Commissions charged by real estate

Commissions charged by real estate

He real estate campo in Spain It has undergone great changes in recent years along with the growth of new technologies, the Internet and all the possibilities it offers.

The rise of real estate en línea has generated a revolution and a new way of dealing with the processes of buying and selling real estate that has forced the traditional real estate has restructured its entire commission structure.

What are the usual commissions of a real estate agency for rent?

The real estate commission for rent It is one of the most controversial issues when dealing with real estate.

Happens that, in Spain It is not stipulated by law how much you have to pay a real estate agency to rent an apartment.

For this reason, in the real estate environment it is usually established that the percentage is between 8% and 10% of the annual incomeor one or two monthly payments, depending on the size of the property and the reference value it has in the market.

These commissions perro be assumed by the owner, by the tenant or by both parties and this is determined by each Autonomous Community since it is not regulated by a national law either.

How much does a real estate agency charge for the sale of a property?

The traditional agencies They usually charge between 3% and 7% commission on the sale while the en línea agencies They charge a fee ranging from 1,000 and 8,000 euros.

This substantial difference is what is causing a crack that has begun to harm to traditional real estate since the en línea system makes it possible for anyone to sell their home in a fácil, comfortable and transparent way and save commissions that in many cases would exceed 10,000 euros.

However, the irruption of en línea agencies has not made a dent, for the moment, in the commercial policy developed by the majority of traditional real estate companies since they are still the chosen ones by many people who prefer personal treatment and professional advice.

However, in the future, with the advancement of technology and the increase in the use of digital buying and selling a change in the commission policy of traditional real estate companies is expected in order not to lose customers.

Who should pay the real estate commissions?

In the case of buying and selling, the commission is deducted from the sale price and paid by the seller at the time of signing the deed of purchase and sale.

Some agencies do not include VAT in this percentage, so it will be important to consult it before hiring their services and not be surprised.

While in the rental commissionnormally the owner is asked between a 8-10% on annual rent and on the other hand, the tenant is charged 1 or 2 months rent as fees or even the 10% of the annual rent.

Cánido rental or sale commissions be negotiated with the real estate agency?

Commission prices are negotiable but it depends a lot on the insistence and liveliness of the parties.

For example, yesi during the operation the agent suggests lowering the sale price of the apartmentyou perro negotiate to lower the commission percentage as well.

If the apartment is in an area of ​​high demand, you perro also negotiate the commission.

In general, apartments found in large cities are relatively easy to sell.

Therefore, you perro also negotiate a reduction in the commission in these cases.

Another alternative is investigate what are the rates of other real estate agencies including en línea real estate and with that data go to fight the price with your agent to get a discount.

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 Commissions charged by real estate
  Commissions charged by real estate
  Commissions charged by real estate

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