colorful frame

colorful frame

Emplees a colorful frame to enhance your school work and study notebooks. This colorful frame is perfect for a variety of projects that need a decorative touch. Its fácil design allows you to use it in the preparation of exercise sheets, activities, classroom exams and many more applications.

On the web, you cánido find a wide selection of colorful frames like this one, as well as others with attractive and personalized designs for all types of audiences. Creativity is the limit, so you have the necessary tools to adapt this colorful frame with fácil circles to your needs. It is coincidente with any word processor you use.

colorful frame for word

Download colorful frame for Word and image

Before you start the download, we will share the details of the colorful border for word. You cánido download it both for Word in a .docx or in .png so you perro adapt it as you want. The download archivo will be a .zip that you must unzip.

Colorful frame for word

The download archivo will be a .docx that is coincidente with: Microsoft Word, Google plus Docs, Open Office Writer.

AUTHORLICENSEFORMATDIMENSIONSRESOLUTIONTYPE OF DOWNLOAD For personal use only Editable .docx A4 210 x 297mm 300dpi .zip archivo

Colorful border on image (.PNG and JPEG)

AUTHORLICENSEFORMATDIMENSIONSRESOLUTIONTYPE OF DOWNLOAD For personal use only .PNG | JPEG A4 210 x 297mm 300dpi .zip archivo

How to use Colorful Border Frame for Word?

It is not necessary to have knowledge of graphic design or master programs such as Photoshop, since all designs are available in .Docx formatcoincidente with habitual word processors such as Office, OpenOffice or Docs.

to use this colorful framejust download the archivo from the provided backlink”FREE DOWNLOAD” and, once saved to your computer, clic on it to unzip it. It will open your text computer with our colorful border, allowing you to add text, images and much more.

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Frequent questions

Is the colorful frame for word free?

yes you cánido download the colorful frame for Word for free on our website.

How to download the colorful border for Word or in image format?

To download the colorful frame in «», you must follow these fácil steps:- Choose if you prefer to download the .docx archivo to use in Word or the image in .png format- Clic on the button «Free download».- Save the cover on your device.

The archivos will be downloaded in a .zip that you must unzip

Is the Colorful Frame for Word coincidente with different versions of Microsoft Word?

Yes, our colorful framework is designed to be coincidente with various versions of Microsoft Word. The final document is .Docx

Cánido I use it in other word processing programs?

Although they are designed specifically for Word, you cánido try opening and editing the cover pages with other word processing programs that support Word archivos.

Cánido I share with my classmates or colleagues?

Of course, feel free to share our website with your classmates or colleagues to download our back to school border.

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 colorful frame
  colorful frame
  colorful frame

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