Commissions charged by investment funds

Commissions charged by investment funds

When we hire a Investment fund most of us don’t know how much to pay for this product. This it is because the money does not come directly from our bank account or of the card, but is charged against the estate have accumulated in the background.

Fortunately for us, in recent years commissions have gone down continuously together with the generalization of discretionary portfolio management services. However, it is always good to have full knowledge of What are the commissions that we will be charged?.

Why do investment funds charge commissions?

This issue is often a reason for protest investorbut payment of commissions has its justification. Investment funds, like any other contracted product or service, have an associated cost.

The money collected in commissions goes to a proper fund management, guarantees that the money is in good hands. In other words, We pay for all the work that the management team will do to obtain the best possible results from our investment in that fund.

Most common commissions charged by investment funds

When we hired an investment fund, it is as important to look at the performance of the fund as the commissions it charges to really see how profitable it is. Commissions play a very important role when deciding where to invest.

These are the commissions applicable when contracting a fund based on current legislation.


The first and main commission that is paid is that of management, since is what charges the entity that manages the purchase and sale of shares, bonds or derivatives on behalf of the fund.

This commission is usually 1% or 1.75% per year of the total invested and the client does not usually perceive this impact as it is discounted daily from the profitability that is generated. These commissions are called implicit, that is, they are already deducted from the net asset value of the fund.


Also called depository commissionis that the one charged by the bank that is in charge of guarding the fund’s investments and rounds between 0.1% and 0.2% per year. It is also an implicit commission since they are charged directly to the investment fund.


Although it is not always charged, the subscription commission is deduces at the time of the sale of shares of the investment fund. They are established in funds that are traded only during a specific periodFor example, guaranteed funds. It is of an individual nature and is charged at the time of investing and is a percentage of the total capital invested.


It is defined as the commission charged by the manager at the time the investment in the fund is undone, either by total, partial or transfer refund. It is calculated as a percentage of the repaid capital. That is to say that they are explicit since it is deduced from the total.

When should investment fund commissions be paid?

The way in which the different commissions related to investment funds are charged will depend mainly on the type of commission in question; commissions for management and depositare discounted daily from the fund’s assets, thus reducing its net asset value.

The commissions for subscription or refund they are discounted individually at the time of subscription of the fund units or at the time of their redemption.

That others possible commissions Perro you have a mutual fund?

Although a Investment fund usually present alone the four commissions seen before, there are other types that could affect these money. Some of these additional commissions are:

  • Distribution commission: It is usually included in the management commission. It covers the procedures carried out by other intermediaries that are also part of the system, such as distribution networks.

What entities regulate the commissions charged by investment funds?

The investment fund commissions are established in article 8 of Law 35/2003 and determines that the companies involved in the management and deposit are the ones that regulate them.

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 Commissions charged by investment funds
  Commissions charged by investment funds
  Commissions charged by investment funds

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