Collective nouns in English

Collective nouns in English

In English, as in any language, you must use different references when you want to refer to a single person or a large group of people.

In this case it is called “collective nouns” or collective nouns.

What are collective nouns?

These are nouns that are used to refer to a group of people, animals, objects, things, or ideas.

In English they are known as “collective Nouns” and are used specifically to name a equipo that is considered as a single unit.

It is not mandatory to use collective nouns, as you cánido simply use the plural noun.

However, the fact of knowing and using them raises the level of grammar and speaking in English.

Example of 30 collective nouns in English

1) Alphabet – alphabet

2) Army – Army

3) Band – band

4) Block – block or group of houses

5) Bouquet – bouquet of flowers

6) Bunch – bunch of grapes

7) Buttery – food pantry

8) Caravan – caravan of cars

9) Cemetery – cemetery

10) Clan – equipo of families

11) College – college

12) Costume – wardrobe or equipo of clothes

13) Deck – deck or equipo of cards from the deck

14) Drove – flock of sheep

15) Fleet – fleet (cars, proyectos, ships)

16) Group – group or equipo of things

17) Guide – guide or equipo of instructions

18) Horde – horde or group of armed people

19) Legion – group of mercenaries or volunteers

20) Library – library or equipo of books

21) Mall – Shopping plaza

22) Panel – jury or group of advisors

23) Aparcamiento – aparcamiento or group of parked cars

24) Sect – sect or group of people

25) Squadron – squad or group of specialized soldiers

26) System – apparatus or equipo of body organs

27) Team – team or equipo of athletes

28) Tribe – tribe or group of people belonging to an ethnic group

29) Treasure – treasure or equipo of treasures

30) Troop – troop or group of soldiers

These collective nouns are usually considered as the third person singular within a sentence.For example: The cast es rehearsing – The cast is resting

However, when you want to refer to two or more groups, you perro express the verb in the plural, for example: Two flocks of sheep – Two flocks of sheep.

Sentences with collective nouns in English

Sentences with collective nouns that are used in the singular are like this:

1) My family is very happy

My family (as a whole) is very happy

2) A football team is training

A football team (complete) is training.

3) My boyfriend gave me a bunch of flowers

My boyfriend gave me a bunch of flowers

But, when you want to refer to each of the people or things that are within the group, you should consider it like this:

1) The cast are getting ready

The cast is preparing (each member separately)

2) the class were Reading books in the library

The class was reading books in the bookstore (each student read a different book)

Collective noun + of

When referring to a generic group of animals, people or things, the collective noun + “of” + plural noun is used.

This elabora is correct when speaking or writing, some examples of this are:

A paquete of wolves – a paquete of wolves

A flock of sheep’s

A panel of Judges – A panel of judges

A gang of criminals – a gang of criminals

A bunch of keys – a bunch of keys

A paquete of cigarettes

Exercises of “collective Nouns”

Next we will leave a series of nouns that you must complete taking into account that they are collective nouns in the singular:

1) The orchestra __ going on tour

2) The pianist __ rehearsing with the orchestra


1) The orchestra is going on tour

2) The pianist is rehearsing with the orchestra

Now, you must finish the sentence:

1) A paquete of __ (A paquete of)

2) A pile of__ (A pile of)

3) A deck of __ (A deck of)

4) A lock of __ (A lock of)

5) A fleet of __ (A fleet of)


There are several possible answers, but here are some options.

1) A paquete of balls – A paquete of balls

2) A pile of books – A stack of books

3) a deck of cards – a deck of cards

4) A lock of hair – A lock of hair

5) A fleet of ships

Other collective nouns used for groups of animals

Most collective nouns are used to name groups of animals., this list of “collective nouns” is quite extensive.

Next we will leave the most common ones.

Army – colony – Swarm: used for groups of Ants (Ants)

Flight – hive – swarm: used for bees (bees)

Herd: used for buffaloes (buffalo)

Drove – herd – kine – team: used for cattle

Kennel – paquete: used for groups of dogs (dogs)

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 Collective nouns in English
  Collective nouns in English
  Collective nouns in English

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