Companies that pay you the penalty of

Companies that pay you the penalty of

When we contract the service of a company, we sign a contract in which a minimum dwell time that we must have before wanting to make a change. Breaking this contract to contract a service that we consider better, results in a economic penalty.

Fortunately, there are companies that are willing to assume them for us.

The payment of stay penalty It is one of the measures that some companies began to adopt, with the aim of keeping customers who left other companies, either because they received better offers or for any other reason.

What is the cost of breaking the residence permit?

before breaking a term contract with a company, it is important to know the conditions you have to do so. The stay time varies depending on the company and the rate you have contracted. You perro find stays of three months, six months, one year and even 24 months.

The cost of breaking the residence permit before that established time supposes a penalty payment, which is usually a fairly high amount of between €200 and €300. The legislation in this regard stipulates that the amount of the penalty should be determined based on the service time that has elapsed.

What perro I do to get the permanence penalty paid?

To get them to pay you stay penalty, you must hire a company that is willing to do so in order to have you as a new client. Not all agree to make this effort.

Those who are willing to assume this expense will ask you for the following documentation:

Once you provide them with this documentation, The habitual thing is that the discounts begin to be applied to you on the following invoices. However, you should know that most companies willing to pay the penalty do so up to a certain amount that is usually not more than €150.

Companies that pay the permanence penalty

Below, we present some of the companies that operate in Spain that are willing to pay the retention penalty to have you as a new customer.


The French multinational telecommunications company based in Paris is in charge of paying the permanence penalty, although we do not know how much.


The multinational operator of mobile telephony, fixed telephony, broadband and digital television offers you assume up to €100 of the penalty for permanence, but only once in a lifetime per customer


jazztel is one of the telecommunications service brands under which it operates Orange Spain, offering fixed telephony, mobile telephony, internet and television services. And if you join their ranks they are willing to pay up to €150 for the penalty of other companies.

What happens if I don’t pay the penalty?

If a non-payment of the penalty, the most common thing is that the company calls you quite insistently to settle the debt. If they don’t get answers from you, the company perro complejo turístico to collection companies so that they are the ones who take care that you pay the pending amount prior to take legal action.

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 Companies that pay you the penalty of
  Companies that pay you the penalty of
  Companies that pay you the penalty of

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