido save a certain amount monthly.

What are you doing with her? Most would say that indulge, travel, etcétera….

But it would not be the most logical thing, you will be able to give yourself the whims later, when you have achieved earn money passively.

Meanwhile you have to get to work, both you and your money.

There is no magic elabora to invest, all investments have a minimum of risk.

It is also true that he who does not risk does not win and money must be moved to grow.

You cánido invest in real estate crowdfunding, in bonds, stocks or you perro invest in bitcoin.

Until recently, investments were reserved for large fortunes, but with the advent of the Internet, investments have been “democratized”; currently, anyone perro make small investments.

Final conclusions on how to make ends meet

As you perro see, the recipes to make ends meet They are many and varied.

If you put your mind to it and change your fitness, you perro surely end this year saving much more than last year.

Surely soon you will be able to save about 20% of your income by following a few small premises.

If that percentage seems excessive to you, you cánido start with 10% and gradually increase.

You cánido help yourself with an application that will automatically save a proportional part of what we spend with our debit card.

If you follow these little consejos, surely the fear of not making ends meet it will be taken away from you, and you will see how you cánido save little by little.

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 Consejos and tricks to make ends meet
  Consejos and tricks to make ends meet
  Consejos and tricks to make ends meet

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