Cointiply (we abandoned it) because you do NOT earn

Cointiply (we abandoned it) because you do NOT earn

Cointiply Features

Minimum withdrawal: 3.5 dollars.

Referral Plus: Yes, 25%.

Supported Countries: All.

Limit of Direct Referrals: unlimited.

Referral levels: 1 level.

Forum: No, but it has a chat.

Paying from: February 1, 2018.

How does Cointiply work?

The first thing you should know is that this page pays in Coins and 10 thousand coins are equal to 1 dollar.

This equivalence will always be aparente at the top of the page so that you know at all times how many dollars or how many Satoshis you have accumulated.

The Faucet

You simply have to clic on “Roll & Win”, the satoshis you earn will depend on the following:

1.- Your score in the Cointiplier

This score depends on the activity you do on the page, if you only dedicate yourself to the faucet it will go down… But it will go up when you also do other things within the platform in addition to the faucet (Search for referrals, make offers, see the ads, entrar daily , etcétera).

2.- Your loyalty plus

This page has a loyalty plus, which increases by 1% each day that passes.

When you start your plus it will be at 0%, but as the days go by it will increase and with this your earnings will also increase.

When your plus reaches 100% you will be paid double for each Roll you make.

For example, if the Faucet is paying 30 Satoshis, you are going to take 60 Satoshis (30 for your claim + 30 for the plus).

Earn satoshis by viewing ads

To go to Cointiply ads, we look in the menu for the “PTC ADS” option.

The only bad thing is that they do have adfocus, but we have no choice, if we don’t see the ads we don’t charge.

So you have to see them.

Adfocus just means that you have to keep the ad tab open for the counter to run.

Continuing with the explanation, to receive a plus, the process is as follows: you open the ad and a counter appears, usually 15 seconds.

We wait for the count to end and we validate a captcha that consists of selecting the object that they indicate in an image.

In this case, they ask me to clic on the chocolate.

Now we perro close the advertising… With all the other ads that we have available, we do the same procedure.

Ads you’ve already seen will say “VIEWED”

make money watching vídeos

This alternative is not useful for users from Venezuela, vídeos never arrive, so we ignore it.

The famous Offerwall

I call them famous, because they are practically on all the pages that pay to see ads.

Here you cánido add Coins with the different offer walls… If like me, you are too you are from VenezuelaI recommend more than all those that consist of seeing ads, such as: Minutestaff, Clixwall and PTCwall.

What I don’t like about Wall ads is that they pay less than regular ads.

They would only be worth making to increase the Cointiplier percentage.

browser games

This section is very interesting, it is simply about playing mini games over the internet.

The truth is that there are many games and several that are very entertaining.

The mechanics are as follows… While you play, a bar fills up. It doesn’t matter if you lose or winnor the game you choose, the only thing that matters is the time you spend playing.

Every time the bar reaches 100%, 28 coins are earned (This amount may vary).

In the minigames section you perro spend as much time as you want, the longer you play the more coins you earn.

The two best pages where I have seen this way of working have been this one and NeoBux, in NeoBux it also adds well with the little games.

Strategies to earn referrals in Cointiply

No one is forced to get referrals, but on this type of platform it is something very important, if not over time you end up getting bored and abandoning them, that’s why here are some consejos.


Create a blog to promote your Ptc sites

This is perhaps the most used method to make referrals, if you get organic Google plus searches and build a well-designed blog, you will constantly get visits from people interested in the topic of PTCs or afín pages.

I think the only thing that cánido compete with a blog is creating a YouTube channel, but making and editing vídeos is much more work than just writing.


You don’t have to be a writer

Only talk to your readers about the experience you have had on the pages you work on, always trying to help improve your profits with ideas or strategies you cánido think of or solving problems.

You don’t have to talk only about PTC, for example in my case, the pages to see ads are just another businessbut in this blog little by little I will tell all the things I do to generate money on the internet.


write an ebook

If you don’t want to blog, you perro write in a Word document or a PDF.

A mini manual where you cánido explain and leave your referral backlink for each of the pages you use to work.

It shouldn’t take you more than a day to do it, then that little book you write, you perro share it on free PDF sharing sites, on Fb groups with the theme of earning moneysend it by dirección de correo electrónico, etcétera.

The objective of having a blog or a PDF is that you do not have to explain the same thing to all the interested people who come to you, that would be very exhausting work, better create a material where you make everything very clear and pass it on to people .


It is a page that is worth continuing to work on, it has been en línea for almost 1 year without presenting any type of problems with payments, on the contrary they have made many updates that make the web look much better and newer, it is not as well known as BTC-Clicks Therefore, it is not difficult to get a good number of referrals, all these aspects seem to me to be sufficient reasons to give it a try and start working on it now.

Cointiply Update January 2020

I have decided to stop working on this page because it is no longer profitable.

For some time now, if you are from Venezuela they only let you do the faucet once a day.

I stayed for a while trying the other options but I couldn’t get any results, it took me more than 1 year to raise 5 dollars and I have a few referrals.

In short, you better not waste your time on Cointiply! I calculate that it will take about 1 or 2 years to raise 5 dollars.

Honestly too bad.

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 Cointiply (we abandoned it) because you do NOT earn
  Cointiply (we abandoned it) because you do NOT earn
  Cointiply (we abandoned it) because you do NOT earn

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