condominium management

condominium management

What is condominium management? In this article I have the objective of explaining to you what it is and the role that a condominium administrator fulfills.

What is condominium management?

You probably already have some iniciativa of ​​what condominium management is since you may have rented an apartment, a house, or live in a housing unit.

However, many times it is thought that the administration of condominiums consists solely of the collection of rent to maintain the common areas.

In fact, the administration of the condominium may imply the search for good tenantsthe charge of a monthly renthe maintenance of the property, the conservation of the land, the security assurance of the tenants, and in general the increase in property value.

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What is the role of the professional condominium manager?

As I said before, the role of a condominium manager is much more complex than simply showing the space, signing the leases, and collecting the rents.

In reality, the condominium manager has to generate the highest possible income for the owners, reducing the hidden or unnecessary costs that are incurred.

In fact, managing a company and a condominium are very afín because the condominium manager has to manage and optimize the resources obtained in order to meet the objectives of the owner(s).

Of course you will have to meet the objectives of the owner as long as they are reasonable, ethical and lawful.

Therefore, the condominium manager has to:

  • Achieve the objectives of the owners;
  • Generate income for the owners (if applicable);
  • Lower costs; and
  • Preserve and/or increase the value of the property.

What skills do condominium managers need to have?

Today, property managers must possess the communication skills and technical knowledge necessary for dynamic decision making.

They also need to have relevant knowledge of the laws that apply in the country and region where they are located.

For example, in México, they have to follow, among other things, the ccivil code and the Real Estate Condominium Property Law.

On the other hand, condominium managers must be at the forefront in technological aspects due to the constant change to adapt to the needs of clients.

Certificate required to carry out condominium management

Condominium managers take care of the funds of the owner(s).

Therefore, to protect clients, condominium managers are required to have a certificate.

In the case of México, if you want to be a condominium administrator you need to have the certificate obtained from PROSOC.

Condominium Management Companies

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It should be noted that I have already entered her page and from what I have seen and talked with her, on her page she will not only offer her services as a condominium manager, but together with her team, they will create articles and administration courses of condominiums.

Therefore, each week you will be able to learn more to be able to certify yourself as an administrator or condominium administrator.

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 condominium management
  condominium management
  condominium management

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