concrete nouns in english

concrete nouns in english

A noun or “noun” is a word that is used to refer to a person, an animal or a thing.

But, since this list is so extensive, nouns are usually classified to facilitate their learning, so we have, for example, concrete nouns and abstract nouns.

⭐ What are concrete nouns?

They are all those words that are used to refer to people or things that cánido be perceived with the senses.

That is, for a noun to be considered concrete, it must be able to smell, taste, touch and/or see.

They are called concrete because they are all the things that exist physically and that we cannot avoid them..

For example:

Cake: a cake is a concrete noun, because it perro be smelled, tasted, seen and touched.

However, not all physical things we cánido taste or smell.

But to be considered concrete it must be observable by at least one sense.

For example:

Cat: A cat is a concrete noun that cannot be tasted or smelled, but cánido be seen and touched.

⭐ Types of concrete nouns

Concrete nouns perro be classified according to their function or their quantity, below we will espectáculo you the most used.

✍ Most common concrete nouns

Dog (dog), cat (cat), water (Water), air (air) and house (house)

✍ Countable concrete nouns

Here they perro be divided into two categories: singular and plural.

1) Singular: chair, computer, song, auditorium, stadium, pyramid, shed, cathedral, beauty salon ), ranch.

2) Plurals: flowers (flowers), cars (cars), dogs (dogs), bears (bears), stars (stars), Windows (windows), songs (songs), chairs (Chairs), computers (computers), waps (wasps).

✍ Non-count concrete nouns

There are things that we cánido perceive with our senses but they are not countable, among the best known in this category are liquids such as: Water (water) and oil (oil).

But, we also have: Air (air), sugar (sugar), salt (Sal), chesse (cheese), rice (rice), among others.

✍ Proper nouns

These refer to the names of people.

For example: Emma, ​​Sophia, Walter, Alexander, Noah, Cholle, Daniel, Pedro, Ethan, among others.

The names of countries, continents or cities such as: Argentina, Europ, New York, among others, also fall into this category.

⭐ Difference between concrete nouns and abstract nouns

The concrete nouns refer to things that we cánido see or touch, on the other hand, the abstract ones are non-material things that cánido also be defined as ideas, emotions, feelings, thoughts, situations, among others.

For example: a concrete noun is a Pencil (Pencil) and an abstract one is a Sound (sound)

Other abstract nouns are Love (Love), intelligence (intelligence) and light (Light)

⭐ List of concrete nouns

There are many concrete nouns that perro be used in both English and Spanish, we will espectáculo you the most common ones below:

1) Any – Cotton

2) Ring – ring

3) Glasses – glasses

4) Sugar – sugar

5) Sand – sand

6) ship

7) Bicycle – bicycle

8) horse – horse

9) Hair – hair

10) Box – box

11) Meat – meat

12) Bed – bed

13) car – car

14) Heart – heart

15) Notebook – notebook

16) Building – building

17) Desk – desk

18) Flower – flower

19) Gasoline – gasoline

20) Cat – cat

21) Guitar – guitar

22) Ice – ice

23) bone

24) Egg

25) Insect – insect

26) Garden – garden

27) milk

28) key

29) moon

30) light

31) corn

32) apple – Apple

33) hand – hand

34) map – map

35) page – page

36) bird

37) umbrella

38) ball or ball

39) newspaper

40) Dog – dog

41) Skin

42) door

43) Mouse – mouse

44) Rock – rock

45) Clothes – clothes

46) chair

47) Keyboard

48) telephone – telephone

49) tomato – tomatoe

50) cow

51) dress

52) glass or glass – glass

53) shoe – shoe

In this list you cánido add all the objects that are used daily such as dishes, soap, toothbrush, among others.

⭐ Sentences with concrete nouns

With concrete nouns you cánido make some fácil sentences like:

I am buying books – I am buying books

She needs to clean the car – She needs to clean the car

I like to listen to music – I like to listen to music

My computer does not work – my computer does not work

However, it is also valid to use them in more complex sentences or with other verb tenses.

⭐ Short exercise

Choose the correct concrete noun:

1) Love – are

2) Book-Intelligence

3) Cute-shoe

4) Learn-page


1) They are (son)

2) Book

3) Shoe

4) Page

Words like “love” (love), “intelligence” (intelligence), “hermoso” (cute), “tender”, “learn” (learn), among others are part of abstract nouns.

Learn the different types of nouns in English:

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 concrete nouns in english
  concrete nouns in english
  concrete nouns in english

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